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[2019.05.15] ANGERME - Rinnetenshou ~ANGERME Past, Present, and Future~ 16 replies to this topic Started by Solarblade , Mar 31 2019 06:59 AM · 

#1 Solarblade


Posted 31 March 2019 - 06:59 AM

Announced during the ANGERME Premium!! event at HinaFest, the group's 3rd album! - http://helloproject....ail/HKCN-50599/


Comes with three discs


Limited A comes with the live performance of their Denkousekka live tour at Pacifico Yokohama Hall


Limited B comes with an MV Collection

#2 DonJuan


Posted 31 March 2019 - 09:40 AM

Finally. Took them long enough.

#3 TheParuProject

  • Juice=Juice

Posted 31 March 2019 - 04:28 PM

That's a really best-of kind of title. That's a little concerning haha. Now I'm just expecting 3 discs of A-sides + I Musou Strong.

#4 Zange

  • つばきファクトリー

Posted 31 March 2019 - 08:34 PM

I'm just glad they announced this before Dawa's grad... Would've been a biiiit unnerving if they didn't imo...

#5 Solarblade


Posted 01 April 2019 - 07:55 AM


NEOWING says that CD 1 will feature 9 new tracks + "I Musou Strong!" and "Natsu Shogun", CD 2 and 3 will be all the previous ANGERME singles (Taikibansei to Yumemita 15nen) and an album bonus track

#6 yuzu


Posted 01 April 2019 - 05:35 PM

I was seriously going to freak if she graduated without a new album

#7 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 01 April 2019 - 05:43 PM


#8 DonJuan


Posted 01 April 2019 - 06:10 PM

So it's another best of album of some kind. Just like the one we got for Maro's graduation...


Not to be ungrateful but ANGERME really gets the short stick when it comes to albums. It's been 6 years since their last original one. 

#9 TheParuProject

  • Juice=Juice

Posted 01 April 2019 - 06:59 PM

9 new tracks is the same amount of new content one could expect in an album, if not more. I'm cool with it.

#10 Solarblade


Posted 01 April 2019 - 07:43 PM

They might have well just added the whole ANGERME catalog i mean 6 songs missing isnt a lot 7 if you include YEAH YEAH YEAH

#11 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 01 April 2019 - 08:36 PM

9 new tracks is the same amount of new content one could expect in an album, if not more. I'm cool with it.

It’s actually more than what was one their second album, which was 10 tracks long, singles included.

Hopefully there’s some solo song or cover for Dawa since the single didn’t have it.

#12 Solarblade


Posted 19 April 2019 - 12:12 AM

So CDJapan has the tracklist for Disc 2 & 3


1. Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku
2. Itoshima Distance
3. Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru
4. Umaku Ienai
5. Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinkashite Kita Ningen, Ai no Tame Subete Taikashite Kita Ningen
6. Wasurete Ageru
7. Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai
8. Namida Iro no Ketsui
9. Majokko Megu-chan
10. Manner Mode
11. Kisoku Tadashiku Utsukushiku
12. Kimi Dake ja nai sa...friends
13. Nakenai ze...Kyoukan Sagi
14. Uraha=Lover
15. Kimi Dake ja nai sa...friends (2018 Acoustic Ver.)

Disc 3
1. Taikibansei
2. Otome no Gyakushuu
3. Nana Korobi Ya Oki
4. Gashinshoutan
5. Mahou Tsukai Sally
6. Desugita Kui wa Utarenai
7. Dondengaeshi
8. Watashi
9. Namida wa Chou ni Kawaru
10. Kakugoshite!
11. Marionette 37C
12. Asekaite Carnival
13. Kousaten
14. Tomo yo

(well nevermind what I said above, I guess their whole Anju discography is here, I assume their last two singles will be on disc one)

#13 Solarblade


Posted 03 May 2019 - 07:54 AM

CD1's tracklist is known now!



1. I Musou Strong!

2. Akai Earphone

3. Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it!

4. Yumemita 15nen

5. Flag wo Bukkowase! (Takeuchi, Murota, Oota, Ise)

6. Koi wa Accha Accha

7. Kaeritakunai na.

8. Itoshi Itoshi to Say My Heart

9. Mou Ippou

10. Jinsei, Sunawachi Panta Rhei

11. Kagami no Kuni no Hinekure Queen (Nakanishi, Kamikokuryo, Kasahara, Kawamura)

12. Konya mo Suteki ni Ochitsukenai (Katsuta, Sasaki, Funaki)

13. Natsu Shogun

14. Watashi no Yumemita 15nen (Wada)

15. 46--okunen LOVE


I 無双 Strong!
タデ食う虫もLike it!
夢見た 15年
フラグをぶっ壊せ! 竹内室田大田伊勢
いとし いとしと Say My Heart
鏡の国のひねくれクイーン 中西上國料笠原川村
今夜もステキに落ち着けない 勝田佐々木船木
わたしの夢見た 15年 和田

#14 Solarblade


Posted 07 May 2019 - 06:00 AM

http://helloproject....ail/HKCN-50599/ - Covers are Out!


Also tracklist was fully added!

#15 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 08 May 2019 - 01:36 AM

Limited A is pretty cool, and would be even better if the background was more interesting. That S/mileage-inspired logo on the flag is fucking sweet, though, and even though I never liked S/m as a group, I like that they're paying homage to that part of their history.


Lim B creeps me out. Normal edition is aight.

#16 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 14 May 2019 - 02:08 PM

I haven't bought an Angerme anything in YEARS but I broke down and purchased the Limited B. I like the cover for Limited A, but I didn't want to pay extra for a concert I'd probably never watch because I just don't really care enough about the group to sit through a concert.


I'm honestly doing it for Meimi and the few songs that aren't available on Apple Music.  :girlie: 

But Meimi loving aside, I am starting to warm back up to the group. It's a slow burn. 

#17 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 22 May 2019 - 12:36 AM

This album has got some very songs. I love all the new ones. Why is ANGERME so great while MM is so bland....

It's a slow burn.

Teion Yakedo :D