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Morning Musume。'19 LOVE Auditon 35 replies to this topic Started by Saya , Jan 02 2019 02:52 PM · 

#31 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted Yesterday, 15 Jun, 02:50AM

I’m not rooting for this, but I predict Matsubara Yuriya will be put in MM.

#32 Zoe

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted Yesterday, 15 Jun, 02:57AM

Putting Yuriya in right now would be so off-putting. Sure the group has had 11yo's in it before, but she's too far off from the current group image. They would have to shove her into the back until she matures.

I'm hoping someone comes through from the general audition. Angerme really lucked out with Layla.

#33 Mugi

  • モーニング娘。

Posted Yesterday, 15 Jun, 10:30PM

If they put in Yuriya I wouldn't be mad but I hope they would change their image to be younger. More fun pop songs.

#34 Zange

  • Kenshuusei

Posted Yesterday, 15 Jun, 11:10PM

If they put in Yuriya I wouldn't be mad but I hope they would change their image to be younger. More fun pop songs.


It's gonna be 2011 all over again isn't it


Actually now that I think about it that's probably going to be the case no matter who they add from KSS. The oldest are 6 months or so younger than Haga and the youngest are freaking 11.

#35 Mugi

  • モーニング娘。

Posted Today, 16 Jun, 03:33PM

I don't think they will ever let it get that bad again.  But I think that change in 2011 was good for the group.

#36 DonJuan


Posted Today, 16 Jun, 04:24PM

Considering they're holding auditions now they're working on not letting it get that bad again. I do believe we will finally get someone younger than Akane, the oldest KSS are 16 (Saito Madoka and Ono Kotomi, I doubt they'll debut in MM though). The average KSS age is 13-14 though. I'm sure it won't be as bad as 2011 when we suddenly had 4 12yos running around, but 14 is an age they should be going for. They put Yume (14) and Riai (13) in Juice=Juice, for heaven's sake.


The problem with 2011 was that Ai was already half way out, as was Gaki (and Aika) and suddenly the only other older members were Reina and Sayumi. Even if we have a similar situation like in 2011/12 (one graduation in fall 2019, two in spring 2020) there will still be 8 senpai.


Following the talk in the Juice=Juice thread, I absolutely agree with your sentiment(s) about the current line-up. Their dances aren't as impressive anymore*, their singing is mostly sub-par and even though some members are entertaining (for me Akane and Yokoyan) the group as a whole is boring. I felt the same about Platinum Era but at least nowadays I can appreciate their concerts and albums (the singles still don't really do it for me).


*Sorry, I have to cut into this whole dance topic. To be honest I don't know much about dancing, even less about formation dance, since I've only taken the dance class at our school. I get that it's hard to run from one point to another and stand in the right position, but aside from that, their dances are not hard at all. Everybody who is not as stiff as the Harunas could easily do them. Of course, doing several in a row requires a lot of stamina, but that's it. Also, they just look boring and to a point, cringey. The Jinsei Blues one? Hell. In general there's way too much unnecessary hand movement in MM's dances.


Thing is: Of course they could make this work if they went back to the "so uncool it's cool again" theme. The current sentiment is "too cool for school" though.


At this point I wouldn't be against Yuriya joining at all. But only if they changed their style. Do a Maji desu ka SKA. A PPU.


This is a problem with H!P in general. They dress the KSS like office ladies. It's one thing to sexualise young girls (looking at you, Kassa), it's another to make them look like their mothers.


I get that girls like Masaki are popular with average Japanese girls too, but looking at her private clothing style Masaki is far from what they make the groups wear for their official photographs.