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Soli - Hitsugi no naka de nemuritai 2 replies to this topic Started by Soli , Jan 25 2009 03:33 AM · 

#1 Soli

  • カントリー・ガールズ

Posted 25 January 2009 - 03:33 AM

Hitsugi no naka de nemuritai

This is the b-side for Boku no Hana, sung by Goi Michiko/Hoshino Michiru for the movie Densen Uta. This is the only AKB48-ish song I've bought, and probably the only one I ever will. <3

#2 Prinny Squad

Prinny Squad
  • Miyoshi Erika Penis Crisis!

Posted 08 February 2009 - 10:29 PM

I wasn't a huge fan of the song at first, but it picked up later on with the guitar and such. I definitely liked the parts that were more harmonic song-wise, as during the verses it was somewhat weird. That's more my gripe with the song choice though, isn't it? :D/

Your voice in this song has an almost haunting quality to it, although there were a couple of parts where your voice wavered a little bit possibly due to the note (EDIT: To clarify where, some of the higher notes in the chorus seemed to be a tiny bit troublesome.) When you nail the other notes though, you nail them with authority. I'm definitely looking forward to your future work.

GRADE: 8.5/10

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#3 strawberryjam

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Posted 09 February 2009 - 12:57 PM

HI SOLI! :lol:

I didn't know this song was this song. I totally like it. I thought you did a good job, but sometimes you seem to almost get the key(?) wrong. But you got a good voice! Yay!