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#1 Zaeleus


Posted 11 March 2017 - 04:36 AM


Produce 101 season 2 is an Mnet music survival show featuring 101 male trainees from various entertainment companies. Through public voting, the top 11 finalists will debut as a new boy band.
All the contestants performed the show's title song "나야 나 (PICK ME)" ("Naya Na (PICK ME)"; "It's Me (PICK ME)") on the 2017-03-09 broadcast of M! Countdown.
The first episode will air on April 7.

Episode summaries

Produce 101 S02E00 (2017-03-09)
Participants (in order they were uploaded):

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Posted 11 April 2017 - 05:35 AM

Produce 101 S02E01 (2017-04-07) (raw: Mnet; subbed (101 SUBS): Google Drive or Openload or Dailymotion)

[1:53] BoA introduces herself as the this season's producers' representative explaining the premise of the show: 11 of the 101 trainees will debut as a new boy band, chosen by public vote. You can visit the show's website or use the mobile app to vote for 11 trainees each day until the first evaluation (2017-04-17T23:00:00+09:00/2017-04-17T23:00:00+09:00). (Unlike the first season, you must have a CJ ONE account to be eligible to vote, which requires a Korean phone number.)

[4:17] There are 101 trainess from 52 companies. Trainees enter in groups by their company to choose a seat in the pyramid of ranks. They have the choice of taking a normal seat, upgraded seat, or the throne (first place seat).
[6:03] Starship's Lee Kwang Hyun and Jung Se Woon take seats 40 and 41.
[7:20] Fantagio's Ong Sung Woo takes seat 2.
[7:39] Maroo Ent. trainees take seats 37-39. Park Ji Hoon self-predicts he'll place 3rd in the final rank.
[8:35] [C.reker] Joo Hak Nyeon takes seat 3.
[8:42] [C9] Bae Jin Young chooses his predicted rank 20.
[8:47] [Banana] Yoon Yong Bin: "Heck, 7th, why not?"
[8:50] [WIDMAY] Kim Ye Hyun, 18.
[8:54] MMO Entertainment, 11-14.
[10:48] [Brave] Samuel, 59. His reasoning is that Jeon So Mi chose the 59th seat when she appeared on the show and ended up placing 1st.
[13:15] Brand New, 12-15.
[14:31] People who have previously debuted are introduced: former Topp Dogg member [Hunus] Kim Sang Gyun, Hotshot, JJCC, and PLEDIS' NU'EST.
[17:51] RBW trainees enter. Other trainees only know them for MAMAMOO.
[18:55] [Jellyfish] Yoon Hee Seok, of course, gets compared to Kim Se Jeong.
[19:50] CUBE trainees get complimented for looking high class.
[20:38] [Starship] Jung Se Woon: "Banana... I want to eat it."
[20:48] Yuehwa, a company who partnered with Starship to form Cosmic Girls, appears on screen.
[22:29] Everyone is surprised to see YG appear on screen before it transitions to the full YGKPlus logo, a modeling company.
[25:15] [GON] Hong Eun Ki chooses the first place seat.
[27:25] [FNC] Yoo Hoe Seung goes up to the first place seat, which [GON] Hong Eun Ki concedes.
[28:17] [Independent trainee] Lee In Soo contests the first place seat by arm wrestling and loses.
[30:26] [ONO] Jang Moon Bok arrives and is quite popular among the contestents. He contests the first place seat by word game and wins.

[34:32] BoA introduces herself and the trainers: SG Wannabe's Lee Seok Hoon (vocal trainer), Shin Yu Mi (YG/JYP vocal trainer), Kahi (dance trainer), Kwon Jae Seung (dance trainer), Cheetah (rap trainer), and Don Mills (rap trainer).
[38:48] Rank evaluations begin. Each company performs a demo to the trainers, who will then place them into an A-F ranking used for training.
[39:40] Yuehua trainees volunteer to perform first.

[41:48] Yeuhua Entertainment: GOT7 - 딱 좋아 (Just right) (2015)

  • Lee Ui Woong ©
  • Justin ©
  • Zhu Zhen Ting ©
  • Choi Seung Hyuk (D)
  • Ahn Hyung Seob (D)

[46:35] HIM Entertainment: 비 (Rain) - 널 붙잡을 노래 (Neol Butjabeul Norae; Love Song) (2010)

  • Park Sung Woo (F)

[52:36] BoA criticizes one of the contestants, and Kahi tells a story about how in the first season, Jang Keun Suk "helped" by only picking out the pretty ones. :lol:

[53:44] Independent trainees: 첸백시 (EXO-CBX) - Hey Mama! (2016)

[58:22] Maroo Entertainment: 터보 (Turbo) - 선택 & 나 어릴적 꿈 (Seontaek & Na Eoriljeok Kkum; Choice & My Childhood Dream) (1995)

  • Park Ji Hoon ©
  • Kwon Hyeob (D)
  • Han Jong Yeon (?)

[1:02:11] Brave Entertainment: Chris Brown - With You (2007)

  • Samuel (A)

[1:09:32] PICK ME (feat. BoA & 101 trainees)

[1:12:05] CUBE Entertainment: Fat Joe - Get It Poppin' (With Nelly) (2005)

  • Lai Guan Lin (D)
  • Yoo Seon Ho (F)

[1:19:03] PLEDIS Entertainment: 애프터스쿨 (After School) - 너 때문에 (Neo Ttaemune; Because of You) (2009)

  • Hwang Min Hyun ©
  • Kang Dong Ho (D)
  • Kim Jong Hyun (D)
  • Choi Min Ki (D)

[1:30:45] Fantagio: Bruno Mars - That's What I Like (2016)

  • Ong Sung Woo (A)

[1:37:03] ONO Entertainment: 방탄소년단 (BTS) - 상남자 (Boy In Luv) (2014)

  • Jang Moon Bok (?; will be revealed next week)

[1:44:43] "나야 나 (PICK ME)" ("Naya Na (PICK ME)"; "It's Me (PICK ME)") performance

[1:53:26] Next week, more grade placement, training, and reevaluation.

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#3 Zaeleus


Posted 22 April 2017 - 10:10 PM

Produce 101 S02E02 (2017-04-14) (raw: Mnet; eng sub (101 SUBS): Google Drive (P1, P2) or MEGA (P1, P2); eng sub (SUBFORFUN): Dailymotion (P1, P2, P3, P4))

[P1 0:09] The trainees watch the first episode together.

[P1 2:10] Grade placement performances continue.

[P1 2:18] Media Line: Justin Beiber - Baby (2010): Lee Woo Jin (b. 2003) is the youngest participant on the show. He appeared on The Voice Kids in 2013.

  • Lee Woo Jin (B)

[P1 6:52] YGKPlus: 2PM - 우리집 (Uri Jib; My House) (2015): Even though they're under the YG name, they don't train as YG artists.

  • Lee Hoo Rim (D)
  • Kwon Hyun Bin (F)
  • Kim Hyun Woo (F)
  • Jung Hyo Joon (F)

[P1 13:13] Show E&M: 소름 (Soreum; Goosebumps): Self-composed song.

  • Kim Nam Hyung (A)
  • Jung Dong Soo (B)

[P1 14:59] Various rappers.

[P1 18:31] C9 Entertainment: EXO - 으르렁 (Eureureong; Growl) (2013)

  • Bae Jin Young (F)

[P1 23:00] Ador & Able: 블락비 (Block B) - Very Good (2013): Previous members of boy band Hotshot. BoA: "Why didn't they get popular with this kind of talent?"

  • Noh Tae Hyun (A)
  • Ha Sun Woon (A)

[P2 0:47] Kiwi Media Group: NCT DREAM - Chewing Gum (2016): Ends mid-performance because Kwon Jae Seung looked like he signaled to stop.

  • Kim Dong Bin (F)

[P2 6:50] FNC Entertainment: 샤이니 (SHINee) - 누난 너무 예뻐 (Nunan Neomu Yeppeo; Replay) (2008)
[P2 7:24] Jellyfish Entertainment: 빅스 (VIXX) - 사슬 (Chained Up) (2015)

  • [FNC] Yoo Hoe Seung (D)
  • [Jellyfish] Yoon Hee Seok (F)

[P2 8:36] Starship Entertainment: Maroon 5 - Sugar (2014): Jung Se Woon appeared in K-Pop Star (2013).

  • Lee Kwang Hyun (B)
  • Jung Se Woon (B)

[P2 14:00] GNI: 2PM - Again & Again (2009)
[P2 14:08] C2K: iKON - 지못미 (Jimosmi; Apology) (2015)
[P2 14:17] THE VIBE: iKON - 리듬 타 (Rhythm Ta) (2015)
[P2 14:26] GON: NCT U - 일곱 번째 감각 (Ilgob Beonjjae Gamgak; The 7th Sense) (2016)
[P2 14:33] RBW: 마마무 (MAMAMOO) - 음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh) + 넌 is 뭔들 (Neon is Mwondeul; You're the Best) (2015-2016)
[P2 14:42] K-Tigers: 방탄소년단 (BTS) - 불타오르네 (Bultaoreune; FIRE) (2016)

[P2 14:55] ONO Entertainment: 방탄소년단 (BTS) - 상남자 (Sangnamja; Boy In Luv) (2014)

  • Jang Moon Bok (F)

[P2 19:52] Brand New Music: HOLLYWOOD: Composed by Lee Dae Hwi. Lyrics by Lee Dae Hwi, Kim Dong Hyun, Park Woo Jin.

  • Lee Dae Hwi (A)
  • Park Woo Jin (A)
  • Im Young Min (B)
  • Kim Dong Hyun (B)

[P3 0:00] Final grade distribution: A => 7, B => 17, C => 21, D => 25, F => 31.

[P3 0:35] The show's title song is revealed: "나야 나 (PICK ME)" ("Naya Na (PICK ME)"; "It's Me (PICK ME)"). Parts and positions are divided by the contestants' grades. A are placed in the center with the most participation; D, the least. F are considered backup dancers. The member chosen to be center is given a solo part and another spot to perform on the music show M! Countdown.
[P3 2:33] The trainees are to learn the song and dance for re-evaluation of grades in three days.

[P3 4:05] Trainee move into their dorms.

[P3 6:34] First day of group practice.
[P3 10:44] A class vocal practice.
[P3 14:47] A class dance practice.
[P3 16:34] D class dance practice.
[P3 21:37] C class vocal practice. Producer: "She gave you quite a sharp remark. How do you feel about that?" Sung Hyun Woo: "I thought shee was pretty."
[P3 24:32] B class vocal practice.
[P3 28:22] D class vocal practice. Lee Seok Hoon: "[Ahn] Hyung Seob, truthfully, you have no singing talent whatsoever."
[P3 31:40] B class dance practice.
[P4 0:24] F class dance practice.

[P4 7:46] Re-evaluation recordings.
[P4 13:24] Phone calls to parents.
[P4 16:30] Grade placement re-evaluation.
[P4 24:17] Grade adjustments. ([26:23] Unexpected 90 degree bow. :lol:).

[P4 30:35] Next week, new grades will be revealed and the start of group evaluations.

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Posted 28 April 2017 - 08:08 AM

Produce 101 S02E03 (2017-04-21) (raw: Mnet; eng sub (101 SUBS): multi; eng sub (SUBFORFUN): Kshow123 (P1+P2))

[P1 2:20] Grade placement reevaluation grades are passed out, and trainees move to their new group. Notable changes:

  • B => A: [Independent trainee] Kim Sang Bin, [C2K] Kim Seung Ri, [Brand New] Im Young Min, [Media Line] Lee Woo Jin, [MMO] Kang Daniel
  • C => A: [HF Music] Woo Jin Young
  • C => B: [Star Road] Takada Kenta, [Maroo] Park Ji Hoon
  • C => D: [Yuehua] Jung Jung, [Yuehua] Justin, [Yuehua] Lee Eui Woong, [PLEDIS] Hwang Min Hyun
  • C => F: [C9] Bae Jin Young
  • D => A: [Yuehua] Ahn Hyung Seob
  • D => B: [PLEDIS] Kim Jong Hyun
  • D => F: [PLEDIS] Choi Min Ki, [CUBE] Lai Guan Lin
  • F => A: [THEVIBE] Kim Tae Dong
  • F => C: [K-Tigers] Byun Hyun Min

[P1 17:25] New grade distribution: A => 16, B => 17, C => 22, D => 23, F => 23.

[P1 17:40] Mission: first center position audition. Members in the A group are eligible for the title song's center position. They are given one hour to prepare a unique one minute performance in front of their peers. The contestants in the other grade groups vote for their top pick.
[P1 40:36] Center results: [Brand New] Lee Dae Hwi vs [Media Line] Lee Woo Jin

[P2 0:21] Mission: group battle evaluation. 2x8 groups choose a song to compete against. The members of the winning group in each pair receive +3000 votes. The group with the most point is given a chance to perform on M! Countdown.
[P2 12:30] BTS position assignment.
[P2 37:50] Each audience member is allowed to vote for one member in each group pair.

[P2 40:08] 2PM - 10점 만점에 10점 (10jeom Manjeome 10jeom; 10 out of 10) (2009)

[P2 59:33] EXO - CALL ME BABY (2015)

[P2 1:20:49] Next week, group evaluations continue.


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Posted 01 May 2017 - 06:33 AM

Produce 101 S02E04 (2017-04-28) (raw: Mnet; eng sub (101 SUBS): multi; eng sub (SUBFORFUN): P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6)

[P1 2:57] Group battle evaluations continue.

[P1 3:08] 샤이니 (SHINee) - 누난 너무 예뻐 (Nunan Neomu Yeppeo; Replay) (2008)

[P2 0:00] 세븐틴 (SEVENTEEN) - 만세 (MANSAE) (2015)

[P3 0:00] 슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior) - SORRY, SORRY (2009)

[P4 0:00] BEAST - SHOCK (2010)

[P5 0:00] 인피니트 (Infinite) - 내꺼하자 (Naekkeohaja; Be Mine) (2011)

[P6 0:00] 방탄소년단 (BTS) - 상남자 (Boy In Luv) (Sangnamja (Boy In Luv)) (2014)

[P6 20:29] Top team: Group 1 "MANSAE" team with 624 points. They receive the benefit of performing their stage again on M! Countdown.

[P6 22:35] Top 11 by audience votes => readjustment for winning team:

  1. [HF Music] Park Woo Dam (270 => 3270)
  2. [THEVIBE] Kim Tae Dong (180 => 3180)
  3. [Yuehua] Ahn Hyung Seob (163 => 3163)
  4. [PLEDIS] Choi Min Ki (157 => 3157)
  5. [YGKPlus] Kwon Hyun Bin (142 => 3142)
  6. [Star Road] Takada Kenta (133 => 3133)
  7. [ONO] Jang Moon Bok (123 => 3123)
  8. [Blessing] Yoo Jin Won (123) => [Jellyfish] Yoon Hee Seok (3121)
  9. [Jellyfish] Yoon Hee Seok (121) => [Maroo] Park Ji Hoon (3113)
  10. [Maroo] Park Ji Hoon (113) => [2Y] Lee Gi Won (3112)
  11. [2Y] Lee Gi Won (112) => [PLEDIS] Hwang Min Hyun (2108)

[P6 29:53] Next week, first rank announcment.

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#6 Ari

  • つばきファクトリー

Posted 02 May 2017 - 06:21 PM

I'm not looking forward to the eliminations coming up this week :( I saw so many talented trainees during the group battle that never got any screentime prior...

#7 Derby

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 04 May 2017 - 02:01 PM

I NEED the eliminations for the drama and to officially start the game but yeah the choices for vocals will be cut down a lot for this elimination and the next.

But I trust Koreans will still get a couple good vocalists in the group thanks to the 1 vote rule and those who actually want a vocal. 11 visuals can't be the most popular kids right :lol:

#8 Zaeleus


Posted 16 May 2017 - 02:28 AM

Produce 101 S02E05 (2017-05-05) (raw: Mnet; eng sub (101 SUBS): multi)

[0:10] Motivation speech by BoA about her time as a trainee.

[4:00] This episode is the first ranking announcement, commentated by season 1 participants Kim So Hye, Choi Yoo Jung, and Kim So Hee.

[8:25] Training behind-the-scenes.
[8:40] Fantagio's Choic Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon prepare a freestyle dance battle among the A-F ranks.
[15:50] Dancing king: [GON] Hong Eun Ki
[16:08] The D team all get new K-Swiss tennis shoes for winning.

[16:56] Early morning training with body builder Kim Seung Hyun.
[22:07] Calisthenics, shoulder width measuring, and a psuedo-planking competition.
[23:30] Arm wrestling between group battle teams.

[30:35] First ranking announcement begins. Trainees ranked 61-98 are automatically eliminated. In 3 weeks, a total of 24699267 votes were counted. Ranks start at 59, and 60 will be announced last.

59. [THEVIBE] Yoon Jae Chan (111243 votes)
58. [2Y] Lee Gi Won (103065)
57. [Independent trainee] Lee In Soo (105599)
56. [FNC] Yoo Hoe Seung (109060)
55. [HF Music] Park Woo Dam (112521)
54. [Show E&M] Kim Nam Hyung (112841)
53. [Wings] Kim Yong Jin (114426)
52. [K-Tigers] Byun Hyun Min (116449)
51. [WH] Seo Sung Hyuk (120808)

50. [Yuehua] Jung Jung (122552)
49. [RBW] Yeo Hwan Woong (126568)
48. [Namoo Actors] Lee Yoo Jin (130509)
47. [THEVIBE] Ha Min Ho (132056)
46. [C2K] Kim Seung Ri (133494)
45. [MMO] Joo Jin Woo (141432)
44. [Starship] Lee Kwang Hyun (145251)
43. [Hunus] Kim Sang Kyun (152329)
42. [HF Music] Woo Jin Young (153419)
41. [F.ENT] Lee Joon Woo (157041)

[50:23] Visual center ranks as chosen by the trainees: 11. [Namoo Actors] Lee Yoo Jin, 10. [Fantagio] Ong Seong Woo, 9. [YGKPlus] Kwon Hyun Bin, 8. [HIM] Park Sung Woo, 7. [PLEDIS] Choi Min Ki, 6. [Yuehua] Ahn Hyung Seob, 5. [CUBE] Yoo Seon Ho, 4. [PLEDIS] Hwang Min Hyun, 3. [CUBE] Lai Guan Lin, 2. [C9] Bae Jin Young, and 1. [Maroo] Park Ji Hoon.

[1:00:09] Ranking announcements continue.

40. [WIDMAY] Kim Ye Hyun (159576)
39. [Brand New] Kim Dong Hyun (163092)
38. [Narda] Kim Tae Woo (167726)
37. [OUI] Kim Dong Han (175107)
36. [GON] Hong Eun Ki (176813)
35. [Show E&M] Jung Dong Soo (180209)
34. [Chun] Kim Yong Guk (195419)
33. [Kiwi Media Group] Kim Dong Bin (237033)
32. [Hanahreum] Kim Tae Min (260391)
31. [Yuehua] Justin (261653)

30. [Jellyfish] Yoon Hee Seok (264133)
29. [RBW] Lee Geon Hee (269787)
28. [Star Road] Takada Kenta (287263)
27. [Brand New] Im Young Min (312983)
26. [Ador&Able] Noh Tae Hyun (353043)
25. [THEVIBE] Kim Tae Dong (359771)
24. [Brand New] Park Woo Jin (403690)
23. [YGKPlus] Kwon Hyun Bin (408701)
22. [HIM] Park Sung Woo (452876)
21. [Ador&Able] Ha Sun Woon (459912)

[1:14:40] Hidden camera (P1, P2): ghost prank. Trainees self-reflect and send a message to themselves.
[1:22:12] Explanation time: Trainees try to explain some misconceptions about them.

[1:25:33] Ranking announcements continue.

20. [PLEDIS] Kang Dong Ho (472132)
19. [PLEDIS] Choi Min Ki (476249)
18. [Media Line] Lee Woo Jin (511463)
17. [Yuehua] Lee Eui Woong (520973)
16. [Independent trainee] Kim Jae Hwan (569969)
15. [CUBE] Yoo Seon Ho (575027)
14. [ONO] Jang Moon Bok (597046)
13. [Starship] Jung Se Woon (634134)
12. [C9] Bae Jin Young (667298)

[1:34:53] The commentators discuss ranks based on age group and gender. Park Ji Hoon is well-received by all age groups. Kang Daniel is on top for the 30s age group. Jang Moon Bok is first in the male group. Samuel is popular by both genders.

[1:36:00] Ranking announcements continue.

11. [PLEDIS] Hwang Min Hyun (680322)
10. [Creker] Joo Hak Nyeon (703391)
9. [CUBE] Lai Guan Lin (717275)
8. [PLEDIS] Kim Jong Hyun (752149)
7. [Brand New] Lee Dae Hwi (809484)
6. [Yuehua] Ahn Hyung Seob (810639)
5. [MMO] Kang Daniel (817245)
4. [Fantagio] Ong Seong Woo (819186)
3. [MMO] Yoon Ji Sung (844829)
2. [Brave] Kim Samuel (863861)
1. [Maroo] Park Ji Hoon (1044197)

60. [Independent trainee] Kim Sang Bin (100142)

[2:06:55] You can now vote to match trainees with particular concepts: "Show Time" (nu disco), "I Know You Know" (synth pop/funk), "Please Open" (future EDM), "NEVER" (deep house), and "Oh Little Girl" (hip hop).

[2:09:01] Trainees who are eliminated bid their farewells.

[2:10:20] Next week, position evaluations.


The full list of trainees and votes can be found in the week 4 rankings.

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#9 Zaeleus


Posted 19 May 2017 - 05:58 AM

Produce 101 S02E06 (2017-05-12) (raw: Mnet; eng sub (101 SUBS): multi; eng sub (reni): Google Drive)

[1:27] Position evaluation assignment. Trainees choose to perform a song from one of three categories: dance, vocal, and rap. 1000 audience members vote for a single member per group. The top trainee in each group recieves +10000 votes. The top trainee in each category recieves +100000 votes.
[5:12] Songs are chosen by current rank (P1, P2). Selections are hidden to prevent stategic teams from forming.

[43:55] Position evaluation performances. Super Junior's Leeteuk temporarily fills in for BoA. Group members ordered by audience rank:

[53:33] Vocal: 정승환 (Jung Seung Hwan) - 너였다면 (Neoyeossdamyeon; If It Is You) (2016)

[1:06:20] Dance: Flo Rida - Right Round (Feat. Ke$ha) (2009)

[1:18:30] Rap: 지코 (ZICO) - Boys And Girls (Feat. Babylon) (2015)

[1:29:20] Dance: Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Major Lazer Remix) (2017)

[1:41:36] Rap: MINO - 겁 (Geop; Fear) (2015)

[1:55:01] Vocal: BLACKPINK - 불장난 (Buljangnan; Playing with Fire) (2016)

[2:03:37] Next week, more position evaluation performances.

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#10 Zaeleus


Posted 21 May 2017 - 01:04 AM

Produce 101 S02E07 (2017-05-19) (raw: Mnet)

[1:38] Position evaluation performances continue.

[11:06] Vocal: 방탄소년단 (BTS) - 봄날 (Bomnal; Spring Day) (2017)

[24:42] Dance: NSYNC - Pop (2001)

[40:19] Rap: Simon Dominic, 원 (One), 지투 (G2), BewhY - 니가 알던 내가 아냐 (Prod. by GRAY) [Niga Aldeon Naega Anya; Who You?] (2016)

[53:24] Rap: iKON - 리듬 타 (RHYTHM TA) REMIX (Rock Ver.) (2015)

[1:11:28] Vocal: 보아 (BoA) - Amazing Kiss (2001)

[1:29:23] Vocal: 아이오아이 (I.O.I) - 소나기 (Sonagi; Downpour) (2017)

[1:52:57] Dance: Jason Durulo - Get Ugly (2015)

[58:31, 1:35:42, 2:00:36] Top trainees per category:

  • Rap: [PLEDIS] Kim Jong Hyun (665 votes)
  • Vocal: [RBW] Lee Geon Hee (717)
  • Dance: [Ador&Able] Noh Tae Hyun (621)

[2:07:35] Next week, concept evaluations.




See "Position Evaluation Vote Ranking (Episode 7)" for individual vote counts.


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