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Thank U Soooo Much [ENGLISH] (Yubin) 1 reply to this topic Started by Farrah , Dec 01 2018 08:37 PM · 

#1 Farrah


Posted 01 December 2018 - 08:37 PM

Eugh, here I am spamming again, sorry! LOL Y'all need to start posting some covers so I'm not as alone over here, it makes me look bad!


Anyway, this song scalped. me. bald!  It's so fun, to listen to and to look at the video.  I've been incredibly underwhelmed by kpop the last two months - no one has been putting out songs I like well enough to cover.  EXO disappointed, NCT disappointed, Yuri's solo debut disappointed, Monsta X's song was cool but I can't rap well enough to do it, WekiMeki was too cutesy, IZ*ONE was too high for me to sing, BoA's song was fun but I was deep in the throes of strep throat at the time so I couldn't record... 


But!  Yubin came through with a really fun song, and one that isn't insanely high pitched at that!  She and Sunmi definitely put out some of the best music this year as far as female artists go, Wonder Girls didn't come to play.  So here I am.


I only wish there had been an official instrumental :(

#2 WonderBuono


Posted 01 December 2018 - 10:51 PM

Forever Wonderful here thanking you for representing my girls. :D


You did the "bullshit" line so perfectly with that attitude I loved it.


Also I keep telling myself to do some covers on the weekend but I never have the energy ugh!