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Hello!News Network :: 2018 Anniversary Edition H!P News that isn't Release Related or Deserving of it's OWN thread. 579 replies to this topic Started by Shoujo Q , Jan 01 2018 10:13 PM · 

#541 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 24 May 2020 - 08:40 AM

Miki is so stiff and awkward in these videos.

#542 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 24 May 2020 - 10:47 AM

Miki is so stiff and awkward in these videos.

She doesn’t even smile and sounds like she doesn’t want to be there....

#543 DonJuan


Posted 24 May 2020 - 11:37 AM

Unfortunately, yes. Even Aika did a better job back in the day.

#544 DonJuan


Posted 11 June 2020 - 11:27 AM

Not really news anymore, but well... Harunan started an anime song cover channel. With the help of other (current) H!P members.

Name is Hello! Anison Club.



Iikubo Haruna (Leader)

Oda Sakura

Nonaka Miki

Kaga Kaede

Takeuchi Akari

Kamikokuryo Moe

Kasahara Momona

Inoue Rei

Kishimoto Yumeno

Ichioka Reina

Takase Kurumi

Nishida Shiori

Yonemura Kirara
Saito Madoka


(The last two are Kenshuusei.)


Episodes so far:

#0 We're Starting a Club to Sing Anison!

#1 Kaga Kaede - Snow Halation, Yonemura Kirara - Angelic Angel

#2 Oda Sakura - Yume no Tobira, Saito Madoka - Heart to Heart

#3 Inoue Rei - Bokura wa Ima no Naka de, Takase Kurumi - Takaramonos

#4 Kishimoto Yumeno - Wonderful Rush, Nishida Shiori - Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki

#5 Takeuchi Akari - Odoru Pompokolin (from Chibi Maruko-chan), Oda Sakura - Ren'ai Circulation (from Bakemonogatari)

#6 Kaga Kaede - RAGE OF DUST (from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans), Kamikokuryo Moe - Kokoro no Chizu (from One Piece)


I'm surprised that I actually know all of these songs. To be fair none of them are really recent.

#545 arcobaleno

  • 夏の楽園でさ迷っている

Posted 11 June 2020 - 02:03 PM

I absolutely love this idea.... that was the easiest "Subscribe" button I've ever pushed, lol.

#546 Zoe

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 11 June 2020 - 02:42 PM

I've only watched the first one so far, but I'm guessing those Kenshuusei are next in line to debut?

#547 Solarblade


Posted 11 June 2020 - 03:34 PM

I've only watched the first one so far, but I'm guessing those Kenshuusei are next in line to debut?

More than likely, those two are in that Kenshuusei Unit, so its probable at this point

#548 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 11 June 2020 - 06:11 PM

This whole year screwed up any possible new group forming. Which is a shame.

But omg I love the idea of an anime club where they sing. It’s like they went into my head and took out all the things I secretly want and even the part where Oda is in it.

#549 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 13 June 2020 - 05:19 AM

I absolutely love this idea.... that was the easiest "Subscribe" button I've ever pushed, lol.


Yeah, same. This is really cool.

#550 DonJuan


Posted 15 June 2020 - 02:57 PM

Up-Front is pushing it this year.


The H!P summer concerts take place, covid-measures considered (seats spaced out, lower capacity - with 1,000 people in the audience at max).

The performances will be all solos, all ballads, and all non-H!P songs.


Current dates are as following:


Date - Day - Venue
7/11 (Sat)  Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)
7/12 (Sun)  Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)
7/18 (Sat) ORIX Theater (Osaka)
7/19 (Sun) ORIX Theater (Osaka)
7/25 (Sat) Sendai Sun Plaza Hall (Miyagi)


They might be cancelled etc. if government decides on new rules.



- - -


I get solo performances (stage less crowded) and I get ballads - the audience is less likely to yell (measures against droplet infections) or jump etc. which would go against the contact rules.

But... no H!P songs? It's not like H!P doesn't have enough ballads or that they are overdone lol.


Up-Front is really trying a lot lately. Is this still the same company? lol


I'm not a fan of ballads, but we'll see.

#551 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 15 June 2020 - 03:05 PM

Eh I don’t even want to see this regardless of corona.

#552 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 15 June 2020 - 06:07 PM

Yeah, this sounds really boring?

#553 WonderBuono


Posted 15 June 2020 - 09:04 PM

Well that's strange but I respect their commitment? 

#554 Zange

  • つばきファクトリー

Posted 15 June 2020 - 09:17 PM

Ohhh non-H!P songs would be pretty interesting... Would love to see at least one girl do a Wakana song (she definitely has some ballads) but unfortunately I think she's too obscure to be considered for a pick. Either that or performance permissions (is that a thing?) might fall through.

#555 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 16 June 2020 - 02:12 AM

So basically "Folk Songs On Tour" then? 

#556 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 16 June 2020 - 08:46 AM

I’m here for a cover concert just out of pure dumb curiosity. You get more of a sense of a girl’s quality and style when they are doing something out of the box. I’m really intrigued by the prospect and I hope if it does happen, we get a release via Blu-ray of it in full.

#557 DonJuan


Posted 20 June 2020 - 08:56 PM

Ikuta Erina has launched her own clothing brand for golf clothes, called "ELEYVS". link


Guess she really was next in line for graduation, but it would be interesting to see her balance both the brand and idol work for a while (when the world goes back to normal).

#558 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 20 June 2020 - 09:47 PM

It's a cute, youthful line.

#559 WonderBuono


Posted 20 June 2020 - 10:05 PM

I honestly didn't even realize she was into golf, but that's awesome. 

Also I know I hate on her quite a bit but she really is beautiful.

This is a good move for her.

#560 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 20 June 2020 - 10:08 PM

Yeah, golf has been her thing for as along as she's been in the group. Does anyone know if she's ever revealed her handicap? I'm curious as to just how good she is.

#561 Al Kusanagi

Al Kusanagi
  • Iä! Iä! Sayumi Fhtagn!

Posted 20 June 2020 - 11:26 PM

She's played in a few celebrity events and on several shows. I haven't paid too much attention to her scores but she's not terrible, especially off the tee. She can hit the ball like a truck. She may have been able to go pro if she chose golf over MM when she was younger.

#562 Solarblade


Posted 21 June 2020 - 03:52 AM

Surprised it wasn't mentioned (it may have I haven't seen it though), but all H!P members (Sans Oota) will be performing solo tracks on a program called "Hello! Project presents... "Solo Festival!" on TV Asahi on 7/4


Although, the deadlines to vote have come and gone, there's a list of the fans on Twitter that voted (didn't take in the form requests on the channel's site, so these may be defunct or be entirely different once the show starts, but here's the top 3 choices for the all the members as of this list which you can find here!


Morning Musume - https://harowotaga.c...-morningmusume/

ANGERME - https://harowotaga.c...-tweet-angerme/

Juice=Juice - https://harowotaga.c...eet-juicejuice/

Tsubaki Factory - https://harowotaga.c...tsubakifactory/

BEYOOOOONDS - https://harowotaga.c...et-beyooooonds/


Mizuki Fukumura


1. Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni (Morning Musume)

2. (tie) I NEED YOU (Buono!), Good Boy Bad Girl (Country Girls), Shoushitsuten -Vanishing Point- (Buono!)


Erina Ikuta


1. Genshoku GAL Hade ni Yukube! (Maki Goto)

2. Itoshima Distane (Juice=Juice)

3. Love Inspiration (Morning Musume)


Ayumi Ishida


1. (tie) Toumorokoshi to Sora to Kaze (Natsumi Abe), Nippon no D.N.A! (BEYOOOOONDS)

2. (tie) DANCE de Bakoon! (C-ute), LIKE A GAME (Maki Goto), Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo (Juice=Juice), Kimi na Suki na Hito (Airi Suzuki, also questionable as it's not H!P)


Masaki Sato


1. Rock no Teigi (Reina Tanaka)

2. Konya Dake Ukaretakatta (Tsubaki Factory)

3. Suki Sugite Baka Mitai (DEF.DIVA)


Sakura Oda


1. "Hitori de Ikirare Sou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? (Juice=Juice)

2. (tie) Be Alive (Morning Musume), Fiesta! Fiesta! (Juice=Juice), Suki tte Itte yo (Juice=Juice)


Miki Nonaka


1. Romantic Ukare Mode (Miki Fujimoto)

2. Wonderful World (English Ver.) (Juice=Juice)

3. (tie) Boogie Train '03 (Miki Fujimoto), Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi (Miki Fujimoto), Akai Nikkichou (Akagumi 4)


Maria Makino


1. Boogie Woogie LOVE (Country Girls)

2. Koi Kana (Koharu Kusumi)

3. (tie) Balalaika (Koharu Kusumi), Boogie Train '03 (Miki Fujimoto), Lalala no Pipipi (Morning Musume)


Akane Haga


1. (tie) Moshimo... (Hello! Pro Mobekimasu), Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi (Miki Fujimoto), I Need You ~Yozora no Kanansha~ (Tsubaki Factory)


Kaede Kaga


1. Natsu DOKI Lipstick (C-ute)

2. (tie) Love take it all (C-ute), Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (Morning Musume), Daite yo! PLEASE GO ON (Maki Goto)


Reina Yokoyama


1. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito (Morning Musume)

2. Egao no Kimi wo Taiyou sa (Morning Musume)

3. (tie) My Days for You (Erina Mano), Pyocopyoco Ultra (Morning Musume), Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu), Itooshikutte Gomen ne (Country Girls)


Chisaki Morito


1. Toei Oedo-sen no Roppongi Eki de Dakishimete (CHICA#TETSU)

2. Uraha=Lover (ANGERME)

3. (tie) Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu), Watarasebashi (Aya Matsuura)


Rio Kitagawa


1. VERY BEAUTY (Berryz Kobo)

2. LOVE Namida Iro (Aya Matsuura)

3. Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki. (S/mileage)


Mei Yamazaki


1. Suki-chan (S/mileage)

2. (tie) aMa no Jaku (S/mileage), Itooshikutte Gomen ne (Country Girls)

3. (tie) Please Miniskirt Postwoman! (S/mileage), Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! (Morning Musume)


Homare Okamura


1. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito (Morning Musume)

2. Koi wo Shichaimashita! (Tanpopo)

3. Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei!~ (Berryz Kobo)




Akari Takeuchi


1. Gatamekira (Taiyou to Ciscomoon)

2. Come with me (Kobushi Factory)

3. Natsu DOKI Lipstick (C-ute)


Rikako Sasaki


1. (tie) Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai (Morning Musume), Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun (Morning Musume)

2. Kimagure Princess (Morning Musume)


Moe Kamikokuryo


1. LOVE Namida Iro (Aya Matsuura)

2. Fuwari, Koi Dokei (Tsubaki Factory

3. (tie) Haru Urara (Kobushi Factory), Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni (Morning Musume), Kindan Shoujo (Juice=Juice)


Momona Kasahara


1. Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni (Morning Musume)

2. (tie) Nanchatte Renai (Morning Musume), Natsu DOKI Lipstick (C-ute)

3. (tie) GIRL ZONE (Ame no Mori Kawa Umi), Kimi no Tomodachi (Berryz Kobo), Momoiro Kataomoi (Aya Matsuura)


Musubu Funaki


1. I NEED YOU (Buono!)

2. Independent Girl ~Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni (Buono!)

3. Osaka Koi no Uta (Morning Musume)


Ayano Kawamura


1. Ai Ai Gasa (Juice=Juice)

2. Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai (S/mileage)

3. (tie) Ne~e? (Aya Matsuura), Fuwari, Koi Dokei (Tsubaki Factory)


Haruka Oota


1. Gashinshoutan (ANGERME)

2. (tie) Real Little Girl (Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido), Koi wa Accha Accha (ANGERME)


Layla Ise


1. Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu)

2. KoiING (Morning Musume)


Rin Hashisako


1. (tie) Massara Blue Jeans (C-ute), Suki na Senpai (Morning Musume), Semi (Berryz Kobo)





Tomoko Kanazawa


1. 25sai Eien Setsu (Juice=Juice)

2. Shoushitsuten -Vanishing Point- (Buono!)

3. (tie) My Days for You (Erina Mano), Onna, Kanashii, Otona (Sexy Otonajan)


Sayuki Takagi


1. dearest. (Aya Matsuura)

2. Gatamekira (Taiyou to Ciscomoon)

3. Uchuu de La Ta Ta (Taiyou to Ciscomoon)


Karin Miyamoto


1. Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni (Morning Musume)

2. VERY BEAUTY (Berryz Kobo)

3. Dakishimerarete Mitai (Tsubaki Factory)


Akari Uemura


1. Kimagure Princess (Morning Musume)

2. Scramble (Maki Goto)


Ruru Dambara


1. dearest. (Aya Matsuura)

2. Give me Ai (Morning Musume)

3. (tie) Memory Seishun no Hikari (Morning Musume), Suki Kamo Shirenai (Kobushi Factory), Ashita Tenki ni Naare (Kobushi Factory)


Manaka Inaba


1. Konamaiki Girl (Country Girls)

2. (tie) Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu), Toei Oedo-sen no Roppongi Eki de Dakishimete (CHICA#TETSU), Koi wa Magnet (Country Girls)


Yume Kudo


1. Koi wa Hipparidako (Berryz Kobo)

2. (tie) Help me!! (Morning Musume), Sabori (Berryz Kobo)

3. (tie) Otona no Jijou (Juice=Juice), Konya Dake Ukaretakatta (Tsubaki Factory), Tsuugaku Vector (C-ute)


Riai Matsunaga


1. Osaka Koi no Uta (Morning Musume)

2. Daite yo! PLEASE GO ON (Maki Goto)

3. Ai no Bakayarou (Maki Goto)


Rei Inoue


1. Kobushi no Hana (Kobushi Factory

2. (tie) VERY BEAUTY (Berryz Kobo), Suki Kamo Shirenai (Kobushi Factory), Bishoujo Shinri (C-ute)





Riko Yamagishi


1. Hirakinaocchae! (Kobushi Factory)

2. (tie) Pyocopyoco Ultra (Morning Musume), Tsugi no Kado wo Magare (C-ute), Urayanjau (C-ute), Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago (Morning Musume)


Risa Ogata


1. (tie) Silver no Udedokei (Morning Musume), Shouganai Yume Oibito (Morning Musume)

2. (tie) Watashi no Kokoro (S/mileage), Koe (Morning Musume), Wasurete Ageru (ANGERME)


Kisora Niinuma


1. Toei Oedo-sen no Roppongi Eki de Dakishimete (CHICA#TETSU)

2. too many tied xD


Ami Tanimoto


1. (tie) Tachiagirl (S/mileage), EVERYDAY YEAH! Kataomoi (C-ute), KoiING (Morning Musume)


Yumeno Kishimoto


1. (tie) Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight! (C-ute), Osaka Koi no Uta (Morning Musume)

2. (tie) Fiesta! Fiesta! (Juice=Juice), Solatido ~Nee Nee~ (Buono!), Uchuu de La Ta Ta (Taiyou to Ciscomoon), Hikkosenai Kimochi (Aya Matsuura)


Kiki Asakura


1. MY BOY (Buono!)

2. Urahara (Buono!)


Mizuho Ono


1. (tie) Bitansan (Juice=Juice), AS FOR ONE DAY (Morning Musume)

2. (too many tied up)


Saori Onoda


1. Momoiro Kataomoi (Aya Matsuura)

2. (tie) GOOD BYE Natsuo (Aya Matsuura), Kimi no Senpou (C-ute), Tsuugaku Vector (C-ute)


Mao Akiyama


1. Osaka Koi no Uta (Morning Musume)

(too many tied at #2)





Reina Ichioka


1. Tsuugaku Ressha (Morning Musume)

2. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (C-ute)

3. Koi no Shihatsu Ressha (Morning Musume)


Rika Shimakura


1. Rikaishite! > Onna no Ko (Morning Musume)

2. (tie) Elegent Girl (Risako Sugaya), Romantic Ukare Mode (Miki Fujimoto), Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi (Miki Fujimoto), Kokuhaku Funsui no Hiroba (Berryz Kobo)


Shiori Nishida


1. Itooshikutte Gomen ne (Country Girls)

2. Konamaiki Girl (Country Girls)

3. (tie) Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu), Kindan Shoujo (Juice=Juice), Hatsukoi Cider (Buono!), Yuugure Koi no Jikan (S/mileage)


Saya Eguchi


1. Yattaruchan (S/mileage)

2. (tie) Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!! (S/mileage), Sabori (Berryz Kobo), Shining Power (Berryz Kobo), Otome Pasta ni Kandou (Tanpopo), Jitensha Chiririn (S/mileage)


Kurumi Takase


1. Shabondama (Morning Musume)

2. Keseyashinai Kimochi (Kobushi Factory)

3. (tie) Fantasy ga Hajimaru (Morning Musume), Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu), Kimagure Princess (Morning Musume), Kimi no Tomodachi (Berryz Kobo)


Kokoro Maeda


1. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (Morning Musume)

2. Silver no Udedokei (Morning Musume)

3. (tie) Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu), Seishun Bus Guide (Berryz Kobo)


Yuhane Yamazaki


1. GOOD BYE Natsuo (Aya Matsuura)

2. LOVE Namida Iro (Aya Matsuura)

3. (tie) dearest. (Aya Matsuura), Oshare! (Aya Matsuura), Hatsukoi Cider (Buono!)


Minami Okamura


1. Dokki Doki! LOVE Mail (Aya Matsuura)

2. Tropica~l Koishite~ru (Aya Matsuura)

3. Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki. (S/mileage)


Momohime Kiyono


1. (tie) Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin (Kobushi Factory), Va-Va-Voom (Juice=Juice), Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai (Berryz Kobo), Momoiro Kataomoi (Aya Matsuura), GET UP! Rapper (SALT5)


Miyo Hirai


1. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (Morning Musume)

2. Aki Urara (Morning Musume)

3. Uchuu de La Ta Ta (Taiyou to Ciscomoon)


Honoka Kobayashi


1. Manopiano (Erina Mano)

2. Otome no Inori (Erina Mano)

3. (tie) Hajimete no Keiken (Erina Mano), Fuwari, Koi Dokei (Tsubaki Factory)


Utano Satoyoshi


1. Lalala no Pipipi (Morning Musume)

2. Kimi no Senpou (C-ute)

3. (tie) Maji Good Chance Summer (Berryz Kobo), Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu), Koi Kana (Koharu Kusumi)

#563 DonJuan


Posted 21 June 2020 - 01:40 PM

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that.

It's interesting, especially since it's finally about every girl - and it's on TV. H!P hasn't had such a big show in some time.


By the way, it's going to be 5 hours long :lol:


#564 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 21 June 2020 - 02:38 PM

Wow, props to whichever fan ends up uploading the good parts so no one actually has to watch all five hours lol.

#565 DonJuan


Posted 21 June 2020 - 03:07 PM

53 52 members (without Oota), the songs being maybe 4 minutes on average... 208 minutes, 3,5 hours. Give it maybe 4 hours of actual performances. The rest is probably CMs and a small intro.

If they perform only short versions - which they should, honestly... - then there'll probably be a bigger talking part. I really hope someone cuts that.


(52 members x songs being 2 minutes long = a bit less than two hours of performances. Still a lot, but maybe someone could devide it into groups etc.)

#566 WonderBuono


Posted 21 June 2020 - 11:16 PM

Commercials are also a thing lol, I'd argue an hour of that is commercial time (if it's similar to American TV).

#567 Solarblade


Posted 24 June 2020 - 02:22 PM

So the songs were chosen for the Summer Tour, yknow the non-H!P ballad tour XD


*songs may be changed


Ai Uta / GReeeeN

Aitai / Sawada Chikako

Aitakute Aitakute / Nishino Kana

I LOVE YOU / Ozaki Yutaka

Akai Fuusen / Asada Miyoko

Aishite e no Tegani / Teshimo Aoi

Asu e no Tobira / I WISH feat. Kawashima Ai

Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~ / Matsuda Seiko

Anata ni Aete Yokatta / Koizumi Kyoko

Arigatou / ikimono-gakari

Ito / Nakajima Miyuki

Uchiage Hanabi / DAOKO

Umi no Koe / Taro Urashima

Eki / Takeuchi Mariya


Osaka de Umareta Onna / BORO

Omoide ga Ippai / H2O

Olivia wo Kikinagara / ANRI

Kaede / Spitz

Kabutomushi / aiko

Kimi wo Wasurenai yo / Ohara Sakurako

Kousui / Eito

Sayonara / OFF COURSE

Sayonara Daisuki na Hito / Hana Hana

366 Nichi / HY

Jupiter / Hirahara Ayaka

Slow Notion / Nakamori Akina

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu / Yakushimaru Hiroko

Dreams come true / Every Little Thing

Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ / Angela Aki

TOMORROW / Okamoto Maya

Nagoriyuki / Iruka

Hanamizuki / Hitoto Yo

Haru na no ni / Kashiwabara Yoshie

Hello, Again ~Mukashi Kara Aru Basho~ / MY LITTLE LOVER

Hikoukigumo / Arai Yumi

Himawari no Yakusoku / Hata Motohiro

First Love / Utada Hikaru

PRIDE / Imai Miki

Planetarium / Otsuka Ai

Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wo Suru / Hirai Ken

Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi wo / Sakamoto Kyu

Mikazuki / ayaka

Mirai e / Kiroro

Moshimo Piano ga Hiketanara / Nishida Toshiyuki

Mononoke-hime / Yoshikazu Mera

Yasashii Kiss wo Shite / DREAMS COME TRUE

Yuki no Hana / Nakashima Mika

Yume wo Akiramenaide / Okamura Takako

Lemon / Yonezu Kenshi

Wine Red no Kokoro / Anzen Chitai

Watashi wa Piano / Southern All Stars

#568 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 24 June 2020 - 06:01 PM

Oh wow I’m surprised to see they got a lot of non UFA affiliated popular artists. I’m def interested in hearing a couple of these selections.

#569 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 25 June 2020 - 04:27 AM

I'm very interested in who's getting these songs:


Kabutomushi / aiko
First Love / Utada Hikaru
Planetarium / Otsuka Ai
Especially "Kabutomushi," which is one of the very first JPop songs that hooked me back in the day.

#570 DonJuan


Posted 30 June 2020 - 07:56 PM

Some preview about Solo Fes (the one they air on TV, with H!P songs).


Looking at the pictures it's going to be great. Honoka is playing the piano of course, and Rio is playing the flute.