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[Auditions] 2010 Hello! Myu Open to males & females, ladies & gents, boys & girls :p No replies to this topic Started by Kimiko , Nov 20 2009 06:35 PM · 

#1 Kimiko

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 06:35 PM

First of all, I HOPE I can put this here, if not, then feel free to delete this and sorry in advance.

If it IS okay, then please read on if you love to sing. A lot of you here will have already seen this, so just ignore this :pouty:

For the rest of you:

Site/forums is located at: http://hellomyu.com


Once again, we are holding auditions for 2010 as we are starting fresh again, thanks to a bug that blew up my server! Instead of a Hello! Project side and a Sera Myu side, we will be having multiple groups with less people. The Hello! Myu name will still apply because we will still be doing stuff with both H!P and SM, just different from before is all. All groups are open to both males and females of all ages. You can audition for all groups, but you will be chosen for a maximum of 2 core groups, and everyone will be a part of the main H!M group which is reserved for large collaborations, holiday projects, etc.

If you were a member of the 2nd version of Hello! Myu, you are still in H!M IF you want to be. If you were in the Sera Myu group and still wish to participate, you won't need to audition, just let me know that you are still interested. However, if you want to try to be in one of the new groups, then you will need to audition. You can only be in a max of 2 groups, so if you wish to get out of one of the old groups, you will have to decide.

Auditions will consist of a song of your choice, a song of my choice and harmony sample. There is also an extra song if you wish to audition for the English group. My song choice will have to be in a capella so I can really hear your voice. Your song choice can be mixed with or without music. And harmonies will also be acapella.

These are the types of groups H!M will now have: (names to come later)

~ Hello! Project: This group will consist of 4-7 members and will cover all songs from Hello! Project. Keep in mind that not everyone will get the same amount of lines. Some songs 1 or 2 people will lead, other songs, another 1 or 2 will lead. It all depends on your reliability, your quality of recordings and how well you sing. Open to both males and females.

~ Sera! Myu: This group will consist of 5-10 members and will cover all songs from the Sailormoon Musicals (Sera Myu). With this group, everyone will get a chance to lead. Not just one person will be Sailormoon the entire time. However, it all depends on your reliability, your quality of recordings and how well you sing. Open to both males and females.

~ Jpop Girl Group: This group will cover various Jpop girl singers & groups and consist of 3-6 members. Open to females only.

~ Jpop Boy Group: This group will cover various Jpop male singers groups and consist of 3-6 members. This group is undecided as it depends on how many males join us. Open to males only.

~ Mixed Group: This one is undecided, but if we have enough people, this will be a group consisting of 4-6 members - both males and females covering various Jpop, Kpop & Cpop groups. Open to both males and females.

- English group: And finally, an English only group singing songs from broadway musicals, Disney and more! Open to both males and females.


To audition, you need to send me your audition "portfolio" (noted below). You can post it in this thread, PM it to me or send it to kimiko.hosono@gmail.com

~ 1 song of your choice either mixed with music or a capella. It must be a minimum of 2 minutes long.
~ 1 song from the following list in a capella only. A minimum of 1 min & 30 seconds long:
Taiyo to Ciscomoon ~ Magic of Love
ZONE ~ Boku no Tegami
Super Junior ~ It's You
WaT ~ Bokura No Love Story
Amuro Namie ~ Can you Celebrate?
AAA ~ Shalala (Kibou no Uta)
SweetS ~ Bitter Sweets
~ 1 Harmony sample. Choose any song you like in a capella and sing the harmony parts ONLY.
~ If you wish to audition for the English group, you also need to send me an a capella of you doing either a Disney or Broadway Musical song.
~ Info file with the following:
Audition song names and youtube links to the originals if possible
Vocal range
Harmony information (how comfortable you feel, prefer higher, lower, etc?)
Groups (in order) that you would be interested in

** If you need one of the songs listed above, let me know which ONE. I won't send all, just one. Check them on youtube first if you aren't familiar with any of them.


Completed audition portfolios are due January 4, 2010. This gives you plenty of time, PLUS gives you that extra holiday time you need with your family as well. Remember, either post your info here, PM me or send me your portfolios to kimiko.hosono@gmail.com

One last thing:
Please record in 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!