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Digital!Music Delivery - Non-Physical Releases from H!P Singers Download them through Recochoku and iTunes! 122 replies to this topic Started by Solarblade , May 19 2017 03:21 PM · 

#121 Solarblade


Posted 22 April 2018 - 05:36 AM

I Musou Strong! (Lyrics:Hoshibe Sho Composition:Kato Yusuke Arrangement: )


Country Girls

Matenai After Five


Kobushi Factory
Keseyashinai Kimochi (Lyrics: Composition: Arrangement: )
Kame ni Nare! (Lyrics: Composition: Arrangement: )

Tsubaki Factory
Yuki no Planetarium (Lyrics:Izutsu Himi Composition:KOUGA Arrangement:KOUGA)
Furisake Mireba (Lyrics: Composition: Arrangement: )
Happy Cracker (Lyrics:SHOCK EYE Composition:SHOCK EYE Arrangement: )


Hello! Project


Hello! History




Updated!  List done by core2quad from H!O



UPDATE: Took the KSS songs out since they all will be on their album.


UPDATE 2: Took out the Momusu songs, as they both are the next single


UPDATE 3: Added the new ANGERME track, might eventually take down the Juice=Juice songs since the album is coming up...


UPDATE 4: Taking out Natsu Shogun & Hyokkori Hyoutanjima, but adding 3 new tracks from the Summer Tour

#122 arcobaleno

  • 聞くものはテストじゃない

Posted 14 July 2018 - 05:58 PM


Have there been any concert rips or previews of Yuki no Planetarium? I’m interested in hearing it.


I don't think I've seen any previews for it, nor people talk about it oddly enough.



So YT in it's natural stalker-ish way happened to recommend a short but decent quality performance of the short version of Yuki no Planetarium here. I like it!

#123 Solarblade


Posted 14 July 2018 - 06:01 PM

ANGERME will digitally release Natsu Shogun on 7/21 (yet, we still haven't gotten I Musou Strong!...)


Kobushi / Tsubaki will digitally release Hyokkori Hyoutanjuma on 7/17