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Hello!Project Members Ranking ~End of 2018 edition~ 5 replies to this topic Started by Meikochi , Dec 07 2018 07:00 PM · 

#1 Meikochi


Posted 07 December 2018 - 07:00 PM

The sorter has just been updated ! (It is the last time we will see RihoRiho in it though.)


You can compare with your previous rankings in January '18, '16, end of '15, '15, '14, '13 and '12  ! (We forgot to do it in 2017.)


My raking is actually pretty clear at the top and bottom but I struggle for the middle, so I'll edit it later. Props to Ayacho for jumping so much in my rankings, too bad I only came to appreciate her this much right before she graduates. I'll finish my editing and comments later. And I chose to not even write all Beyoooods members and Angerme last generation because they would be all last. Edit : My "like" part became quite bigger, and I overall like more Kobushi and Juice=Juice members. Angerme also but less (still gained in overall liking thanks of their live in France among other things). Erina managed to quit the very bottom of the ranking, because she is at least the more "interesting" of my bottom members when she speaks, and I have been disappointed with the vocals of some members (Saorin for example). I also don't have a "don't care" category this year (though I have to admit my "care about them" category is a bit "Members I almost came to pity" category), and I almost feel sorry I really like most Tsubaki songs but not at all their vocals, their stage presence nor their characters so well, that's my bottom.


Rankings in brackets are in '18 - '16 - '15 - '14 order.




Love ♥

1位 Fukumura Mizuki (#3- #4 - #3 - #3)
2位 Oda Sakura (#2 - #2 - #3 - #1)
3位 Satô Masaki (#4 - #17 - #24 - #34)
4位 Sayashi Riho (#7 - #8 - #1)
5位 Hirose Ayaka (#5 - #7)
6位 Wada Ayaka (#31 - #24 - #24 - #20)

7位 Danbara Ruru (#7)



Really like


8位 Takeuchi Akari (#6 - #4 - #10 - #24)
9位 Murota Mizuki (#11 - #7 - #19)
10位 Yokoyama Reina (#10)
11位 Makino Maria (#28 - #10 - #36)
12位 Inaba Manaka (#16 - #10 - #36)
13位 Inoue Rei (#22 - #24)




14位 Nonaka Miki (#8 - #27 - #36)
15位 Yanagawa Nanami (#27)
16位 Yamaki Risa (#9 - #36 - #39)
17位 Miyamoto Karin (#12 - #27 - #18 - #7)
18位 Takagi Sayuki (#14 - #27 - #33 - #33)
19位 Nomura Minami (#18 - #27)
20位 Wada Sakurako (#34 - #44)

21位 Hamaura Ayano (#17 - #23)

22位 Kanazawa Tomoko (#20 - #36 - #19 - #14)

23位 Uemura Akari (#21 - #39 - #31 - #28)

24位 Miyazaki Yuka (#23 - #34 - #33 - #30)

25位 Funaki Musubu (#26)

26位 Ishida Ayumi (#29 - #17 - #8 - #3)

27位 Kamikokuryô Moe (#19)

28位 Sasaki Rikako (#15 - #13 - #19)

29位 Morito Chisaki (#30 - #36 - #33)

30位 Nakanishi Kana (#35 - #26 - #24 - #28)
31位 Akiyama Mao (#32)
32位 Kasahara Momona (#36)



Care about them

33位 Iikubo Haruna (#33 - #42 - #24 - #25)

34位 Kawamura Ayano (#40)
35位 Ozeki Mai (#39 - #17 - #36)
36位 Ikuta Erina (#50 - #39 - #31 - #18)
37位 Haga Akane (#43 - #17 - #36)
38位 Ono Mizuho (#45)
39位 Kishimoto Yumeno (#38 - #47)
40位 Onoda Saori (#25)
41位 Tanimoto Ami (#24 - #44)

42位 Katsuta Rina (#41 - #27 - #30 - #36)
43位 Kaga Kaede (#44)




44位 Asakura Kiki (#46 - #49)
45位 Ogata Risa (#48 - #49)
46位 Niinuma Kisora (#47 - #49)
47位 Yamagishi Riko (#49 - #47)

#2 DonJuan


Posted 07 December 2018 - 09:23 PM

I'm gonna be that person and give my ranking divided in groups :lol: Also, say hello again to my old colouring system:

Like a lotlike - okay don't care - go away

Also, previous years: 2018 (January), 2016
Morning Musume.'18:
1. Iikubo Haruna (-)
2. Haga Akane (-)
3. Yokoyama Reina (-)
4. Makino Maria (5)
5. Ishida Ayumi (8)
6. Oda Sakura (7)
7. Kaga Kaede (9)
8. Ikuta Erina (11)
9. Nonaka Miki (10)
10. Morito Chisaki (12)
11. Sato Masaki (14)
12. Fukumura Mizuki (13)
No surprises here. Ayumi and Sakura basically change places as do Kaede, Ikuta and Miki as well as Mizuki and Masaki. I've got to be honest my interest in MM is pretty low right now. Of course I get excited about any kind of news but when it comes to singles I know exactly what kind of song or style or distribution will happen so I just... don't care. I think I wouldn't care about any of the bottom 6 graduating, except for thinking it was a waste for Kaede. Chisaki adds absolutely nothing to the group and my frustration about this and her popularity despite this grows with every day. 



1. Nakanishi Kana (3)

2. Kamikokuryo Moe (-)

3. Takeuchi Akari (4)

4. Wada Ayaka (5)

5. Kasahara Momona (9)

6. Sasaki Rikako (8)

7. Murota Mizuki (6)

8. Funaki Musubu (7)

9. Kawamura Ayano (10)

10. Katsuta Rina (11)

11. Oota Haruka (new)

12. Ise Reira (new)


The really sad part here is how much Funakki dropped. Man, ANGERME definitely doesn't get the best out of her. Sad. Also, 7th generation was the most useless addition in some time. And wow what, I'm starting to like Rina? What?


1. Kanazawa Tomoko (-)

2. Miyazaki Yuka (-)

3. Uemura Akari (4)

4. Dambara Ruru (6)

5. Takagi Sayuki (5)

6. Yanagawa Nanami (3)

7. Miyamoto Karin (-)

8. Inaba Manaka (new)


Manaka was another useless addition, but I guess it kind of makes sense since she's around the age of J=J's first gen and... eh... she's too popular to let go like that. Not feeling her in J=J yet. Nanami, well, she dropped. I don't know, she kind of lost her charm to me. Tomoko, Yuka and Aari will probably stay up there forever.


Kobushi Factory:

1. Hirose Ayaka (-)

2. Nomura Minami (-)

3. Inoue Rei (6)

4. Wada Sakurako (-)

5. Hamaura Ayano (3)


Rei definitely grew on me this year while Hamachan's stern look was pretty boring. Otherwise not much can be said about the group, it's not like they had that much going on for themselves. 

Tsubaki Factory:

1. Kishimoto Yumeno (-)

2. Ogata Risa (-)

3. Ono Mizuho (4)

4. Akiyama Mao (5)

5. Asakura Kiki (3)

6. Onoda Saori (7)

7. Tanimoto Ami (6)

8. Niinuma Kisora (9)

9. Yamagishi Riko (8)


I think Saori is slowly growing into her "good performer" status, while Kiki's star is sinking - she's still good but she doesn't add that much to the table. This ranking once again shows that Tsubaki without their 2nd gen would still be in big trouble. Kisora is still invisible (wtf girl? After how many years now?) and Riko is still a mistake. 


Country Girls:

1. Ozeki Mai (-)

2. Funaki Musubu (-)

3. Yamaki Risa (4)

4. Yanagawa Nanami (3)

5. Morito Chisaki (-)


Well, You can't do much in a group that doesn't do anything. I hope Ozeko will get more active at one point, it would be a waste otherwise. Also welcome back Risa, nice to see her performing again. 

Generally I have to say that my interest in Country Girls is non-existant at the moment and I think it would be best for them to just disband. This also makes me angry because I feel that's exactly what management wants: Make everybody forget about them. What a shame.


I'm not even sure if I want to rank that mess that is Beyooooooooooooooooonds.

Eh, gotta do the do.



1. Shimakura Rika

2. Ichioka Reina

3. Eguchi Saya

4. Nishida Shiori


Rika seems pretty cool, Reina grew on me. Don't know about the other two yet.


Ame no Mori Kawa Umi:

1. Takase Kurumi

2. Okamura Minami

3. Maeda Kokoro

4. Yamazaki Yuhane

5. Kiyono Momohime


Takase is fierce in her leading, I like that. Miimi is cute. Kokoro has been one of my favourite KSS ever since she joined. Yuhane seems to be able to sing. I always thought Momohime was weird. 


The others:

1. Satoyoshi Utano

2. Hirai Miyo

3. Kobayashi Honoka


I honestly don't know but Utano was kind of the most memorable.


Overall H!P ranking (not complete, just top and bottom:

1. Iikubo Haruna

2. Kanazawa Tomoko

3. Miyazaki Yuka

4. Haga Akane

5. Nakanishi Kana

6. Kamikokuryo Moe

7. Uemura Akari

8. Takeuchi Akari

9. Wada Ayaka

10. Dambara Ruru


57. Morito Chisaki

58. Sato Masaki

59. Fukumura Mizuki

60. Niinuma Kisora

61. Yamagishi Riko

#3 WonderBuono

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 09 December 2018 - 12:21 AM

I'm just gonna list my favorite in each group:


Morning Musume: Iikubo Haruna

This girl has been among my favorites since the day 10th gen was announced. I wish I had a less shallow reason for liking her other than "she's pretty" but honestly that's it, her beauty is captivating! I'll be sad to see her go, but I'm glad she's continuing in entertainment.


Angerme: Kamikokuryo Moe

What can I say? This girl won me over. She's cute and an engaging performer. I feel kinda bad knocking Ayacho off my number 1 spot right before she graduates, but I guess that makes the breakup easier.


Juice=Juice: Dambara Ruru

Have I ever mentioned how happy I am that she debuted? This girl is on fire when she's got the mic! I'm excited to see her grow.


Country Girls: Yamaki Risa

Yamaki also has that "look" that I am drawn to, but she's also really entertaining and artistic and hard-working and I love her for that. I'm super happy that she debuted in a new group that reflects her current values and I hope they do more!


Kobushi Factory: Hamaura Ayano

Idk man I like all of them but don't love any of them so I usually just pick Ayano because she was the first one who stood out to me and I don't want to change it.


Tsubaki Factory: Tanimoto Ami

I wouldn't pick any of the Tsubaki members based on talent, so it just comes down to who I think is cutest.



Not calling it yet but the most interesting to me prior to their debut is Kiyono Momohime.


Honorary mention: Yanagawa Nanami

​She is my number 2 in both J=J and CG and has also been a stand-out since her debut, so it would be a shame not to mention her before she graduates.


#4 yuzu


Posted 10 December 2018 - 08:15 PM

OK as usual I'll go through and deal with the romanization later but


OK Here we go

Members I love

1 Oda Sakura 180p (1, 1

2 Nakanishi Kana 177p (2, 2

3 Takagi Sayuki 174p (3, 3

4 Kanazawa Tomoko 171p (5, 5

5 Murota Mizuki 168p (4, 6

6 Yokoyama Reina 165p (7. NA, NA, NA)

7 Sasaki Rikako 162p (8, 9,

8 Hirose Ayaka 159p (11, 14, 

9 Ikuta Erina 156p (9, 11,

10 Kakmikokuryou Moe 153p (6, 10,

11 Kaga Kaede 150p (10, NA, NA, NA)

12 Wada Ayaka 147p (12, 19,

13 Uemura Akari 144p (23, 16,

14 Ishida Ayumi 141p (17, 18,

15 Hamaura Ayano 138p (13, 12,

16 Makino Maria 135p (35, 28,

17 Inaba Manaka 132p (16, NA,


Members I like well enough

18 Inoue Rei 129p (26, 4,

19 Funaki Musubu 126p (21, 32,

20 Iikubou Haruna 123p (24, 20, 

21 Yanagawa Nanami 120p (27, 33, 

22 Nonaka Miki 117p (18, 26, 

23 Kawamura Ayano 114p (31, NA, NA, NA)

24 Yamaki Risa 111p (29, 38,

25 Nomura Minami 108p (22, 29,

26 Fukumura Mizuki 105p (19, 17,

27 Danbara Ruru 102p (25, NA, NA, NA)

28 Miyamoto Karin 99p (20, 23,

29 Haga Akane 96p (32, 35,

30 Ozeki Mai 93p (30, 34,

31 Wada Sakurako 90p (28, 37,

32 Kasahara Momona 87p (34, NA, NA,NA)

33 Takeuchu Akari 84p (33, 

34 Sayashi Riho 81p (36


Used to hate but not anymore and at least I know who they are

35 Miyazaki Yuka 78p (37

36 Katsuta Rina 75p (48


Don't know or don't care

37 Asakura Kiki 72p (39

38 Tanimoto Ami 69p (47

39 Kishimoto Yumeno 66p (38

40 Ogata Risa 63p (43

41 Ise Reira 60p NA

42 Niinuma Kisora 57p (45

43 Ono Mizuho 54p (41

44 Onoda Saori 51p (40

45 Yamagishi Riko 48p (42

46 Ichioka Reina 45p NA

47 Kobayashi Honoka 42p NA

48 Oota Haruka 39p NA

49 Okamura Minami 36p NA

50 Shimakura Rika 33p NA

51 Nishida Shiori 30p NA

52 Eguchi Saya 27p NA

53 Hirai Miyo 24p NA

54 Kiyono Momohime 21p NA

55 Takase Kurumi 18p NA

56 Satoyoshi Utano 15p NA

57 Maeda Kokoro 12p NA

58 Akiyama Mao 9p (46

59 Yamazaki Yuhane 6p NA



60 Morito Chisaki 3p (44

61 Satou Masaki 0p (50


/edit guys I am slowly but surely adding my past rankings even though NONE OF YOU CARE.  It's interesting to me to see how consistent I have been on the top and bottom wand the middles are mostly like WHOA but then there are a few that got almost the same number every year hahaha

#5 AquaChan

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 14 December 2018 - 12:04 AM

Here I go again!
2017 / 2015 / 2014 / 2011

1. Yokoyama Reina (2017: #5)
2. Takeuchi Akari (2017: #10/2015: #21/2014: #24)
2. Sasaki Rikako (2017: #2/2015: #7)
2. Kamikokuryou Moe (2017: #1)
5. Haga Akane (2017: #6/2015: #41)
5. Kishimoto Yumeno (2017: #3)
7. Funaki Musubu (2017: #4/2015:)
7. Dambara Ruru (2017: #12)
9. Ono Mizuho (2017: #11)
10. Uemura Akari (2017: #8/2015: #6/2014: #6)

Biggest drop/up:
- Takeuchi Akari (#10 to #2): Wow, I always liked Take-chan, I'm suprised how high she ended up.

- Ishida Ayumi: #13 to #21: Now tied with Eripon, I guess I'm a bit over the Daishi feeling.

- Asakura Kiki: #7 to #19: Without any major singing improvements, she got overshadowed by Tsubaki 2nd gen (I'm my opinion).

Full ranking:


#6 Solarblade


Posted 19 December 2018 - 06:47 AM

I should do this too!  I really like DonJuan's coloring so I'm going to use the same!, but I like the explanations too so I'm going to focus there!  


Morning Musume '18


  1. Sakura Oda
  2. Mizuki Fukumura
  3. Kaede Kaga
  4. Masaki Sato
  5. Miki Nonaka
  6. Chisaki Morito
  7. Erina Ikuta
  8. Maria Makino
  9. Haruna Iikubo
  10. Ayumi Ishida
  11. Akane Haga
  12. Reina Yokoyama
  13. Haruna Ogata

Morning Musume this year was just a bit of a neutral to boring situation this year, I feel like no one this year truly stood out.  I will say I did notice Maachan a LOT this year through the PVs (did she somehow learn to own the camera?).  Honestly though from Miki down, all of them just did nothing for me this year.  Also, as much as I dislike saying things like this, I'm kind of glad Haachin is gone...like she was literal back girl for me...Reina also is starting to kind of get worse for me too...but yeah...Just nothing a lot from Momusu.




  1. Akari Takeuchi
  2. Mizuki Murota
  3. Musubu Funaki
  4. Moe Kamikokuryo
  5. Rikako Sasaki
  6. Rina Katsuta
  7. Ayaka Wada
  8. Kana Nakanishi
  9. Momona Kasahara
  10. Ayano Kawamura
  11. Haruka Oota
  12. Reira Ise

I feel like with ANGERME, it's been a solid year for them...I didn't tackle Haruka & Reira as they haven't done anything with the group just yet, so I'm holding off right now.  I feel like the top 6 were on point this year and while it might not have been a fulfilled year I at least noticed them.  Ayacho is as high as she gets for me before graduation, but at least I've warmed up to her enough to like her tenure and I'm sad that Kanana is getting less and less focus with each release.  Though I think the weakest links right now is Kassa & Kawamuu...their vocals just are not my cup of tea so I hope there's more training especially for Momona!



  1. Tomoko Kanazawa
  2. Ruru Dambara
  3. Sayuki Takagi
  4. Akari Uemura
  5. Nanami Yanagawa
  6. Karin Miyamoto
  7. Manaka Inaba
  8. Yuka Miyazaki

You know, I don't think Juice=Juice had any real flaws this year, I definitely noticed everyone in someway.  Of course I've always been impressed by Kanatomo and Sayubee, but I definitely think Ruru is really fitting in the group!  Sad to see Yanamin leaving as I felt she too was working her way up, but oh well.  Manakan is prolly going to go higher on next year's list considering she only sang in 3 songs for the group so we'll see how that goes!


Country Girls

  1. Musubu Funaki
  2. Nanami Yanagawa
  3. Chisaki Morito
  4. Risa Yamaki
  5. Mai Ozeki

This could easily be just from noticing all they did outside of Country Girls, but I definitely was happy to see they had a digital single as a release...though everyone did a good job, so yeah...


Kobushi Factory

  1. Ayaka Hirose
  2. Rei Inoue
  3. Minami Nomura
  4. Ayano Hamaura
  5. Sakurako Wada

I was curious to see how well they would gel after that triple loss from last year, it seems they haven't lost their spark yet, even if their songs became kind of samey lyrically.  This definitely has not changed much since their debut, but I feel like Minamina, Hamachan, and Wadasaku are gaining more tempo for me as their vocals are better than ever!  Can't wait to see them grow!


Tsubaki Factory

  1. Yumeno Kishimoto
  2. Mizuho Ono
  3. Risa Ogata
  4. Kiki Asakura
  5. Mao Akiyama
  6. Kisora Niinuma
  7. Saori Onoda
  8. Ami Tanimoto
  9. Riko Yamagishi

Besides Momusu, I feel like Tsubaki has the divisive set of girls yet.  I feel like Kishimon to Maopin are fine and are doing well within the group, I'm not quite sure if I like the rest.  Kiichan is here nor there but she doesn't bother me so I felt like she's the middle.  Saorin I could do without the shouty vocals she does a lot and well Tanichan is just vocally off and Rikoriko (despite being leader) doesn't give me good vibes...I don't know why I'm not a fan of hers anymore, but she's kind of invisible (like Kisora).



  1. Momohime Kiyono
  2. Yuhane Yamazaki
  3. Kokoro Maeda
  4. Kurumi Takase
  5. Rika Shimakura
  6. Shiori Nishida
  7. Reina Ichioka
  8. Saya Eguchi
  9. Minami Okamura
  10. Miho Hirai
  11. Honoka Kobayashi
  12. Utano Satoyoshi

So I'm basing this off of the Summer tour performances which to be honest were great, a lot of strong vocalists and energy coming from these girls (minus the last 3 because they haven't done anything yet, so can't place them yet).  I mean look at them currently, I do feel like Saya and Minami both are kind of green still, so training will continue, Reina has an odd lisp that can sound awkward sometimes and Shiroi is a bit of a shouter...but other than that loving the new girls!


Kenshuusei / Hokkaido

  1. Riai Matsunaga
  2. Kanami Ishiguri
  3. Minori Kawano
  4. Rin Hachisako
  5. Kirara Yonemura
  6. Yume Kudo
  7. Hikari Sato
  8. Ruru Kanemitsu
  9. Mei Yamazaki
  10. Sakiko Kodama
  11. Shion Tamenaga
  12. Natsume Nakayama
  13. Anna Shutto
  14. Nanami Kubota
  15. Ichigo Yamada
  16. Kotomi Ono
  17. Yuriya Matsubara
  18. Karin Onoda
  19. Mei Kusunoki
  20. Madoka Saito

Honestly the Kenshuusei at the beginning of the year were awesome, but like after everyone kind of either left the program or graduated out of it...we were essentially given scraps and it doesn't help that I feel like H!P won't be adding the current KSS to anything for a while, so they're just gonna be sitting there for a long time.  Still there's some light and some of the better girls I'd hope will make it in somewhere in H!P (looking at you all in red!).



  1. Aika Mitsui
  2. Riho Sayashi

Considering both left and they did nothing this year except for their "leaving" letters, I feel like losing those two kind of shut out any hopes for a return/soloist run.  Kind of left a bitter taste IMO.