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Vote For Me!: Shadow (Monday Kiz) [Gemini Project 2k16] 1 reply to this topic Started by Farrah , Jul 02 2016 11:14 PM · 

#1 Farrah


Posted 02 July 2016 - 11:14 PM

I wasn't originally going to post this here buttt what the hell - I'm in a youtube singing competition and the first round was a group round where we were basically put in groups together and had to learn, record, and mix a song within about a week.  It was insanely difficult, my team lost some members, had to make a lot of adjustments, because of reasons I was semi-homeless for two days and had to mix it while crashing on someone's couch LOL anywayyy, the team that gets the least likes on their video is in trouble / may get eliminated and that sucks for me because my team was assigned a super unknown song.  If any of y'all could drop by and give it a listen (and hopefully a like!) that would be rad.

**insert link to a super dramatic Korean song no one knows here lmao**


#2 DonJuan


Posted 03 July 2016 - 09:27 PM

Very nice. I liked it a lot. Nice work on the adlibs, harmonies and mixing.