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5th Annual MM-BBS Awards Result Show Part 1 Now with more laziness! :D No replies to this topic Started by Shoujo Q , Nov 16 2010 03:52 AM · 

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Shoujo Q
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Posted 16 November 2010 - 03:52 AM

May November 15th mark the day when the results come in because that's when the 2008 results were done too. Yay for lazy PQ!~ But I had a lot of crap happen this year so it's not entirely the fault of my procrastination and laziness. Anyway, onto the awards result show!!!!

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"The Blog Edition"
With your hosts, members of the H!P blog community.
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This Thread is Risa approved!

Like any great award shows we start with the boring awards before working into the ones we all wait to see. On with the results!

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Despite the fact that my covers are all the same I was elected to present the best cover design, because really who would want to photoshop such a beautiful face such as mine? Keke, with that I present the "MS Paint!" award for best cover design for a H!P Release in 2009.

Posted Image3rd Asu wa Date na no ni Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai Single V Cover
Posted Image2nd Ae Natsumi Summer Live Tour 2009 ~Yappari Sneaker ga Suki~ DVD Cover
Posted Image1st Shouganai Yume Oibito Limited Edition A CD Cover

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We had the best musical of 2009, but did you vote for us? NO! So you lose and we win, move along! What? Buono had a two way tie with itself? Well that's fine then since it's relevant to our interests we'll stick around and present the award. So anyway, the "Ribbon no Kishi" Award for Best Concert/Live Performance of 2009.

Posted Image3rd was a triple way tie between Hello! Project Summer 2009 Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~, Buono! Live 2009 Hybrid*Punch, and Rock'n Buono 2
Posted Image2nd Hello! Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Hello?Pro Award '09~Elder Club Sotsugyou Kinen Special~
Posted Image1st Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Haru ~Platinum 9 DISCO~

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They said I had to present the award for best costumed outfit, I asked, "why me?" They thought it was obvious, I still don't understand, oh well. Here are the results for the "Leather and Feathers" award for best costumed outfit in a concert or photoshoot. May the Bow be with you!

Posted Image3rd Morning Musume Black Calender Outfits and Shouganai Yume Oibito's CD Cover outfits
Posted Image2nd Platinum 9 Disco Tour Visual Book Outfits
Posted Image1st Koharu's man eating Sombrero!

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I was nominated, but alas, no one likes someone without a pretty face, or a voice, speaking of which I have no idea how I'm communicating with you right now. But anyway, I'll have you know it was very traumatizing to lose my better half, very traumatizing, I could whip myself back and forth like I use it, it was a very sad day! I should get on with it then though here are the winners of the "SHOCK" Award for biggest H!P surprise of 2009.

Posted Image3rd Elder Club's Graduation (So much shock it took a year to overcome!)
Posted Image2nd Morning Musume come to America!
Posted Image1st Kusumi Koharu graduating from Morning Musume/Hello!Project

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Since being excommunicated from the fold it's not easy to keep up with everyone. That's what you get for causing scandals isn't it? Remember kids, smoking and sleeping with older men because you have a daddy complex is not a good idea. Peace! Here are the winners of the "What Graduation?" award for former H!P member's achievements outside Hello!Project.

Posted Image3rd Hangry & Angry [Top Secret!]
Posted Image2nd Yaguchi Mari releases a single and becomes even more popular!
Posted Image1st Melon Kinenbi crawl back from the Dead

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We were going to let Jang do this, but no one can seem to find her so we'll be presenting the "8th Generation" award for biggest disappointment of 2009.

Posted Image3rd Line distribution in C-ute and or Morning Musume
Posted Image2nd No auditions for Morning Musume.
Posted Image1st The Panda's (LinLin/JunJun) getting Shafted

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Why bother dancing around the issue, either way the award is coming to me. Here are the winners of the "Nijukyu-sensei" award for best non-H!P related Me decision of 2009.

Posted Image3rd Tsunku constantly posting "I'm too sexy..." style photos on his blog
Posted Image2nd Ogawa Mana getting a big Solo Push
Posted Image1st Tsunku coming to America and holding a Panel at AX

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I've always LOVED the camera so naturally I'd be the one to present these awards. You know, I actually sleep with one at night, it's very comforting. But don't tell Hitomi though, she wouldn't understand. Here are the winners of the "Smile at the Camera" award for best idol DVD.

Posted Image3rd Takahashi Ai - I. and Kamei Eri - 20 Dreams
Posted Image2nd C-ute - Alo Hello! C-ute
Posted Image1st Berryz Koubou - Alo Hello! Berryz Koubou

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One of these days I'll get a photobook, I bet the new Morning Musume girls will get a photobook before me. No one loves me, not even my dog. It's all for show. Pitty part for one, reservation under Aika! Anyway, here are the winners of the "I has Bikini on" award for best Photobook. Reina's behind me isn't she? That's the only reason you let me do this award, I KNOW it is! Hmmpf!

Posted Image3rd Ishikawa Rika - Karen
Posted Image2nd Takahashi Ai - Watashi
Posted Image1st Kusumi Koharu - Sugar Doll

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A good PV needs style, a plot and most importantly a good song. Put all those together and you may just have yourself a winning PV. So think of us when the 2010 awards roll around. Before we announce the winners, we would like to present this little YouTube gem to help remind you of the PVs that were released in 2009.
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With that done, the winners of the "What Budget?!" award for best PV of 2009 are.

Posted Image3rd 3,2,1 Breakin' Out! (UFA Version) - Morning Musume
Posted Image2nd My Boy - Buono
Posted Image1st Shouganai Yume Oibito - Morning Musume

Because I can't post that many pictures in one topic, please go to Part 2 to see the rest of the rewards results and comment there. :hahaha: