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Club48 :: Where we spam 48 ways to glory! Let's talk about some idols! 874 replies to this topic Started by Shoujo Q , Sep 17 2011 10:45 PM · 

#31 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 06 October 2011 - 08:03 PM

H!P haven't been on Kohaku since AKB's first year on (2007). Two mega girl groups on at once and Kohaku probably couldn't handle it.

Red (girls) team hasn't won since 2004. Perhaps a combined effort of 48s and H!P at this stage would result in a win for the red team? Just a thought NHK, JUST a thought. Posted Image

#32 Cyrene

  • Kohawho?

Posted 06 October 2011 - 10:30 PM

Yup, I think Red will definitely win this time! Go AKB48 and all the others!

#33 freezingkiss

  • なっきい❤

Posted 09 October 2011 - 05:21 PM

Acchan is in some place that has white people and looks like London! ;____; Why do I never know about these things!!!!

#34 Ap2000

  • I program stuff.

Posted 10 October 2011 - 05:58 PM

I this the correct thread ?
I hope so.

Though only faintly related to AKB, it's funny:

#35 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
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Posted 15 October 2011 - 03:09 PM

So uhm, SDN48 are all graduating on March 31st.

Is this the first big casualty of the 48s?

#36 Cyrene

  • Kohawho?

Posted 15 October 2011 - 06:08 PM

Yes, they are.

I am so legitimately upset over this. They were over 21, they were cool, they had a sexy image that none of the other girls had. First gen AKB48 members are in there too so now that SDN is breaking up, we will no longer have Meetan or Noro Kayo in the 48 family.

Aki-P, spreading yourself so thin that you're cutting off groups with girls who HELPED YOU GET WHERE YOU ARE? Grrrr! :dammit: :dammit: :dammit: :dammit: :dammit:

#37 freezingkiss

  • なっきい❤

Posted 15 October 2011 - 06:10 PM

^ I'm REALLY angry that they didn't even want to move in the first place. They were FINE where they were. SDN girls should have been separate and not from AKB.

#38 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 16 October 2011 - 12:22 AM

I actually liked the idea of SDN in the beginning. Older girls from AKB so that newer girls could move into AKB and keep it fresh without losing the older girls. But then they started to mess with it and add in girls that were never part of the 48s and it just became a cluster bomb. I hope Akimoto doesn't completely lose all the girls, perhaps he'll make something new? I hope so, because AKB's gettin' old girls that aren't going to have any place to go now. D:

#39 Haru

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Posted 16 October 2011 - 10:42 PM

Think this reply sums it all up:

りな☆ 10/16 01:04

Seriously what the shit. They haven't been around that long. :eekrun:

#40 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 17 October 2011 - 12:19 AM

[ Secret Base ]

Vocal wonders they are not, but come on it's cute! They have air guitars and air drums and Miichan is there too!

#41 freezingkiss

  • なっきい❤

Posted 17 October 2011 - 11:37 AM

That's so cute. Why so many dislikes? Miichan's voice isn't perfect but she knows how to control it quite well. The others do NOT though.

#42 Ap2000

  • I program stuff.

Posted 17 October 2011 - 12:47 PM

Why so many dislikes?

Probably because the whole thing seems kinda weird. At least to me the atmosphere is something... special.

#43 Cyrene

  • Kohawho?

Posted 17 October 2011 - 01:57 PM

Because they suck at singing haha.

I can't watch it right now, but that's the one Myao is in right? She's horribad, but so cute :weeeh:.

#44 freezingkiss

  • なっきい❤

Posted 17 October 2011 - 02:16 PM

Yeah she is in the grey blazer. Is Kitarie on the fake drums? Whose the other one? In just the white shirt?

#45 strawberryjam

  • 士多啤梨 bunny ? ♡ (・x・)

Posted 17 October 2011 - 02:21 PM

Sasshi, Sashihara Rino.

Her blog is super hilarious. It's the best idol blog I ever read. I can't find any funny entries now.

#46 Haru

  • (◡‿◡✿)

Posted 17 October 2011 - 06:21 PM

Miichan's voice is very cute. I like it! But I think everyone else needed to shut up. They ruined it for me lol

#47 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 17 October 2011 - 11:06 PM

Enh! 48 attacks again. This time, it's going for the otaku crowd!


The Nikkan Sports newspaper is reporting on Tuesday that the idol group AKB48 is getting its first anime, which will air next spring. The broadcasting station and title of the project, which will have an all-original story, are still secret. Shoji Kawamori, the co-creator of the Macross franchise and the co-director of Macross: Do You Remember Love?, is the project planner and the chief director, and Toshimichi Ootsuki (Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [Not] Alone) is the executive producer. As the newspaper puts it, AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto is "of course" planning and supervising the project.

The anime will center around nine idol candidates who aspire to be "legendary idols," in the motif of AKB48's real-life sōsenkyō (general election) Top 8.

Mari Okada (AnoHana, Hanairo, Toradora!) is supervising and writing the scripts, and Mikan Ehime (Macross Frontier, Gravion Zwei) is designing the characters. Yoshimasa Hiraike (Working!!/Wagnaria!!, Amagami SS, Sketchbook ~full color'S~) is the actual hands-on director of the anime at Satelight (Macross Frontier, Aquarion, Shugo Chara!).

The idol group members will "battle" each other in auditions to be voice actresses in this project, and the newspaper reports that the members' standings in "sōsenkyō" (general elections) popularity contests will not be a factor. Out of 200 candidates from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and its spinoffs, 30 will be selected and announced on a dedicated website in November. In the final round of auditions held in Tokyo, nine will be chosen to perform the theme song.

The fact that they got the co-creator of Macross AND Satelight to handle this just proves to me, they found my weakness. Posted Image


#48 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 17 October 2011 - 11:34 PM

Myao was purposely singing badly. They talk about it in the end lol
They were purposely fooling around the whole performance.
Here's a better quality video: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=WtoCaHQGptA
Reading the comments it seems like most of the non-Japanese speaking people didn't get and thought it sucked and gave it a thumbs down, while most Japanese people and speakers (minus antis) thought it was funny.

#49 Cyrene

  • Kohawho?

Posted 18 October 2011 - 12:41 AM

Ahhhhh AKB48 anime! I can't wait to see how they handle this!

I wish they'd use Shonichi as the anime's theme song. It's a great song!

#50 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
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Posted 23 October 2011 - 10:35 PM

HKT48 (The girls from Fukuoka) made their first public appearance at an AKB48 handshake event.

This blog gives a better run down of who is who, not that you can really see anyone's faces. But apparently they range from age 17-11.

#51 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 23 October 2011 - 11:59 PM

Omona has a better post with faces.

They have an average age of 13.8 Their oldest member is 17 and the youngest is 11. Some of them are cute, some of them are not so cute. And only 2 of them actually aspire to be singers. At least they're being honest.

Posted Image
Haruna look-a-like

Posted Image
Moeno look-a-like.

Posted Image
I see a little bit of Koharu in her.

#52 Cyrene

  • Kohawho?

Posted 24 October 2011 - 01:58 PM

No way, the Moeno lookalike is too cute to be Moeno! :whistling:

I won't be following this group, too young for me. Also, the ___48 family wasn't just for singers, it's always been a "platform" for girls to jump from to get into the industry, whether it be acting/modeling/singing/whatever. :)

#53 freezingkiss

  • なっきい❤

Posted 24 October 2011 - 02:46 PM

I don't think I will either. I'll listen to their songs, but I swear to god, if their first stage is 'Party ga Hajimaru yo!' ARGH. :dammit: I like AKB and SKE (and the subgroups). They are all I really need idol-wise now SDN is disbanding. :cryalot:

#54 Afternoon Mimolette

Afternoon Mimolette
  • カントリー・ガールズ

Posted 31 October 2011 - 12:15 PM

Someone posted a link to this and while the site is sketchy, I have no idea how genuine this article is.
Still, "AKB Idols Offer To Have Fan Babies For Cash".
Wooooow. :whatthe:
There's picture evidence, though.
And they thought hug promotions were bad. :thumbsup:

#55 freezingkiss

  • なっきい❤

Posted 31 October 2011 - 12:55 PM

^ There's a pic of Yuko breastfeeding on the site's page. I was like :cryalot:

The picture they used for the demo was hilarious though, a really big fat creeper dude.

#56 aine

  • 名無しさん‮

Posted 31 October 2011 - 06:32 PM

Still, "AKB Idols Offer To Have Fan Babies For Cash".

What on fucking earth. :whatthe:

I would have shrugged if it was just another iteration of a stupid online morphing app, but turning it into a monthly subscription service for feeding some unrequited urges crosses the line for me. And you know my line is set way far. I don't give half a damn about wotas being exploited and drained out of their money, but turning the girls being into virtual spawning vats for rent is just too fucking much.

To put it into some perspective, from the moral standpoint I could care less about the porn output of some AKB ex-members, it's just casual/hedonistic sex with clear rules and purpose. But this thing is treading on the family and motherhood ground, which I guess is breaking some taboo for me. :mellow:

Fuck yeah, Japan, you still manage to surprise me after 15 years.

#57 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 31 October 2011 - 10:57 PM

Arama has a more detailed article.

The baby thing is pretty creepy, but anything to cater to the wota, I suppose.

#58 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
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Posted 01 November 2011 - 05:18 PM

Why pay when you can do it for free? (Thank Arama for that link.)

I thought it was cute at first, but then I saw the promo pictures and now that's just creepy. Posted Image Can you defile an idol even more 48? Really?

#59 Cyrene

  • Kohawho?

Posted 01 November 2011 - 07:02 PM

Apparently a lot of Japanese fans are complaining about this too - it's creepy and weird!

Is it bad that when I saw the picture of Yuko breastfeeding the baby that the first thought in my mind was "MOVE THE BABY". :whistling:

#60 Petit Melon

Petit Melon
  • Fruit Unity

Posted 01 November 2011 - 08:19 PM

Is it bad that when I saw the picture of Yuko breastfeeding the baby that the first thought in my mind was "MOVE THE BABY". :whistling:

That is funny because my first thought was "How the hell does this B cup have breasts that go down to her STOMACH!" :eekrun: