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Hello!Project Members Ranking - End of 2020 edition Let's put an end to this hell of a year. 9 replies to this topic Started by DonJuan , Dec 12 2020 03:50 PM · 

#1 DonJuan


Posted 12 December 2020 - 03:50 PM

Hello! Project Members Ranking - December 2020 Edition


Whoppa! What a year. We lost some, we gained some. But what did it do to our rankings?
The ranking tool is here!

Previous rankings: '19, late '18, early '18, '16, late '15, '15, '14, '13, '12


Let me introduce the members of Hello! Project:


Morning Musume. '20















Kobushi Factory (last)





Tsubaki Factory










And for those of you who want to go all out...

Hello Pro Kenshuusei




Happy Ranking!

#2 DonJuan


Posted 12 December 2020 - 08:27 PM

And yupp, I will start once again. My previous years: 2019, 2018 (December), 2018 (January), 2016


Overall ranking:


1. Kanazawa Tomoko (-)

2. Haga Akane (-)

3. Yokoyama Reina (-)

4. Takeuchi Akari (8)

5. Dambara Ruru (-)

6. Takagi Sayuki (?)

7. Kishimoto Yumeno (6)

8. Hirai Miyo (?)

9. Kamikokuryo Moe (7)

10. Kasahara Momona (?)

- - -

45. Fukumura Mizuki (57)

46. Tamenaga Shion (new)

47. Morito Chisaki (58)

48. Satoyoshi Utano (?)

49. Onoda Saori (54)

50. Hashisako Rin (?)

51. Tanimoto Ami (55)

52. Yamagishi Riko (62)

53. Niinuma Kisora (61)

54. Oota Haruka (60)


I'm not exactly sure how Kassa went up there to 10th place, but hey, I take it. She's been working it. Overall maybe Funakki should have been up there, but I realized just now that neither Funakki nor Karin are in the sorter. Probably would have gone to Funakki otherwise.

So yeah, pretty much everybody who has graduated is not in the sorter, which also means no Murotan or Kobushi.

When it comes to the last 10 I think it's a bit unfair to Shion, Utano and Rin, I feel like I only got them once or twice in the sorter. I don't hate them. I do dislike the others, though.


Rankings in groups

I did look at my sorter for this, but I have adjusted a few of them to my own liking.
And, as always, I'm gonna use my coloured ranking: Like a lot - like - okay - don't care - go away


Morning Musume. '20


1. Haga Akane (-)

2. Yokoyama Reina (-)

3. Kitagawa Rio (-)

4. Yamazaki Mei (8)

5. Makino Maria (-)

6. Ishida Ayumi (7)

7. Okamura Homare (4)

8. Kaga Kaede (6)

9. Sato Masaki (10)

10. Oda Sakura (11)

11. Ikuta Erina (9)

12. Nonaka Miki (-)

13. Fukumura Mizuki (-)

14. Morito Chisaki (-)


There's a few things that come to mind when looking at this. First of all, Masaki is slowly going up there. Second of all, while I am tired of most 11th gen and older members, I don't mind Ayumi that much - I do think she's way over her prime, but I still like her better than the others.

Mei and Homare pretty much switched, but I really like both. And while Ikuta went down by one, I don't dislike her either.

While I am happy for Miki to finally get some attention I also don't really like her. I don't know. She's shy, that's okay, but you should break out after being shy for 6 years.




1. Takeuchi Akari (3)

2. Kamikokuryo Moe (-)

3. Funaki Musubu (6)

4. Kasahara Momona (7)

5. Matsumoto Wakana (new)

6. Sasaki Rikako (5)

7. Murota Mizuki (10)

8. Kawamura Ayano (9)

9. Ise Layla (8)

10. Kawana Rin (new)

11. Tamenaga Shion (new)

12. Hashisako Rin (11)

13. Oota Haruka


Guess who's ready for Wakana?

While a lot of them have changed positions it's not really much, usually only one or two steps. I did add Funakki, Murotan and Oota manually. And yeah, Oota was not a loss for me at all, sorry. The jury is still out on Hashi-Rin. I don't know what to make of her.




1. Kanazawa Tomoko (-)

2. Dambara Ruru (4)

3. Takagi Sayuki (5)

4. Uemura Akari (6)

5. Miyamoto Karin (8)

6. Inaba Manaka (10)

7. Matsunaga Riai (-)

8. Inoue Rei (new)

9. Kudo Yume (-)


I'm not feeling Rei in Juice. It's probably because she has not performed with them that much yet, because in the beginning I didn't feel Yanamin either. (By the way, can you believe last year this ranking still had Yuka and Yanamin? Crazy, I know. Because of this not much has changed actually, just remember that Yuka was my 2nd last year and Yanamin my 3rd lol).

I kind of found some new respect for Karin, and I finally realized that Manaka is still a damn good performer. Riai and Yume are a bit too green for now - especially Yume, who seems too bouncy for Juice, at least to me.


I could add Kobushi here, but, eh. It's been pretty much the same ranking forever. Hirose, Nomura, Inoue, Wada, Hamaura. There.

Sad they're gone, sadder they had to go without audience. Good for Ayapan to start her solo career, hope Sakurako is happy in normal life, kind of think Hamachan made a mistake with leaving Up Front, bummed that Minami is stuck in limbo and... yeah, not feeling Rei in Juice yet, as said.


Tsubaki Factory


1. Kishimoto Yumeno (-)

2. Ogata Risa (-)

3. Akiyama Mao (4)

4. Ono Mizuho (3)

5. Asakura Kiki (-)

6. Onoda Saori (-)

7. Tanimoto Ami (-)

8. Yamagishi Riko (9)

9. Niinuma Kisora (8)


"Why the hell is Risa still up there?"

Don't get me wrong: What she did was dumb. But it was also one of the most interesting things to ever come out of this group! Other than that this all broke down towards the end of the year, and for the rest she was still doing fine.

I honestly don't care for half of the group. They could pull a Kobushi and continue the group as 5 and they would be better. I mean okay, Risa won't come back so they'd still have to keep Saori I guess. Fine, then.




1. Hirai Miyo (2)

2. Takase Kurumi (1)

3. Kobayashi Honoka (6)

4. Okamura Minami (5)

5. Kiyono Momohime (11)

6. Shimakura Rika (9)

7. Nishida Shiori (3)

8. Yamazaki Yuhane (7)

9. Maeda Kokoro (4)

10. Ichioka Reina (-)

11. Eguchi Saya (8)

12. Satoyoshi Utano (-)


Ranking Beyooooonds is a mess lol. Kurumi was a fave of mine from the start, and I really enjoyed Miyo's singing this year (and dancing of course). Honoka and Mii shined during the Beyooooonds' School during the lockdown imo. I still like the others, I honestly don't dislike anyone here. Beyooooonds is one of the best balanced groups in H!P ever.

#3 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 13 December 2020 - 01:07 AM

My 2020 Ranking (My yearly chart.)

I purposely let Oota slip to last place because she's pretty much not active and only active girls should be ranked. 
I got a few surprises this year as far as Beyooooonds members rising very drastically compared to last year. Overall I think a lot of the bias in my ranks comes from the solo lives. I think it's the first time in a very long time where we really get to see each girl stand on their own and I used that more in the basis in where I decided to rank them in the overall H!P rank. 
  1. Oda Sakura
  2. Danbara Ruru
  3. Takagi Sayuki
  4. Kitagawa Rio
  5. Hirai Miyo
  6. Kaga Kaede
  7. Kobayashi Honoka
  8. Inaba Manaka
  9. Yamazaki Yuhane
  10. Kishimoto Yumeno
  11. Kiyono Momohime
  12. Haga Akane
  13. Matsumoto Wakana
  14. Fukumura Mizuki
  15. Shimakura Rika
  16. Okamura Minami
  17. Ise Layla
  18. Nishida Shiori
  19. Sato Masaki
  20. Matsunaga Riai 
  21. Yokoyama Reina
  22. Takeuchi Akari
  23. Nonaka Miki
  24. Ishida Ayumi
  25. Kanazawa Tomoko
  26. Uemura Akari
  27. Sasaki Rikako
  28. Inoue Rei
  29. Eguchi Saya
  30. Kawamura Ayano
  31. Yamazaki Mei
  32. Takase Kurumi
  33. Kamikokuryo Moe
  34. Ono Mizuho
  35. Onoda Saori
  36. Maeda Kokoro
  37. Tamenaga Shion
  38. Tanimoto Ami
  39. Kudo Yume
  40. Ogata Risa
  41. Asakura Kiki
  42. Makino Maria
  43. Okamura Homare
  44. Kasahara Momona
  45. Niinuma Kisora
  46. Yamagishi Riko
  47. Akiyama Mao
  48. Ikuta Erina
  49. Morito Chisaki
  50. Ichioka Reina
  51. Satoyoshi Utano
  52. Kawana Rin
  53. Hashisako Rin
  54. Oota Haruka
Overall Group Ranking for 2020
My group ranks have two criteria. How they perform as a group and second, did they excel in the current year?

Juice=Juice has continued to dominate for me. They got rid of their dead weight. The loss of Karin stings, but the fact that I still had some solid love in other members made the sting not so bad. (Unlike ANGERME, which is still suffering in my rankings.) While Beyooooonds didn't get much to do this year, they proved themselves by keeping themselves relevant through covid but using their YouTube channel to their advantage and letting me get to know each girl and learning their strong points. It's something I wish other groups would do because then maybe I'd like certain girls better. Tsubaki fell drastically. They were such a great group that suffered greatly this year because of Ogata-gate AND their giant hole left over from 2019 thanks to Kiki. So much so I ranked ANGERME above them and I'm still not particularly fond of ANGERME as a group right now, but the fact they are trying their best to work on their post-mass-grad self is what edged them out over Tsubaki. 
  1. Juice=Juice
  3. Morning Musume'20
  5. Tsubaki Factory
Morning Musume'20
Oda will always dominate, but now that I have Rio I can safely say that if Sakura would leave, I have a replacement oshi waiting in the wings with Kaga as my #2. I couldn't say that post Kago and it took me years to really find someone I liked enough to give a solid #1 space too. But Rio has really grown on me. From Haga to Homare is the, I like you, but I don't really have a the perfect place to rank you. Ikuta and Morito will forever hold my bottom two spots. And honestly, I wouldn't be sad to see either one of them leave.
  1. Oda Sakura
  2. Kitagawa Rio
  3. Kaga Kaede
  4. Haga Akane
  5. Fukumura Mizuki
  6. Sato Masaki
  7. Yokoyama Reina
  8. Nonaka Miki
  9. Ishida Ayumi
  10. Yamazaki Mei
  11. Makino Maria
  12. Okamura Homare
  13. Ikuta Erina
  14. Morito Chisaki
I NEVER put new members who haven't proven themselves, THIS HIGH in a ranking but I am throwing every LAST BIT of ANGERME love I have into Wakana. And it's not much.
I hope 2021 and puberty treat her well. Now, with that said, I think Layla has really grown on me. She's become so reliable and getting so much better as an Idol. 
I really have nothing else to add other than, I find it funny that I placed the two Rin's together. It's too early to tell where Kawana will really rank, but I can tell she's got more presence than H.Rin and that's not very hard to do. I know she tries, but damn, H.Rin has been in the group for over a year. I expected more progress. I really hope next year with the newbies under her, will light a fire under H.Rin's ass because she needs to glow up or move on. 
  1. Matsumoto Wakana
  2. Ise Layla
  3. Takeuchi Akari
  4. Sasaki Rikako
  5. Kawamura Ayano
  6. Kamikokuryo Moe
  7. Tamenaga Shion
  8. Kasahara Momona
  9. Kawana Rin
  10. Hashisako Rin
My flawless queens, there is not wrong with any of them, except maybe Kudo, but it's hard to be perfect next to someone like Ruru, Sayuki or even Karin. With Karin gone by fight over who I loved more, Sayuki or Karin has left me less stressed. Also, I'm even not hating Inoue, and Inoue was always middle of the road/least favorite in Kobushi. She fits so well into the group that I keep forgetting she was in Kobushi this year! I look forward to seeing more of her. Her little beatbox interlude during Karin's grad concert is really what made me rank her above Kudo. 
  1. Danbara Ruru
  2. Takagi Sayuki
  3. Inaba Manaka
  4. Matsunaga Riai 
  5. Kanazawa Tomoko
  6. Uemura Akari
  7. Inoue Rei
  8. Kudo Yume
Tsubaki Factory
Yumeno is honestly one of the only members I really care about and that's sad considering the size of the group. I really liked Tsubaki in years past, but the past two years it's just, meh? They never really did anything to stand out for me other than being a foil to Kobushi. And with Kobushi one I guess I finally just see them as they are and they really come off as a group just going through the motions right now. 
  1. Kishimoto Yumeno
  2. Ono Mizuho
  3. Onoda Saori
  4. Tanimoto Ami
  5. Ogata Risa
  6. Asakura Kiki
  7. Niinuma Kisora
  8. Yamagishi Riko
  9. Akiyama Mao
This group got shafted this year royally. But they made the best of it, and did the best they could given the circumstances. I hope UF goes on a full out attack in 2021 with them. SO many talented girls in this group that I dread seeing anyone in my top 10 graduating and I'd be extremely upset if anyone in my top 5 left. I love Miyo, Honoka, Yuhane really shined this year. Momohime is amazing. Etc for other girls. I think the only ones I really would put into my, if they graduated tomorrow, I wouldn't care pile would be Reina and Utano. 
  1. Hirai Miyo
  2. Kobayashi Honoka
  3. Yamazaki Yuhane
  4. Kiyono Momohime
  5. Shimakura Rika
  6. Okamura Minami
  7. Nishida Shiori
  8. Eguchi Saya
  9. Takase Kurumi
  10. Maeda Kokoro
  11. Ichioka Reina
  12. Satoyoshi Utano

#4 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 13 December 2020 - 04:00 AM

I think this is the first time I've ever done this, so I'm gonna follow DonJuan's format (minus the color-coded names. Ain't nobody got time for that!) I used the sorter, then broke ties, then rearranged others after that.
Top and Bottom 10:
1 Sayuki Takagi
2 Akari Takeuchi
3 Ruru Danbara
4 Kiyono Momomohime
5 Masaki Sato
6 Yumeno Kishimoto
7 Miyo Hirai
8 Tomoko Kanazawa
9 Akari Uemura
10 Kawamura Ayano
45 Ikuta Erina
46 Saori Onoda
47 Satoyoshi Utano
48 Hashisako Rin
49 Mizuho Ono
50 Rin Kawana
51 Shion Tamenaga
52 Chisaki Morito
53 Risa Ogata
54 Haruka Oota
No surprise that my top 10 are all strong singers, with the surprise exception of Ayano, who surged to number 10 based on Anju's recent performances. I didn't include Funaki or Karin, both of whom would've been top-10 had I done so.
The bottom is a collection of those I either don't like, have grown tired of, or simply never really noticed, lol. I was much tougher on Risa than DJ.
Group Rankings
Morning Musume '20
Masaki Sato
Sakura Oda
Rio Kitagawa
Kaede Kaga
Mei Yamazaki
Akane Haga
Reina Yokoyama
Homare Okamura
Miki Nonaka
Mizuki Fukumura
Ayumi Ishida
Maria Makino
Ikuta Erina
Chisaki Morito
Maa is still the most interesting member of MM for me, and Oda's voice is undeniable. I'd really like the rest of the 9/10kis to hit the road, though, because they're boring me now. A top-trio of Maa-Kaga-Rio is a nice past-present-future to anchor the group, with Miki-Mei as seconds, and sprinkle in the rest to taste. I still have no idea what purpose Chisaki serves, though.
Akari Takeuchi
Kawamura Ayano
Rikako Sasaki
Kamikokuryo Moe
Layla Ise
Momona Kasahara
Wakana Matsumoto
Hashisako Rin
Rin Kawana
Shion Tamenaga
Takeuchi is the rare long-term idol who I hope sticks around for years longer. She's really good at everything -- to the point where I wonder if H!P fans underrate her -- and her group really needs her, IMO. I'm probably holding on to old biases with Rikako, but I've seen others plateau or slip a little only to bust out later, and I'm hoping that's what happens for her. I'm very high on Layla and Momona for the immediate future, and Wakana's ceiling seems limitless right now.
Juice = Juice
Sayuki Takagi
Ruru Danbara
Tomoko Kanazawa
Akari Uemura
Inaba Manaka
Rei Inoue
Riai Matsunaga
Yume Kudo
My favorite H!P group, as evidenced by half of the members placing in my overall Top-10, and had Karin not left, the group would have made up literally half of the Top-10. Kudo is their only weak-link, and she's not even that bad. Riai looks like she's gonna be a good one, based on how comfortable she looks already at 15. Ruru would be my favorite singer in any group other than J=J.
Tsubaki Factory
Yumeno Kishimoto
Kiki Asakura
Mao Akiyama
Kisora ​​Niinuma
Riko Yamagishi
Ami Tanimoto
Saori Onoda
Mizuho Ono
Risa Ogata
Take this one with a grain of salt, because make no mistake, this ranking is my Top-3 and then pull names from a hat. Risa would've placed 4th had she not hung her group-mates out to dry like she did. Kishimon has become a reliably good singer in a group of poor singers, and I wonder how good she might have become had she joined, say, Anju or J=J instead?
Kiyono Momomohime
Miyo Hirai
Maeda Kokoro
Honoka Kobayashi
Rika Shimakura
Saya Eguchi
Minami Okamura
Shiori Nishida
Yuhane Yamazaki
Reina Ichioka
Kurumi Takase
Satoyoshi Utano
Another group where I don't know enough about some members to rank them knowledgably, although not so much as Tsubaki. You don't really need to know everyone to see that this is a really strong group overall, though. Momohime is a really exciting singer who, if she can learn to control her voice, could become great -- and I don't mean "for an idol," either.

#5 AquaChan

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 14 December 2020 - 03:11 PM

Looks like I've been doing this for a very long time
Archives: 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2015 / 2014 / 2011

1. Yokoyama Reina (2019: #1 / 2018: #1 / 2017: #5)
2. Kamikokuryou Moe (2019: 2 / 2018: #2 / 2017: #1)
3. Dambara Ruru (2019: #3 / 2018: #7 / 2017: #12):
4. Takagi Sayuki (2019: #17 / 2018: #17 / 2017: #13 / 2015: #2)
5. Sasaki Rikako (2019: #4 / 2018: #2 / 2017: #2 / 2015: #7)
6. Takeuchi Akari (2019: #5 / 2018: #2 / 2017: #10 / 2015: #21 / 2014: #24)
7. Kishimoto Yumeno (2019: #9 / 2018: #5 / 2017: #3)
8. Ise Layla (2019: #8):
9. Haga Akane (2019: #5 / 2018: #5 / 2017: #6 / 2015: #41)
10. Kobayashi Honoka (2019: #40) Surprise appearance by Kobayashi. I guess with Funaki's graduation, the spot was up for grabs.


Full list:


#6 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 14 December 2020 - 06:45 PM

Ah! I forgot about 2011. I guess I need to update my chart.

#7 AquaChan

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 14 December 2020 - 09:36 PM

Ah! I forgot about 2011. I guess I need to update my chart.


At the same time, there's only 2 people from this time that are still in H!P lol

#8 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 15 December 2020 - 01:48 AM

Turns out I did this last year after all, but just within their groups.

#9 DonJuan


Posted 27 December 2020 - 08:55 PM

I've seen this trend of guessing the most popular members of each group for Japanese and international fandom on twitter and thought I'd give it a try - here, since I'm not active on twitter.

MM (jp): Masaki, Mizuki, Maria, Chisaki.
I don't really understand Chisaki but she constantly sells well. I've also seen a lot of people mentioning Ayumi, Kaede and Sakura and I think they're the next popular. Rio is catching up of course, but I feel that with the general higher loyality and looking down on oshihen-ing Japanese fandom needs a bit longer to actually put her into the top 3-4 - but hey, maybe she'll top Chisaki.

MM (intl): Masaki, Sakura, Rio, Miki.
International fandom usually catches up on newbies quicker than the Japanese one. Sakura is generally accepted as the best performer in the group, while J fandom seems to value looks more. And lastly, Miki, next in line for singing and she speaks English.

Anju (jp): Kamiko, Rikako, Takechan
Kamiko and Rikako are obviously general public faces and Takechan has been popular since her audition. I do think that a lot of recent grads have dealt a big blow to Anju, since Murotan and Funakki were popular as well.

Anju (intl): Basically... the same. Maybe Takechan before the other two. I also think Layla has been catching up.

Juice (jp): Tomoko, Akari, Manaka
But let's be honest, Karin would have topped all by miles. Until last year I would've put Akari in front of Tomoko but I guess her role as leader and her solo work has gotten Tomoko more attention.
I might be wrong with Manaka, but I think that once again Japanese fandom puts general idol-ness over singing, as why I did not include Sayuki or Ruru in the top ranking. I don't think they're unpopular, but Sayuki especially has always been low in Japanese rankings (despite beinh respected for her talent).

Juice (intl): Ruru, Sayuki, Tomoko
I mean how can you not love Ruru. Once again I think international fandom cares more about talent than (classic) idol looks and rank Sayuki highly. I don't know if 3rd would be Tomoko, or Akari, or maybe even Rei. Judging this from the Europe concerts.

Tsubaki (jp): Kiki, Mizuho, Saori
Kiki is the obvious one - traditionally cute, super white skin, decent performance level. Mizuho was probably the biggest surprise out of the newer members, as she was a bit rounder and darker than the other two, but she has been pushed recently. Saori has to be careful with her boy stories, but otherwise she's a good second Kiki. I do think that Riko and Mao are decently popular as well - Riko probably more so than internationally.

Tsubaki (intl): Yumeno, Mizuho, Kiki
Yumeno is a classic international fave that kind of doesn't do as well in her homeland. She's got darker skin and is louder than the other girls which often clashes with what Japanese wota want. Mizuho and Kiki are well respected. K also think that while Saori is more popular in Japan the international fandom likes Ami and Kisora more.

Beyooooonds (jp): Rika, Yuhane, Shiori
I feel this one is pretty obvious. They have the photobooks and are very idol-like. While I do think that they tried to make Yuhane the ace from the beginning they didn't expect the other two to do that well. Other than that I'm sure Kokoro is also popular, as well as Honoka and Saya - but not on the same level.

Beyooooonds (intl): Miyo, Momohime, Honoka
Weirdly enough this might be the group with the biggest differences in faves. Not saying that the Japanese top 3 aren't popular (though I do think that international fans do not care as much about Yuhane) but in general I feel that they care more about interesting characters than about idol looks.

#10 DonJuan


Posted 31 December 2020 - 12:11 AM

I've seen this trend of guessing the most popular members of each group for Japanese and international fandom on twitter and thought I'd give it a try - here, since I'm not active on twitter.

I know it's not common to post it on here but there's no rules about it either so here's the Japanese survey's result. Note that the Japanese survey also allowed votes for former members as well as Up Front members.

1. Satou Masaki
2. Kaga Kaede
3. Miyamoto Karin
4. Oda Sakura
5. Takeuchi Akari
6. Kanazawa Tomoko
7. Fukumura Mizuki
8. Funaki Musubu
9. Morito Chisaki
10. Ishida Ayumi
11. Kamikokuryo Moe
12. Ikuta Erina
13. Yamazaki Mei
14. Takagi Sayuki
15. Inaba Manaka
16. Dambara Ruru
16. Ogata Risa
18. Inoue Rei
19. Kitagawa Rio
20. Kawamura Ayano

(And without any former, KSS and UF members:)


(I did keep keep the members that just graduated this year, though.)

Interesting. I do think they only voted top 3 instead of top 10, and that might be why Maria is so low for example.
Here's the link btw: http://www.esrp2.jp/...ult/member.html