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H!P Member Ranking'18 Edition Because we didn't do one at the end of 2017. 22 replies to this topic Started by Shoujo Q , Jan 02 2018 01:40 AM · 

#1 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 02 January 2018 - 01:40 AM

I usually do this twice a year. Once in the beginning, once at the end. I forgot to do one at the end. So we'll just start at the beginning and come back here in 12 months time.


H!P Member Sorter

H!P Member Sorter w. Kenshuusei



Older rank pages.

Name - '16/'17 -  15 (End of Year) - '15 - '14 - '13 - '12



My own ranking will be done later.  :party:

#2 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 02 January 2018 - 02:02 AM

1. Nakanishi Kana

2. Wada Ayaka

3. Kamikokuryo Moe

4. Takeuchi Akari

5. Kasahara Momona

6. Murota Mizuki

7. Funaki Musubu

8. Katsuta Rina

9. Sasaki Rikako

10. Hamaura Ayano

11. Oda Sakura

12. Inoue Rei

13. Yamagishi Riko (????)

14. Hirose Ayaka

15. Wada Sakurako



After that it's literally like 6-7 people all sharing one rank because I'm not emotionally invested in about half of H!P anymore.

#3 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 02 January 2018 - 05:35 AM

1. Ikuta Erina
2. Sasaki Rikako
3. Wada Ayaka

4. Sato Masaki
5. Inaba Manaka
6. Kishimoto Yumeno
7. Danbara Ruru

8. Takeuchi Akari
9. Fukumura Mizuki
10. Miyamoto Karin
11. Ishida Ayumi
12. Oda Sakura
13. Kamikokuryo Moe
14. Kanazawa Tomoko
15. Katsuta Rina
16. Ogata Risa

Just the top 16 ala senbatsu.

#4 Meikochi


Posted 02 January 2018 - 12:14 PM

Saya, you have Takechan twice ; I guess one of them was meant to be Uemura.

I'll do mine a bit later.

#5 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 02 January 2018 - 03:35 PM

Saya, you have Takechan twice ; I guess one of them was meant to be Uemura.

I'll do mine a bit later.

Nope one was supposed to be Karin whoops. Thanks for catching that!

#6 Mugi

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 02 January 2018 - 05:27 PM

1.   Nonaka Miki


2.   Uemura Akari

3.   Yamaki Risa


4.   Ikuta Erina

5.   Kamikokuryo Moe

6.   Sasaki Rikako

7.   Ogata Risa


8.   Oda Sakura

9.   Hamura Ayano

10. Katsuta Rina

11. Kanazawa Tomoko

11. Danbara Ruru

13. Wada Ayaka

14. Kishimoto Yumeno

15. Sato Masaki

16. Haga Akane

17. Kaga Kaede

18. Yokoyama Reina

#7 Meikochi


Posted 02 January 2018 - 07:34 PM

So here's my ranking. I added Duu since she was present for almost the whole year. Maria and Ayumi are in the "not caring much" category because I don't like their personality / behaviour towards certain members but I can't deny them respectively energy on stage and dance style I like half of the time. I wrote into brackets their rankings in 2016 - 2015 - 2014 (I completely forgot to do it in January 2017... Too bad, I really like to see how my opinion has evolved.) Biggest rise for Yamakki and Miki but Masaki has to be mentionned since she entered my favorites, after beginning at the very bottom. Biggest drops for Ayumi, Maria and Haga. I forced myself to rank them all and not having 5 people at the same spot like last time. Tsubaki has some enjoyable songs but I still indifferent to members individually, saved for Ami and Saorin.

Love ♥

1位 Kudou Haruka (#2 - #6 - #9)
2位 Oda Sakura (#2 - #3 - #1)
3位 Fukumura Mizuki (#4 - #3 - #3)
4位 Satô Masaki (#17 - #24 - #34)
5位 Hirose Ayaka (#7)
6位 Takeuchi Akari (#4 - #10 - #24)
7位 Danbara Ruru (NEW)

Really like
8位 Nonaka Miki (#27 - #36)
9位 Yamaki Risa (#36 - #39)
10位 Yokoyama Reina (NEW)
11位 Murota Mizuki (#7 - #19)


12位 Miyamoto Karin (#27 - #18 - #7)
13位 Ogata Haruna (#27 - #36)
14位 Takagi Sayuki (#27 - #33 - #33)
15位 Sasaki Rikako (#13 - #19)
16位 Inaba Manaka (#10 - #36)
17位 Hamaura Ayano (#23)
18位 Nomura Minami (#27)
19位 Kamikokuryou Moe (NEW)

Care about them

20位 Kanaza wa Tomoko (#36 - #19 - #14)
21位 Uemura Akari (#39 - #31 - #28)
22位 Inoue Rei (#24)
23位 Miyazaki Yuka (#34 - #33 - #30)
24位 Tanimoto Ami (#44)
25位 Onoda Saori (NEW)
26位 Funaki Musubu (NEW)
27位 Yanagawa Nanami (NEW)

Don't care much about them

28位 Makino Maria (#10 - #36)
29位 Ishida Ayumi (#17 - #8 - #3)
30位 Morito Chisaki (#36 - #33)
31位 Wada Ayaka (#24 - #24 - #20)
32位 Akiyama Mao (NEW)
33位 Iikubo Haruna (#42 - #24 - #25)
34位 Wada Sakurako (#44)
35位 Nakanishi Kana (#26 - #24 - #28)
36位 Kasahara Momona (NEW)
37位 Mitsui Aika (#36 - #22 - #32)
38位 Kishimoto Yumeno (#47)
39位 Ozeki Mai (#17 - #36)
40位 Kawamura Ayano (NEW)
41位 Katsuta Rina (#27 - #30 - #36)

Either underwhelming or not liking their personnality (MM)

42位 Aikawa Maho (#46 - #36)
43位 Haga Akane (#17 - #36)
44位 Kaga Kaede (NEW)
45位 Ono Mizuho (NEW)
46位 Asakura Kiki (#49)
47位 Niinuma Kisora (#49)
48位 Ogata Risa (#49)
49位 Yamagishi Riko (#47)
50位 Ikuta Erina (#39 - #31 - #18)

#8 Thea

  • 鞘師里保

Posted 02 January 2018 - 08:59 PM

##. Name Name ('16 - '15)
01. Sayashi Riho (Same - Same)
02. Takeuchi Akari (Same - #30, was a bitter bitch)
02. Kudou Haruka (Same - Same)
03. Wada Sakurako (#7 - #4)
03. Asakura Kiki (#5 - #43)
05. Kamikokuryou Moe (#4)
06. Hamaura Ayano (#7 - #21)
07. Kishimoto Yumeno (#5 - #6)
07. Akiyama Mao (N/A)
09. Nomura Minami (#7 - #14)
10. Ono Mizuho (N/A)
11. Ogata Risa (#12 - #43)
12. Kaga Kaede (N/A)
49. Makino Maria (#52 - #37)
49. Takagi Sayuki (#52 - #43)
Too lazy to do all of them but full list included.

#9 Meikochi


Posted 02 January 2018 - 10:30 PM

I'm surprised how much Tsubaki are in your top ranking Thea.

#10 Thea

  • 鞘師里保

Posted 02 January 2018 - 10:38 PM

Haha, yeah. Its been, what, a year? Since I hated Tsubaki, and instead came to adore them. They're precious.

#11 Meikochi


Posted 02 January 2018 - 11:15 PM

Is it thanks to MCs or blogs ?

#12 AquaChan

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 02 January 2018 - 11:16 PM

Haha, yeah. Its been, what, a year? Since I hated Tsubaki, and instead came to adore them. They're precious.

Yeah, me too, they grew on me more than Kobushi. Still can't stand one or two in them (oh hi Tanimoto)....
Can't say why, maybe Mc?
Here is my list. Haven't done it in a while, but here you go:


1. Kamiko

2. Sasaki Rikako

3. Kishimoto Yumeno

4. Funaki Musubu

5. Yokoyama Reina

6. Kaga Kaede (so high?)

7. Asakura Kiki

8. Uemura Akari

9. Oda Sakura

10. Takeuchi Akari 


49. Ogata Haruna

49. Hamaura Ayano


Biggest drop is for 2 (past?) favorite members, Ishida Ayumi and Takagi. I don't know, it's maybe because they kind of stayed the same and didn't evolve much?



#13 DonJuan


Posted 03 January 2018 - 12:09 AM

I managed to give not an actual ranking in '17 - just in their respective groups. I think I'm gonna do that too, later, since I've already done the ranking machine thing.

  • Iikubo Haruna
  • Kanazawa Tomoko
  • Haga Akane
  • Aikawa Maho
  • Miyazaki Yuka
  • Yanagawa Nanami
  • Hirose Ayaka
  • Kamikokuryo Moe
  • Uemura Akari
  • Nakanishi Kana
  • Kishimoto Yumeno
  • Inaba Manaka
  • Yokoyama Reina
  • Takeuchi Akari
  • Ogata Risa

49. Yamagishi Riko

50. Niinuma Kisora

These were obviously related to several events. Some Juice members, especially Aarii, ranking so high was definitely influenced by the world tour. They were amazing, and incredible in person. The 4 mentioned in this ranking left the biggest impression on me, but honestly 16-18 could easily be Sayuki, Ruru and Karin (I do think the first two are indeed in my top 20 with Karin making the top 30 at least). 
Maho coming in 4th was pretty much influenced by her departure. She's always been high in my ANGERME rankings, usually 2nd, taking the lead now is more or less a goodbye to her.
Akane being 2nd is a bit of a surprise. She had an interesting year, and got quite a push. She is my 2nd favourite in MM after all, I just didn't expect her to get that place in the overall ranking as well.
Now, as in respective group rankings (and here's the '16 ranking to that): 
Like a lot - like - okay - don't care - go away

Morning Musume:

1. Iikubo Haruna (-)

2. Haga Akane (-)

3. Yokoyama Reina (new)

4. Kudo Haruka (3)

5. Makino Maria (8)

6. Ogata Haruna (5)

7. Oda Sakura (4)

8. Ishida Ayumi (6)

9. Kaga Kaede (new)

10. Nonaka Miki (7)

11. Ikuta Erina (9)

12. Morito Chisaki (new) 

13. Fukumura Mizuki (11)

14. Sato Masaki (10)


Personally, I thought MM had a very slow and shitty first half and a rushed second half of the year. They basically threw together a half-assed anniversary celebration and Duu's graduation, more or less additionally to Chisaki (I consider her more of a second half event, since she started performing with them during the summer concerts). Highlight of the first half was the spring concert tour, with probably the two best medley they've ever done (the first one that begins with OTT, the other one with Ikimasshoi). Unfortunately the singles were so-so for me, Jealousyx2 and Go Sign were quite good, but nothing like Mukidashi or Utakata the year before.

Considering the ranking a few things have changed. Starting from the bottom: Masaki and Mizuki change positions. Mizuki is boring, but Masaki's emotion's just are too much for me. As a human being I respect and like her a lot, but I like my idols to be a bit more balanced. Ikuta finally gets out of the least favourite trio and even going from "go away" to "okay". Somehow I think she has found her place in the group. I probably wouldn't miss her, but good for her. Yokoyan has become an instant favourite, Kaede will grow on me, I'm sure. Just give her something to work with, dammit! Also, biggest jump goes to Maria, going from "don't care" to "like" - she actually grew on me. She's also a bit too "aggressive" for my usual liking (I don't go well with hyper idols like for example Koharu or Mari), but in a group of very, let's say, behaving members it's good to have a crybaby. As in, a funny crybaby.

Oh yeah, I think Morito adds nothing to the group except for a cute face. But we have Maria for that. (And Yokoyan.)



1. Aikawa Maho (2)

2. Kamikokuryo Moe (4)

3. Nakanishi Kana (-)

4. Takeuchi Akari (2)

5. Wada Ayaka (6)

6. Murota Mizuki (5)

7. Funaki Musubu (new)

8. Sasaki Rikako (7)

9. Kasahara Momona (8)

10. Kawamura Ayano (new)

11. Katsuta Rina (9)


What even was ANGERME's year? I feel like I don't remember anything about it. I think they had a stage play or something? And that digital single? I mean yeah Funakki and Kawamuu joined but then? 

Once again Maho takes the top. Good bye, cute alien. The other three at the top move around all the time, the only real thing about this is that I came not to care that much about Takechan this year. She's still great. Rikako and Kassa move from "okay" to "like". There's just something about having a 14yo singing about her breasts. Just kidding. But Rikako was really enjoyable this year in my opinion. 

The new ones, eh. I love Funakki. She has been my unbeaten fave in CG ever since Manakan left but I don't feel her yet in ANGERME. I mean, it's only been one single. But still. Maybe she blossomed in CG because all the others were really just average or below at singing while she has Takechan and Moe (and sometimes Murotan) in her new group. Kawamuu seems fun, her voice just doesn't fit the group.

I will never love Rina, sorry.


1. Kanazawa Tomoko (-)

2. Miyazaki Yuka (-)

3. Yanagawa Nanami (new)

4. Uemura Akari (5)

5. Takagi Sayuki (4)

6. Danbara Ruru (new)

7. Miyamoto Karin (3)


World tour effect. They all left a good impression on me and I first thought Nanami destroyed my ranking, but then there was Uemuu who went from last to middle (and from "don't care" to "like"). Impressive. Karin however dropped, while she was great in Dortmund she loses a lot in character. Not that J=J are charismatic bombs to begin with, but for example Uemuu developed a somewhat entertaining big-sister-little-sister relationship with Nanami. Just something to add to her pretty face, and she's gotten better at performing, too. 


Kobushi Factory:

1. Hirose Ayaka

2. Nomura Minami

3. Hamaura Ayano

4. Wada Sakurako

5. Taguchi Natsumi

6. Inoue Rei

7. Ogawa Rena

8. Fujii Rio


Boom, what a year. If we weren't in the middle of a concert tour I'd wonder what would happen on January 6. 

Yeah, except for Taguchi the departures weren't much of a loss for me. Except for the first two nothing is 100% certain, except for Rei being somewhat boring for me this year. Not that she's bad, I just kind of didn't see her. Which is weird considering her being the co-center.

Also, I couldn't watch that ninja movie. It was too cringy.



Tsubaki Factory:

1. Kishimoto Yumeno (-)

2. Ogata Risa (-)

3. Asakura Kiki (4)

4. Ono Mizuho (7)

5. Akiyama Mao (3)

6. Tanimoto Ami (-)

7. Onoda Saori (5)

8. Yamagishi Riko (-)

9. Niinuma Kisora (-)


Surprisingly great year, but they get dropped as soon as UF decides to promote Ichioka's group. 

There's not much to say. Kishimon still rules, and 2.-6. moved from "don't care" to more positive reactions towards them. Just one thing: Wasn't Saori supposed to be, I don't know, good? I guess she's not a horrible but singer but what else? 

Also, where the hell has Kisora been all year? Kiki had more stage presence than her when she was home on hiatus. 


Country Girls:

1. Ozeki Mai (-)

2. Funaki Musubu (-)

3. Yanagawa Nanami (-)

4. Yamaki Risa (-)

5. Morito Chisaki (6)


Eh. I mean. Sucks to be them. But my ranking didn't change at all.

#14 Thea

  • 鞘師里保

Posted 03 January 2018 - 12:42 AM

Is it thanks to MCs or blogs ?


I haven't looked at their blogs, really, so mainly just their peformance, watching some of the DVD mags, and just... warming up to them.



Haha, yeah. Its been, what, a year? Since I hated Tsubaki, and instead came to adore them. They're precious.

Yeah, me too, they grew on me more than Kobushi. Still can't stand one or two in them (oh hi Tanimoto)....


(And Yamagishi, huh...)

#15 Mukuro

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 03 January 2018 - 05:54 PM

1. Yokoyama Reina

2. Takeuchi Akari

3. Inoue Rei

4. Ishida Ayumi

5. Wada Ayaka

6. Murota Mizuki

7. Nonaka Miki

8.  Kamikokuryo Moe

9. Miyamoto Karin

10. Yanagawa Nanami

11. Oda Sakura

12.  Funaki Musubu

13. Takagi Sayuki

14. Asakura Kiki

15. Morito Chisaki

16. Danbara Ruru

17. Hamaura Ayano

18. Onoda Saori

19. Sato Masaki

20. Sasaki Rikako

#16 AquaChan

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 04 January 2018 - 01:26 AM

It's crazy that Yokoyama is really high in a lot of ranking, and have a bigger impact then Kaede.

Who would've thought that at the same time last year!

#17 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 04 January 2018 - 01:42 AM

It's crazy that Yokoyama is really high in a lot of ranking, and have a bigger impact then Kaede.

Who would've thought that at the same time last year!



She's getting pushed and Kaede got tossed to the back after one whole single so I don't think it's that surprising. 

#18 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 04 January 2018 - 06:12 PM

'16/'17 15 (End of Year)-'15-'14-'13-'12


Start of 2018 Ranking


  1. 小田さくら - Oda Sakura - #2-#2-#1-#1-#2-#15
  2. 段原瑠々 - Danbara Ruru - [NEW]
  3. 加賀楓 - Kaga Kaede - [NEW]
  4. 野中美希 - Nonaka Miki - #7-#10-#26
  5. 宮本 佳林 - Miyamoto Karin - #5-#13-#11-#11-#11
  6. 高木 紗友希 -Takagi Sayuki - #10-#9-#7-#17-#21
  7. 岸本ゆめの - Kishimoto Yumeno - #40-#42
  8. 山木梨沙 - Yamaki Risa - #3-#7-#25
  9. 横山玲奈 - Yokoyama Reina - [NEW]
  10. 小野瑞歩 - Ono Mizuho - [NEW]
  11. 譜久村 聖 - Fukumura Mizuki - #13-#14-#20-#16-#24-#16
  12. 船木結 - Funaki Musubu - #4
  13. 広瀬彩海 - Hirose Ayaka - #23-#27
  14. 佐々木莉佳子 - Sasaki Rikako - #17-#16-#10
  15. 佐藤 優樹 - Sato Masaki - #8-#11-#28-#15-#13-#10
  16. 室田瑞希 - Murota Mizuki - #18-#5-#35
  17. 谷本安美 - Tanimoto Ami - #37-#46
  18. 川村文乃 - Kawamura Ayano - [NEW]
  19. 浅倉樹々- Asakura Kiki - #43-#44
  20. 飯窪 春菜 - Iikubo Haruna - #20-#29-#16-#9-#6-#5
  21. 羽賀朱音 - Haga Akane - #28-#28-#30
  22. 竹内 朱莉 -Takeuchi Akari - #27-#15-#18-#18-#20-#14
  23. 小野田紗栞 - Onoda Saori - [NEW]
  24. 中西 香菜 - Nakanishi Kana - #14-#8-#22-#21-#25-#19
  25. 石田亜佑美 - Ishida Ayumi - #15-#26-#12-#14-#12-#13
  26. 金澤 朋子 - Kanazawa Tomoko - #29-#24-#21-#13-#17
  27. 上國料萌衣 - Kamikokuryo Moe - #41
  28. 稲場愛香 - Inaba Manaka - #N/A-#12-#36
  29. 尾形春水 - Ogata Haruna - #22-#25-#19
  30. 浜浦彩乃 - Hamaura Ayano - #24-#34
  31. 笠原桃奈 - Kasahara Momona - #42
  32. 梁川奈々美 - Yanagawa Nanami - #11
  33. 小関舞 - Ozeki Mai - #31-#17-#39
  34. 清野桃々姫 - Kiyono Momohime - [NEW]
  35. 森戸知沙希 - Morito Chisaki - #33-#41-#43
  36. 宮崎 由加 - Miyazaki Yuka - #32-#33-#23-#20-#18
  37. 生田衣梨奈 - Ikuta Erina - #36-#38-#38-#28-#27-#25
  38. 和田 彩花 - Wada Ayaka - #30-#23-#24-#30-#28-#30
  39. 和田桜子 - Wada Sakurako - #39-#37
  40. 小片リサ - Ogata Risa - #45-#45
  41. 高瀬くるみ - Takase Kurumi - [NEW]
  42. 野村みな美 - Nomura Minami - #46-#36
  43. 井上玲音 - Inoue Rei - #26-#30
  44. 秋山眞緒 - Akiyama Mao - [NEW]
  45. 植村 あかり - Uemura Akari - #38-#40-#31-#26-#26
  46. 一岡伶奈 - Ichioka Reina - [NEW]
  47. 新沼希空 - Niinuma Kisora - #50-#47
  48. 牧野真莉愛 - Makino Maria - #44-#43-#26
  49. 山岸理子 - Yamagishi Riko - #47-#48
  50. 勝田 里奈 - Katsuta Rina - #49-#49-#33-#25-#31-#28

Key : */new  -/same  ^/up  v/down


Morning Musume'17 - With the loss of Zukki and Haruka and the addition of three new bodies. My ranking's middle bits took a big ol' shimmy shake. Nonaka's stuck in a 12th gen sandwhich and I'm not sure if she'll survive 2018. Yokoyama's burning up the track pretty damn fast. She's got a winning idol personality and she's not a horrible singer either. She might overtake Kaga too. I give it another year and a few more concerts to really get a better feel of where they stand. Everyone else is pretty much the same and has been all year.  
  1. 小田さくら - Oda Sakura -
  2. 加賀楓 - Kaga Kaede*
  3. 野中美希 - Nonaka Miki v
  4. 横山玲奈 - Yokoyama Reina*
  5. 譜久村 聖 - Fukumura Mizuki ^
  6. 佐藤 優樹 - Sato Masaki v
  7. 飯窪 春菜 - Iikubo Haruna -
  8. 羽賀朱音 - Haga Akane ^
  9. 石田亜佑美 - Ishida Ayumi v
  10. 尾形春水 - Ogata Haruna v
  11. 生田衣梨奈 - Ikuta Erina -
  12. 森戸知沙希 - Morito Chisaki - 
  13. 牧野真莉愛 - Makino Maria -
ANGERME - I'm still not over the loss of Meimi or Kanon. But Musubu being added to the group was an added bonus. I only really tune in now for Rikako and Murota. Kawamura still needs to prove herself. But I like her enough that she's got my attention back on ANGERME. But not enough that I'm caring enough to really invest in anything they do.
  1. 船木結 - Funaki Musubu*
  2. 佐々木莉佳子 - Sasaki Rikako ^
  3. 室田瑞希 - Murota Mizuki ^
  4. 川村文乃 - Kawamura Ayano*
  5. 竹内 朱莉 -Takeuchi Akari v
  6. 中西 香菜 - Nakanishi Kana v
  7. 上國料萌衣 - Kamikokuryo Moe -
  8. 笠原桃奈 - Kasahara Momona -
  9. 和田 彩花 - Wada Ayaka v
  10. 勝田 里奈 - Katsuta Rina -

Juice=Juice - Adding Ruru to Juice=Juice was like, a dream come true. Aside from Sakura, Ruru, Karin and Sayuki are my favorite vocalist. Ruru also broke my long running stalemate on who was #1 in Juice. Now Karin and Sayuki can fight it out in the middle ground. The rest are pretty much where they have always been. Nanami's got a lot to prove being in such a vocally heavy group. Due to that fact she fell drastically in the overall H!P ranking and in the Juice ranking. 

  1. 段原瑠々 - Danbara Ruru*
  2. 宮本 佳林 - Miyamoto Karin v
  3. 高木 紗友希 -Takagi Sayuki v
  4. 金澤 朋子 - Kanazawa Tomoko v
  5. 宮崎 由加 - Miyazaki Yuka v
  6. 植村 あかり - Uemura Akari v
  7. 梁川奈々美 - Yanagawa Nanami*
Country Girls - Nothing has changed in this ranking since last time I did it. Other than, Momoko is gone and the group's been split up. In the H!P ranking all the girls suffered because of this. You may be ace in one group, but put them in another and they are no longer as instrumental as they once were. This is true especially for Nanami and Chisaki. I'm hoping a year of their double roles will help them in the long run. I highly doubt they will remain where they are this time next year.
  1. 山木梨沙 - Yamaki Risa -
  2. 船木結 - Funaki Musubu -
  3. 梁川奈々美 - Yanagawa Nanami -
  4. 小関舞- Ozeki Mai -
  5. 森戸知沙希 - Morito Chisaki -
Kobushi Factory - This... this hurt a lot. My top two were unceremoniously dropped and the glue that held my middle was removed leaving a steaming pile of idol remains. Everyone is where they are just because I just don't know what else to do with them. Hirose get's #1 just because. Everyone moved up, just because. Inoue went down just because someone needed to be last. (Oh and I just don't care for her.) I hope 2018 is kind to them. They need a miracle. A big fat juicy miracle. 
  1. 広瀬彩海 - Hirose Ayaka ^
  2. 浜浦彩乃 - Hamaura Ayano ^
  3. 和田桜子 - Wada Sakurako ^
  4. 野村みな美 - Nomura Minami ^
  5. 井上玲音 - Inoue Rei v
Tsubaki Factory - And on the other hand. Tsubaki had a stellar year! What a difference a year makes AND adding three new members. Yumeno won out Ami. Not only do I find her to be the better vocalist, she's got a great personality for talking and the worst sense of fashion I have ever witnessed. She's a national treasure. xD I'm loving it. Mizuho turned out to be a favorite of the new additions. And Riko finally cemented herself as my least favorite. Though in reality, she's basically just tied with Kisora. 
  1. 岸本ゆめの - Kishimoto Yumeno ^
  2. 小野瑞歩 - Ono Mizuho*
  3. 谷本安美 - Tanimoto Ami v
  4. 浅倉樹々- Asakura Kiki v
  5. 小野田紗栞 - Onoda Saori*
  6. 小片リサ - Ogata Risa v
  7. 秋山眞緒 - Akiyama Mao*
  8. 新沼希空 - Niinuma Kisora ^
  9. 山岸理子 - Yamagishi Riko v

Solo Idol Ranking - Typical H!P, soloist unattached to any groups. I felt bad so I ranked them. Inaba won, naturally. xD

  1. 稲場愛香 - Inaba Manaka
  2. 清野桃々姫 - Kiyono Momohime
  3. 高瀬くるみ - Takase Kurumi
  4. 一岡伶奈 - Ichioka Reina
Group Ranking '17 
Tsubaki Factory - This was really Tsubaki's year to shine and shine they did. They went from being a mismatched idol group to getting best new artist and finally finding themselves as a group. Hopefully the Kobushi curse won't follow them. 
Morning Musume'17 - Being as it was Morning Musume's anniversary they got a lot of screen time and despite some minor setbacks they really brought it. 
Juice=Juice - I was really worried about Juice=Juice. They were becoming stagnant. All the touring in the world can't really fix that. They needed a song, a change. And they got both. I hope they keep that momentum in 2018 and I hope they get a physical release soon. They need to really get out there and show what they've got because they are amazing.  
ANGERME - Meh. I'm trying with this group. I really am. They'd probably be in last place right now if bad things didn't happen to both Country Girls and Kobushi Factory. They got lucky. I know I'm still in that limbo place when I hear them and think, I bet Meimi would have killed this song (in a good way). Adding Funaki helps, a little. But it's still baby steps right now. I'll eventually get out of this funk. 
Country Girls -  Well I guess they aren't going to be given a chance to bounce back. At least they are still together so I'll be happy for that. Bummed I'll be seeing even less of Yamaki Risa and Ozeki Mai. :(
Kobushi Factory - They were my #1 group last year. I think I cursed them. I'm sorry. They started off 2017 SO SO strong and then BOOM! It all fell apart. It's going to take them and Up-Front a while to pick up the pieces. Which is probably why they haven't released a single since June. All that time, money and effort. I hope they can recover. 

#19 Derby

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 05 January 2018 - 03:20 PM

I had to re-do mine a couple days later cause I closed it the first time by accident...


01.- Ishida Ayumi

02.- Yokoyama Reina

03.- Katsuta Rina

04.- Sayashi Riho

05.- Oda Sakura

06.- Nonaka Miki

07.- Uemura Akari

08.- Miyamoto Karin

09.- Makino Maria

10.- Hamaura Ayano

11.- Hirose Ayaka

12.- Iikubo Haruna

13.- Kasahara Momona

14.- Ikuta Erina

15.- Fukumura Mizuki

16.- Takeuchi Akari

17.- Wada Ayaka

18.- Nomura Minami

19.- Sato Masaki

20.- Sasaki Rikako


The rest:


#20 Mizura


Posted 07 January 2018 - 09:08 PM

I tried to do the overall ranking of all members relative to each other but I wasn't that happy with it so I decided to sort everyone relative to their groups.


Favorites - Like a lot - Neutral about - go away


Morning Musume rankings


  1. Kaga Kaede
  2. Yokoyama Reina
  3. Nonaka Miki
  4. Iikubo Haruna
  5. Makino Maria
  6. Oda Sakura
  7. Haga Akane
  8. Ishida Ayumi
  9. Ikuta Erina
  10. Morito Chisaki
  11. Ogata Haruna
  12. Sato Masaki
  13. Fukumura Mizuki

My ranking has changed a fair amount from last year. Reina shot up my list a lot and so did Miki, Akane, and Maria. Morning Musume's songs weren't too bad this year either. Still nothing that beats Toki wo Koe or Mikaeri Bijin, but certainly better than Tokyo to Iu Katatsumini and Tiki Bun. I'm still pretty much waiting for Mizuki and Masaki to leave and I wouldn't care much if Ogata left as well. I feel like being Morning Musume is probably the worst place for her and that her personality would've shined better in ANGERME or something.




  1. Wada Ayaka
  2. Nakanishi Kana
  3. Takeuchi Akari
  4. Aikawa Maho
  5. Murota Mizuki
  6. Katsuta Rina
  7. Kamikokuryou Moe
  8. Sasaki Rikako
  9. Funaki Musubu
  10. Kawamura Ayano
  11. Kasahara Momona

I'm still not too sure on Momona, but she'll hopefully improve over time. While Angerme has a lot more members I like, I felt like this was a pretty weak year for them songwise. I did like one of the songs of the DVD single though so hopefully they'll get some good songs again. 


Juice=Juice Ranking


  1. Danbara Ruru
  2. Takagi Sayuki
  3. Yanagawa Nanami
  4. Uemura Akari
  5. Miyamoto Karin
  6. Kanazawa Tomoko 
  7. Miyazaki Yuka


Juice=Juice has pretty much been my least favorite group for a few years now since Aina left and I didn't expect this year to be any different. But I was surprised. Adding 2 new members  was the best idea. And I'm glad they debuted Danbara into a vocally strong group instead of Morning Musume where she would've ended up being the back and stagnating like Sakura did. I hope they release more stuff though.


Country Girls Ranking


  1. Ozeki Mai
  2. Yamaki Risa
  3. Yanagawa Nanami
  4. Funaki Musubu
  5. Morito Chisaki

This year was not a good year to be a fan of the group. My two top members are mostly on hiatus and the rest of the group is now in other groups. The album and Peanut Butter Jelly Love were still good though.



Kobushi Factory


  1. Fujii Rio
  2. Taguchi Natsumi
  3. Hirose Ayaka
  4. Hamamura Ayano
  5. Nomura Minami
  6. Wada Sakurako
  7. Inoue Rei
  8. Ogawa Rena

I haven't really cared much for Kobushi Factory since their first major single. All the songs haven't been that interesting and I've found other groups to just do what they did better. It also doesn't help that my 2 favorite members were fired/left. They also didn't really do much this year. Maybe I'll be surprised by their next single and actually like 5nin group but who knows. I'm not holding my breath.


Tsubaki Factory


  1. Akiyama Mao
  2. Kishimoto Yumeno
  3. Asakura Kiki
  4. Tanimoto Ami
  5. Ogata Risa
  6. Onoda Saori
  7. Ono Mizuho
  8. Niinuma Kisora
  9. Yamagishi Riko

Overall, I'm not really much of a fan of the majority of the members yet. I have a hard time recognizing most of them in music videos and stuff. But they still worked hard this year and adding 3 members to the group was a good idea. They have improved a lot and they have some decent songs. Or at least better songs than Kobushi Factory had.,

#21 arcobaleno

  • 夏の楽園でさ迷っている

Posted 08 January 2018 - 02:12 AM

Finally in with mine.  :lol:


Here's my results! Everything's accurate enough, though I don't consider myself having a favorite anymore, it's just more so whose personality, singing, etc, I really like and would be like, "Yay, let's be friends" with.
Miki's still my "favorite" in terms of being my oshimen; I love seeing her succeed and that she's becoming more confident, but I do like the other 4 just a little more in terms of personality or some such.
I'll rank it down to spot 25, and after that, it's more into the "I don't care quite so much about showing my like for you as much" territory.
1. Takeuchi Akari
2. Iikubo Haruna
3. Ono Mizuho
4. Sayashi Riho
5. Nonaka Miki
6. Takagi Sayuki
7. Nomura Minami
8. Kamikokuryou Moe
9. Kishimoto Yumeno
10. Asakura Kiki
11. Wada Sakurako
12. Fukumura Mizuki
13. Inaba Manaka
14. Miyamoto Karin
15. Hirose Ayaka
16. Yamagishi Riko
17. Haga Akane
18. Wada Ayaka
19. Ogata Risa
20. Aikawa Maho
21. Kawamura Ayano
22. Danbara Ruru
23. Mitsui Aika
24. Yokoyama Reina
25. Kasahara Momona
Honestly, all but the last three of my ranking (sans Saori; I'm just very ambivalent on her, but I like Rina's singing more) I don't mind at all or am neutral/passive like on. The last three are the only ones where I'm consistently very meh or have some dislike.
(Don't Like - Neutral - Like - Really Like - Love)
MM. '18

#22 TheParuProject

  • Juice=Juice

Posted 08 January 2018 - 05:43 AM

01. Yamaki Risa
02. Miyazaki Yuka
03. Makino Maria
04. Sayashi Riho
05. Wada Sakurako
06. Kanazawa Tomoko
07. Nomura Minami
08. Hirose Ayaka
09. Kishimoto Yumeno
10. Mitsui Aika


Yamakki is bae once again. Previously, my favorites were Yamakki -> Maria -> Sakurako -> Minami, but Yuka came out of nowhere and got to number 2. I feel like my top 10 is pretty accurate as far as me liking idols goes.

There's a few in 11-50 that are there because I like them, but I'm generally the type that if I don't love/hate an idol, I'm indifferent to them. So a lot of them are placed where they are for performance ability or value to their groups.




Listed by group + my personal group ranking for 2017, along with comments and the girls' overall rankings:


Love      Like      Indifferent      Dislike      Strongly Dislike


01. Juice=Juice




02. Country Girls




03. Morning Musume '18




04. Tsubaki Factory




05. Kobushi Factory








Extra: Soloists



#23 yuzu


Posted 08 January 2018 - 07:44 PM

I'll come back and romanize and fomat this tomorrow, I just spent all day clicking when I had free time and now it's about to sleet or something lol


1 Oda Sakura 147p (1)

2 Nakanishi Kana 144p (2)

3 Takagi Sayuki 141p (3)

4 Murota Mizuki 138p (4)

5 Kanazawa Tomoko 135p (11)

6 Kamikokuryou Moe 132p (13)

7 Yokoyama Reina 129p (8)

8 Sasaki Rikako 126p (12)

9 Ikuta Erina 123p (14)

10 Kaga Kaede 120p (5)

11 Hirose Ayaka 117p (15)

12 Wada Ayaka 114p (18)

13 Hamaura Ayano 111p (7)

14 Ogata Haruna 108p (16)

15 Aikawa Maho (RIP) 105p (19)

16 Inaba Manaka 102p (N/A)

17 Ishida Ayumi 99p (20)

18 Nonaka Miki 96p (22)

19 Fukumura Mizuki 93p (28)

20 Miyamoto Karin 90p (35)

21 Funaki Musubu 87p (32)

22 Nomura Minami 84p (26)

23 Uemura Akari 81p (21)

24 Iikubo Haruna 78p (25)

25 Danbara Ruru 75p (NA)

26 Inoue Rei 72p (27)

27 Yanagawa Nanami 69p (39)

28 Wada Sakurako 66p (37)

29 Yamaki Risa 63p (33)

30 Ozeki Mai 60p (31)

31 Kawamura Ayano 57p (NA)

32 Haga Akane 54p (42)

33 Takeuchi Akari 51p (41)

34 Kasahara Momona 48p (38)

35 Makino Maria 45p (29)

36 Sayashi Riho 42p (34)

37 Miyazaki Yuka 39p (46)

38 Kishimoto Yumeno 36p (43)

39 Asakura Kiki 33p (51)

40 Onoda Saori 30p (44)

41 Ono Mizuho 27p (50)

42 Yamagishi Riko 24p (48)

43 Ogata Risa 21p (49)

44 Morito Chisaki 18p (36)

45 Niinuma Kisora 15p (45)

46 Akiyama Mao 12p (53)

47 Tanimoto Ami 9p (52)

48 Katsuta Rina 6p (55)

49 Mitsui Aika 3p (56)

50 Satou Masaki 0p (57)


Once again Tsubaki are based on looks only, I don't follow them AT ALL.  


OK parentheses is last year's number.  Some interesting things here.  My top 4 and bottom 3 are pretty consistent.  Most of the big jumps up were due to grads, obviously.  Think it's funny how low Chisaki dropped after being moved to MM.  Also...I clearly still think most of tsubaki look alike. o_O