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Produce 101 (2016) 117 replies to this topic Started by Zaeleus , Jan 28 2016 05:23 AM · 

#1 Zaeleus


Posted 28 January 2016 - 05:23 AM


Produce 101 is an Mnet music survival show featuring 101 female trainees from 46 entertainment companies. Rankings are at the mercy of the public through a voting process, leaving the final 11 winners to debut as a new girl group.

You can vote for your favorite contestants on the official Produce 101 site. Signing up or using your existing Mwave account gives you 11 votes per day until February 12. Votes are reset after each elimination period.

Current show rankings are on the main site. Current support rankings can be found on the event page or this fan database. Support rankings give a good idea of each member's popularity.

All the members participated in the show's title song "PICK ME".
Similar to how I did with last year's Show Me The Money 4 and Unpretty Rapstar 2, this thread is for episode summaries and discussion. Note that Mnet labels I.O.I shows as post-Produce 101 episodes, which are also included here.---

Produce 101 E01 (raw: Mnet, subbed (T101 Subs): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Spoilers ahead.

The first part goes through an overly dramatic seat choosing process. Contestants enter the room grouped by the company they are representing. Each seat is numbered, and members are given free pick to any one of them. Finally, Duble Kick's Heo Chan Mi takes the first place seat.

The host Jang Geun Suk comes out to reveal the trainers for the show: former After School member Kahi; EXID, KARA, Girl's Day choreographer Bae Yoon Jung; Brown Eyed Girls' main vocalist JeA; TWICE, BTS vocal trainer Kim Sung Eun; and Unpretty Rapstar season winner Cheetah.

Each company group is called down to perform in front of the trainers, who places them in A-F groups for training.
  • Starship Entertainment (SISTAR - I SWEAR). Kim Tae Ha is JYJ's Junsu's cousin.
    • Kim Tae Ha (B)
    • Yu Yeun Jung (B)
    • Shim Chae Eun ©
  • Redline Entertainment (DIA - Somehow). This agency deals with actors, and this contestant was completely unprepared to be on a music show.
    • Kim So Hye (F)
  • MBK Entertainment (miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl). All members have technically debuted already: Ki Hee Hyun and Chae Yeon in DIA and Dani in T-ara.
    • Ki Hee Hyun (Cathy) ©
    • Kim Dani (B)
    • Jung Chae Yeon ©
  • Jellyfish Entertainment (Nikki Yanofsky - Something New). Jellyfish is a company known for male singers and groups. These are their first girl group trainees.
    • Kim Na Young (A)
    • Kang Mi Na (A)
    • Kim Se Jeong (A)
  • CUBE Entertainment (4minute - Crazy)
    • Jeon So Yeon (A)
    • Kwon Eun Bin (A)
    • Lee Yun Seo (?)
  • DSP Entertainment (KARA - Mister). Debuted in Japan as Puretty.
    • Cho Shi Yoon (D)
    • Yoon Chae Kyung (D)
  • Cani Star (Wonder Girls - Nobody (Rainstone Remix)). The oldest contestant on Produce 101 at the age of 28.
    • Park Ha Yi (F)
  • &August (IU - Good Day). She completely butchers the song. Given she's a musical actress and has videos of her singing well, this may have been a fluke... or she's an IRL smurf and purposely deranked herself.
    • Yoon Seo Hyeung (F)
  • Duble Kick Entertainmen (Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music). Girls' Generation pre-debut member and former Coed School and 5dolls member.
    • Heo Chan Mi (A)
  • Pledis Entertainment (After School - Bang! (Rearranged))
    • 2 members (A)
    • 2 members (B)
    • 1 member ©
    • 1 member (D)
    • 1 member (F)
  • JYP Entertainment (Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin): Participated on SIXTEEN (2015) and eliminated in the finals; seems salty she didn't get into TWICE.
    • Jeon So Mi (A)
  • music K Entertainment (Jessi J - Who Are You)
    • Kim Juna (?)

#2 Zaeleus


Posted 05 February 2016 - 08:39 AM

Produce 101 E02 (raw: Mnet, subbed (T101 Subs): Part 1, Part 2 or Full)

Spoilers ahead.

Individual rankings continue from the previous episode.

  • music K (Jessi J - Who Are You): Exceptional vocals but can't dance, so the judges placed her in the middle group.
    • Kim Juna ©
  • kconic (1TYM - 1TYM): Performs a hiphop song, but the judges want to see something "more girlish", which they couldn't pull off.
    • Kim Hyeong Eun ©
    • Kim Min Ji (D)
    • Park Se Hee ©
    • Lee Jin Hee (D)
  • Star Empire (Seo In Young - Cinderella): Overly cute appearance but underwhelming performance.
    • Han Hye Ri (?)
    • Kang Si Hyeon (?)
    • Kim Yun ji (?)
  • Fantagio (G-Friend - Glass Bead): They have the same synergy as Hello Venus, but their performance did not impress.
    • Choi Yoo Jung (D)
    • Chu Ye Jin (F)
    • Lee Soo Min (F)
    • Jung Hae Rim ©
    • Kim Do Yeon (B)
  • Majesty (AOA - Short Hair): Ahn Ye Seul was in Superstar K4 (2012) and is a decent Unpretty Rapstar (2015) impersonator.
    • Ahn Ye Seul (B)
    • Niwa Shio Ri (D)
  • M&H (Sun Mi - 24 Hours (Slow Mix)): Oh Seo Jung was also on Superstar K4 and was paired with Ahn Ye Seul in a rival mission. Kim Chung Ha is a dancing machine.
    • Oh Seo Jung (B)
    • Kim Chung Ha (A)
  • Tipping (So Jung Mo - Promise): A Japanese-Korean participant who can't sing. This may have been worse than Kim So Hye's performance.
    • Ariyoshi Risa (F)
  • Chorokbaem E&M (miss A - Only You + rap): Debuted in 2012 in Hong Kong but has no training. The judges are impressed with her pronunciation.
    • Ng Sze Kai (B)
  • Loen (Park Myung Soo & IU - Leon): Made the top 8 in K-Pop Star 2 (2012), appeared in IU's "23" (2015), and rap trainer is FIESTAR's Yezi.
    • Park So Yeon (A)

Final distribution of grades: A => 14, B => 19, C => 20, D => 24, and F => 24.

Jang Geun Suk announces the first mission after the evaluations: perform "Pick Me" on M! Countdown. The line distribution and position on stage are determined by the grade received. More lines and camera time go the participants with the higher grades. Those in F are backup dancers.

To see how well each member can learn, they will undergo a reevaluation after training for 3 days.

  • A: A class does vocal training with JeA, but the song is out of the vocal ranges of most of the participants. Bae Yoo Jung is disappointed with the group's dance, with Kim Se Jeong having a hard time learning the choreography.
  • B: B class trains with Kim Sung Eun, and of course, the show pits Ahn Ye Seul and Oh Seo Jung as rivals since they were both on Superstar K. B class is the most energetic of the groups and are more willing to move up.
  • C: JeA works with C class, where most of the participants don't think the song suits them. After training with Bae Yoo Jung, most members are pessemistic and think they're going to get a lower grade.
  • D: Bae Yoo Jung handles choregraphy training with D class. This segment mostly shows Choi Yoo Jung doing poorly, as she misses her Fantagio members.
  • F: F class does choregraphy training with Kahi. Kim So Hye is confirmed to also be awful at dancing.

To emulate the real K-pop training experience, mobile phones are confiscated. The show proceeds to depict phone withdrawal.

The episode ends with video evaluations from the trainers, moving members around by reviewing solo practice video footage. All solo practice videos are posted under the Special tab on Mnet's VOD for the show.

All first and second evaluation grades are on this spreadsheet (source). New distribution after reevaluation: A => 20, B => 17, C => 17, D => 19, and F => 24.


Group battles will begin next week.

#3 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 05 February 2016 - 04:31 PM

Wow at over half of them getting a C or less. Judges are not impressed.

#4 Zaeleus


Posted 12 February 2016 - 07:36 AM

Produce 101 E03 (raw: Mnet, subbed (T101 Subs): Part 1, Part 2)

Spoilers ahead.

The start of the episode reveals the grade adjustments for each member. The full list is here (source). Notable changes:

  • B => A: [MBK] Kim Da Ni, [Fantagio] Kim Do Yeon, [Independent] Kim Seo Kyung, [Magic Fresh] Park Min Ji, [Starship] Yu Yeun Jung, [Pledis] Im Na Young
  • C => A: [MBK] Cathy
  • D => A: [Fantagio] Choi Yoo Jung
  • F => A: [Fantagio] Lee Soo Min
  • A => B: [Dublekick] Heo Chan Mi, [JYP] Jeon So Mi
  • C => B: [Star Empire] Kim Yunji, [kconic] Kim Hyeong Eun
  • D => B: [Happyface] Lee Su Hyeon, [Pledis] Jung Eun Woo
  • F => B: [Happyface] Kim Si Hyeon, [Pledis] Kim Min Kyung, [CUBE] Lee Youn Seo
  • F => C: [Independent] Kang Si Won, [Blessing] Bang Joon Hee, [MIDAS] Sin Hye Hyeon
  • A => D: [CUBE] Kwon Eun Bin, [MJ] Yu Sua
  • F => D: [Independent] Kim Si Hyun, [Canistar] Park Ha Yi, [&august] Yoo Seo Hyeung, [Happyface] Kim Ja Yeon, [SS] Seo Hye Lin, [LOUDers] Lee Seo Jung
  • C => F: [Star Empire] Kang Si Hyeon, [kconic] Park Se Hee, [MJ] Heo Saem, [Happyface] Kim Hong Eun, [Starship] Shim Chae Eun, [music K] Kim Juna
  • D => F: [kconic] Lee Jin Hee

The show moves on to some behind-the-scenes footage when filming "Pick Me" for M! Countdown. From trainee voting, Fantagio's Choi Yoo Jung is chosen for the center position.

The host explains that three members (ASTORY's Yim Kyung Ha, 101 DOORS' Kim Hay Un, and CMG's Lim Hyo Sun) dropped out from the show, and that if other members are not willing to put in the effort, they should leave.

The second task is introduced as being a group battle evaluation. The members in A group can choose 4-5 members from the rest of the pool to build a group. Two groups choose songs to perform in front of a live audience, who will vote for a single member. Each member of the group with the most cumulative votes will receive 1000 extra votes. After this task, 37 of the lowest ranking members (ranks 62-98) will be eliminated.

Group results with points are as follows:

APink - I Don't Know

SISTAR - Push Push

2NE1 - Fire

Girls' Generation - Into The New World

Results for the last group will be revealed next week.

#5 Zaeleus


Posted 18 February 2016 - 05:42 AM

Produce 101 E04 (raw: Mnet, subbed (T101 Subs): Part 1, Part 2)

Spoilers ahead.

Group battle evaluations continue from the previous episide.

Girls' Generation - Into The New World: Despite Yeun Jung's great vocals during her group's performance and Chan Mi making a mistake, group 2 got the Somi popularity votes.

4minute - Hot Issue: Yoo Jung initially gave up the center position to let someone else have the opportunity, but the trainer advised the team not to do that. Pretty sure Soo Yeon got bonus points from the crowd for nearly taking off her shirt.

After School - Ah!: The trainers were impressed Risa was able to learn the lyrics and choreography. Group 1 clearly won this.

miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl: A song without a rap part, but group 1 has 2 rappers. Woo Jung was super annoyed she didn't get chosen as center. Hyeong Eun has become self-aware: "How is there such a large difference in points? This can't be right. People are not judging us on talents and skills; they're voting solely on the what they see."

KARA - Break It: So many old people jokes thrown at In Sun. One vote difference in the results.

f(x) - La ChA Ta: Ma Eun Jin joined the show late, got sick, and permanently left before training for the performance. Because the teams are not balanced, individual member votes are averaged to determine the group score.

Wonder Girls - Irony: Of course they'd leave the team with So Hye for last. She had two lines and somehow still messed up, though I'll admit that you wouldn't notice unless you knew the lyrics. Group 1 brought the trainer to tears, given she had no expectation for them. Se Jeong is overall excellent.

Top 11 participants by audience votes => readjustment for winning team:

  • [Jellyfish] Kim Se Jeong (204 => 1204)
  • [Happyface] Hwang Soo Yeon (180 => 1180)
  • [Pledis] Im Na Young (160 => 1160)
  • [music K] Kim Juna (137 => 1137)
  • [Fantagio] Kim Do Yeon (125 => 1125)
  • [JYP] Jeon So Mi (118 => 1118)
  • [Pledis] Kim Min Kyung (117 => 1117)
  • [Fantagio] Choi Yoo Jung (101) => [Pledis] Kang Ye Bin (1100)
  • [Pledis] Kang Ye Bin (100) => [Pledis] Park Si Yeon (1097)
  • [Pledis] Pinky (98) => [Independent trainee] Kim Si Hyeon (1088)
  • [Pledis] Park Si Yeon (97) => [Magic Fresh] Park Min Ji (1087)

The first round of eliminations will be announced next week.

#6 Zaeleus


Posted 20 February 2016 - 07:15 AM

The voting period is closed for the first round of eliminations. Ranks are posted on the main site. Positions and transliterated names can be read in this table (source). Participants ranked 62-97 will be eliminated in episode 5.

The current top 11 participants + votes:

All votes were reset for a new voting cycle, which will close on March 5.


I'm impressed that the votes are in the hundreds of thousands, but that also means the extra 1000 votes given to the winners of the group battles barely made a difference. It's also incredible that So Hye is in the top 11.

#7 Derby

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 20 February 2016 - 08:53 PM

I've been watching the show with a friend who is a casual K-pop fan and Sohye is among our favorite trainees so I'm not surprised at all that she is top 11. She has actually climbed on the 'live' ranking. She bright, keeps trying her best and doesn't let herself down. She has been getting screen time in every single episode so she's been more exposed to the public than Soyeon, Nayoung and Chaeyeon for example, so she got more opportunities to get liked by the viewers.

#8 Zaeleus


Posted 20 February 2016 - 11:53 PM

So Hye undoubtedly is a likable character that I expect most people would support, despite her actual performances being objectively poor. What's most surprising about her being in the top 11 is that she didn't break into the top 20 of the support event rankings until 20 days ago (day 33), meaning she garnered a majority of her votes in less than half the time of the more popular participants (today is day 53).

#9 Zaeleus


Posted 25 February 2016 - 07:50 AM

Produce 101 E05 (raw: Mnet, subbed: (T101 Subs) Part 1, Part 2)

Spoilers ahead.

This episode is devoted to announcing the first voting period rankings of the season, along with various behind-the-scenes footage. Entertainer Shin Bora, former KARA member Young Ji, and Block B's Park Kyung commentate throughout.


After a motivational speech by the host, the first behind-the-scenes segment shows all the members going to a clinic for flu shots and height and weight measurements. It cuts to a training day, where members are woken up by a dorm-wide alarm. The members rush to the first activity, which is fitness training with Ray Yang. She makes them go on a morning run, chooses members to put on diet plans, and leads a yoga session.


The member ranks are called in groups of ten.

60. [Star Empire] Kang Si Hyeon (29124)
59. [Chungchun] Kang Si Ra (29703)
58. [Starship] Shim Chae Eun (30347)
57. [MJ] Yu Sua (30609)
56. [Happyface] Hwang Soo Yeon (30858)
55. [Independent trainee] Seong Hye Min (33641)
54. [Canistar] Park Ha Yi (34459)
53. [Yama&HotChicks] Lim Jung Min (36760)
52. [MIDAS] Kim Yeon Kyung (38506)
51. [Independent trainee] Kim Min Jung (39033)

50. [Fantagio] Chu Ye Jin (41048)
49. [kconic] Park Se Hee (41203)
48. [Tipping] Ariyoshi Risa (41244)
47. [kconic] Lee Jin Hee (41286)
46. [Astory] Park Gaeul (41873)
45. [Fantagio] Lee Soo Min (43932)
44. [Fantagio] Jung Hae Rim (43960)
43. [2able] Park Hae Young (47662)
42. [Pledis] Kim Min Kyung (50652)
41. [M&H] Oh Seo Jung (51381)


The second segment is a series of hidden camera tests.

  • Test 1: consideration. A staff member has trouble carrying water around a lobby where members are waiting. Struggling in front of the girls, [JYP] Jeon So Mi, [Dublekick] Heo Chan Mi, and [Blessing] Bang Joon Hee are the ones who help.
  • Test 2: initiative. Members are sent to a room where soda is spilled on the floor. Those who ignore it: [Midas] Kim Yeon Kyung, [Midas] Choi Yu Bin, et al.; [CMG] Lim Hyo Sun, et al.; [JYP] Jeon So Mi, et al.; [Redline] Kim So Hye; and [Jellyfish] Kim Na Uoung, [Jellyfish] Kang Mi Na, [Jellyfish] Kim Se Jeong. Those who clean it: [CUBE] Kwon Eun Bin; [Happyface] Lee Su Hyun; [m2] Pyun Kang Yoon; [Independent trainee] Kim Min Jung, [Independent trainee] Kang Si Won; [MJ] Yu Sua; Pledis girls; MBK girls; [CUBE] Jeon So Yeon, [CUBE] Lee Youn Seo; and [Loen] Park So Yeon.
  • Test 3: consideration. A mock interview is given to the members, and the staff knocks a camera off its tripod, which breaks on the floor. With the exception of [Pledis] Im Na Young who feigns ignorance, the rest of the members take the blame to cover for the staff member: [Jellyfish] Kang Mi Na, [DSP] Yoon Chae Kyung, [Majesty] Ahn Ye Seul, [Jellyfish] Kim Se Jeong, and [Fantagio] Choi Yoo Jung.


The ranking announcements continue.

40. [SS] Lee Hae In (52494)
39. [Independent trainee] Kang Si Won (56224)
38. [Cube] Lee Youn Seo (56821)
37. [kconic] Kim Hyeong Eun (59191)
36. [Show Works] Hwang In Sun (59736)
35. [Independent trainee] Kim Si Hyeon (60090)
34. [kconic] Kim Min Ji (63132)
33. [Starship] Kim Tae Ha (64149)
32. [SS] Lee Su Hyun (65610)
31. [Pledis] Kang Kyung Won (71200)

30. [Independent trainee] Kim Seo Kyung (72472)
29. [&august] Yoon Seo Hyeung (73558)
28. [Pledis] Kang Ye Bin (88227)
27. [DSP] Cho Shi Yoon (102110)
26. [Pledis] Park Si Yeon (105963)
25. [Majesty] Ahn Ye Seul (106322)
24. [Pledis] Im Na Young (107785)
23. [Music Works] Kim So Hee (109501)
22. [Star Empire] Han Hye Ri (125095)
21. [DSP] Yoon Chae Kyung (149977)


The last 21 ranks are interrupted by the final special segment. The members of the show vote for each other, ranked by beauty: 11. [JYP] Jeon So Mi, 10. [SS] Lee Su Hyun, 9. [MBK] Cathy, 8. [Cube] Kwon Eun Bin, 7. [Pledis] Park Si Yeon, 6. [SS] Seo Hye Lin, 5. [Happyface] Kim Ji Sung, 4. [Jellyfish] Kim Seo Jeong, 3. [Fantagio] Kim Do Yeon, 2. [MBK] Jung Chae Yeon, and 1. [Pledis] Pinky.


The final ranks are announced.

20. [LEON] Park So Yeon (156144)
19. [music K] Kim Juna (161825)
18. [Pledis] Jung Eun Woo (165044)
17. [Chorokbaem] Ng Sze Kai (176661)
16. [Cube] Kwon Eun Bin (179701)
15. [Dublekick] Heo Chan Mi (184428)
14. [M&H] Kim Chung Ha (193820)
13. [Fantagio] Kim Do Yeon (203077)
12. [Starship] Yu Yeun Jung (214601)

11. [Redline] Kim So Hye (227670)
10. [Cube] Jeon So Yeon (230395)
9. [Jellyfish] Kim Na Young (250552)
8. [MBK] Jung Chae Yeon (251469)
7. [MBK] Kim Da Ni (273930)
6. [MBK] Ki Hee Hyun (Cathy) (294540)
5. [Jellyfish] Kang Mi Na (376977)
4. [Pledis] Zhou Jieqiong (Pinky) (387537)
3. [Fantagio] Choi Yoo Jung (392773)
2. [JYP] Jeon So Mi (528772)
1. [Jellyfish] Kim Se Jeong (559694)

61. [Happyface] Hwang A Young (28223)


All votes have been reset for the new voting period between February 20 and March 5.

Next week, vocal, rap, and dance battles.

#10 Zaeleus


Posted 26 February 2016 - 03:00 AM

CUBE's Kwon Eun Bin was announced as CLC's seventh member. She was voted 8th in the beauty poll and is currently 16th in the overall rankings. CUBE also said she will prioritize Produce 101 over CLC if she ends up in the final 11.

#11 Kaworu


Posted 29 February 2016 - 02:24 AM

Yeun Jung is getting tons of hate online because she threw a fit on this week's episode... She killed it in the performance and I think I'm still rooting for her. Too bad for her, she should've played it humble and keep climbing that ranking, she was definitely one of the underdogs that the audience was falling in love with.

#12 Zaeleus


Posted 04 March 2016 - 06:46 AM

Yeun Jung is getting tons of hate online because she threw a fit on this week's episode... She killed it in the performance and I think I'm still rooting for her. Too bad for her, she should've played it humble and keep climbing that ranking, she was definitely one of the underdogs that the audience was falling in love with.

I understand she was upset for not getting the title of center, but it was indeed disappointing to see her sulk and make it hard for the rest of the team. Juna was already giving her the main vocal parts, not as compensation but because Juna herself knew she wouldn't be able to hit those notes, which would benefit the whole team.

Perhaps it was a strategical move, knowing drama between the show's two top vocalists would give her more airtime. She ranked one place away from the top 11 in the first rankings, so even if there's a drop in backers, I don't expect it to put her below the next cutoff. It was already very unlikely for her to get the +100k votes with Se Jeong in the same category.

Or she was channeling Jessi and really didn't care for the team: "We're not a team; this is a competition." :lol:

#13 Zaeleus


Posted 04 March 2016 - 06:57 AM

Produce 101 E06 (raw: Mnet, subbed (T101 Subs): Part 1, Part 2)

Spoilers ahead.

New mission: Choose a vocal, rap, or dance category and create a new arrangement, lyrics, or choreography, respectively. Songs in each category (6 in vocal, 3 in rap, and 4 in dance) are picked in order of rank.

Each group performs in front of a live audience, who can either vote for a single member per group or abstain. Online votes will be added to the final score.

Results and on-site votes for the vocal groups:

BIGBANG - Monster

Tashannie - Haru Haru (Hwa Rong Jung Jum)

EXO - Call Me Baby (Superstar 101)

G-Friend - Me Gustas Tu

Huh Gak, John Park - My Best (4:21)

Zion.T - Yanghwa BRDG (Sunny After Rain)

Next week, groups spittin' fire and on point choregraphies.

#14 Derby

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 04 March 2016 - 08:13 PM

I heard they closed the online voting right after the ep6 was aired is that true? So the ranking shown at the end of this episode basically is the ranking that will determine who is the next group of girls who will be evicted?

#15 Zaeleus


Posted 04 March 2016 - 10:05 PM

I heard they closed the online voting right after the ep6 was aired is that true? So the ranking shown at the end of this episode basically is the ranking that will determine who is the next group of girls who will be evicted?

I don't think so. Episode 5 showed the voting period being between 2016-02-20 1 AM KST and 2016-03-05 1 AM KST. I'm also not seeing any references of it closing last week. The first voting period ended February 13, which was right after episode 4, and if it follows the same format, they didn't reveal the weekly ranks in that episode.

They are changing the voting system next round though. The eleven votes per person is being reduced to one five.

#16 Molly


Posted 05 March 2016 - 01:43 AM

I've been trying to watch this but I've run into a block. I can't find the second half of episode three subbed :/

#17 Zaeleus


Posted 05 March 2016 - 03:38 AM

I've been trying to watch this but I've run into a block. I can't find the second half of episode three subbed :/

Click here if you know the secret handshake. Edit: T101 Subs also put together a list of working links (source).

#18 Molly


Posted 05 March 2016 - 04:46 AM


#19 Molly


Posted 07 March 2016 - 04:44 AM

Now that I've caught up I've definitely got some favorites:






Dani - probably because I've watched her grow from an ugly duckling


I'll probably have more after the Rap and Dance stages. I also feel drawn to Sohye even though she's so useless. She's really pretty, reminds me of Sohee from WG.

#20 Derby

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 09 March 2016 - 08:20 PM

I made my top 11 last week when the ep6 was released, I didn't think of posting it here at first.

#21 Zaeleus


Posted 10 March 2016 - 12:06 AM

Produce 101 E07 (raw: Mnet, subbed (T101 Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Dailymotion) or Full (openload) or Full (mm-bbs))

Spoilers ahead.

This episode continues the position evaluations. Rap and dance performances are interleaved. See also a goofy dance battle with the dance team members.

Results and on-site votes:


Dance: EXO - Growl (All Crush)

Rap: Verbal Jint - You Look Good (Center): Those poignant lyrics. :(

Dance: Sunmi - Full Moon

Rap: Paloalto - Turtle Ship

Dance: Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Please Say My Name)

Dance: Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang (Put Your Hands Up, Bang Bang Q)

On-site winners and candidates for the +100k votes:

  • Vocal Position: [Jellyfish] Kim Se Jeong
  • Rap Position: [kconic] Kim Hyeong Eun
  • Dance Position: [Jellyfish] Kang Mi Na

Next week will be the second ranking announcements and concept training.

#22 Molly


Posted 10 March 2016 - 06:15 AM







Stone Buddha Nayeon

Jung Soyeon


Kim Seokyung

Kim Doyeon


Okay, here's my 11. Also Sohye sucks at dancing, we know it, she knows it, but I feel really bad because she's been getting hate and death threats over the result.


#23 Zaeleus


Posted 11 March 2016 - 07:07 PM

Round 2 of rankings are out. Spoilers ahead if you're waiting for episode 8.

Round 2 ranks (votes, movement from round 1):

#24 Zaeleus


Posted 11 March 2016 - 07:12 PM

Stone Buddha Nayeon

Im Na Young hype! I would have never expected her climb into the top 11 this round.


Looks like Yeun Jung's moping attitude in episode 6 didn't negatively affect her rank. Jeon So Yeon (19, -9) took an impact though, perhaps from the bickering between her and Kang Ye Bin (32, -4) in episode 7.

#25 Molly


Posted 14 March 2016 - 05:30 AM

Does anyone know of working links? I've got a friend who wants to watch this but the earliest episodes all seem to be down for good.

#26 Zaeleus


Posted 14 March 2016 - 05:56 AM

The ones on openload work: 1-3 and 4-6. They're also available in the A/V forum.

#27 Derby

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 14 March 2016 - 09:36 AM

Yesterday I acidentally got spoiled with 3 of the girls from the new top 11. Sejeong Nº1 as expected but is that girl at 4 o 5 Seokyung or something like that? from the Bang Bang team.
If it's her then I just can't wait for ep8 to be translated. The friend I'm watching the show with got spoiled too with teampd's twitter and he was so shocked with the evictions so if Seokyung came from nowhere and ranked that high I'm just expecting the worst :( Like I don't even know what to do until Wednesday or Thursday. This is the first time in my life that I'm this thirsty for a new episode.

#28 Molly


Posted 14 March 2016 - 03:42 PM

Thanks Zaeleus! I've been trying to find outside links because I figured you probably didn't want me sharing your uploads with non BBS members.

#29 Zaeleus


Posted 14 March 2016 - 06:28 PM

Like I don't even know what to do until Wednesday or Thursday. This is the first time in my life that I'm this thirsty for a new episode.

Relavent. :lol:

#30 Zaeleus


Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:54 PM

Produce 101 E08 (raw: Mnet, subbed (T101 Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Dailymotion) or Full (openload) or Full (mm-bbs))

Spoilers ahead.

The episode begins with a quick English lesson with the trainees, which is to mimic part of Jessi's rant from Unpretty Rapstar (2015).

The host then explains that the fourth mission is a concept evaluation. Five concepts are presented from five top producers: DJ Koo and Maximite (known for the show's title song "Pick Me") is EDM; Ryan Jhun (Red Velvet's "Dumb Dumb" and SHINee's "View"), girl crush; San E, hip hop; DR (EXO's "Love Me Right" and Girls' Generation's "You Think"), trap pop; and B1A4's Jin Young, girlish pop. The top team of the five concepts recieves 150000 additional votes.

Each member chooses which concept she wants to participate in, up to fourteen per concept. Groups choose parts and work with the trainers. Kim Juna is appointed rapper for her group, the members express their gratitude toward the trainers, Choi Yoo Jung struggles to sing out of her vocal range, and Bae Yoon Jung is impressed with Ariyoshi Risa's improvement since the beginning of the show.

The second ranking announcements begin after concept assessments. The results (votes, movement from round 1):

34. [Fantagio] Lee Soo Min (243513, +11)
33. [Dublekick] Heo Chan Mi (249026, -18)
32. [Pledis] Kang Ye Bin (250556, -4)
31. [Show Works] Hwang In Sun (256387, +5)
30. [LOEN] Park So Yeon (289217, -10)
29. [Chungchun] Kang Si Ra (290109, +30)
28. [Chorokbaem] Ng Sze Kai (298495, -11)
27. [Independent trainee] Kim Seo Kyung (300125, +3)

26. [Majesty] Ahn Ye Seul (301814, -1)
25. [CUBE] Kwon Eun Bin (310972, -9)
24. [Independent trainee] Seong Hye Min (329366, +31)
23. [kconic] Kim Hyeong Eun (332712, +14)
22. [Music Works] Kim So Hee (363818, +1)
21. [music K] Kim Juna (271978, -2)
20. [Pledis] Park Si Yeon (372295, +6)

19. [CUBE] Jeon So Yeon (372952, -9)
18. [MBK] Kim Da Ni (419427, -11)
17. [Pledis] Jung Eun Woo (438879, +1)
16. [Star Empire] Han Hye Ri (450768, +6)
15. [DSP] Yoon Chae Kyung (460700, +6)
14. [SS] Lee Hae In (461050, +26)
13. [M&H] Kim Chung Ha (462668, +1)
12. [MBK] Ki Hee Hyun (Cathy) (481070, -6)


Before the final eleven, a short segment named "Now I Can Say It" gives trainees free reign of what they want to say about the show.

  • Pinky has a different personality from how she looks.
  • Kim Chung Ha doesn't put on make up most of the time because she knows it'll get cut from the show.
  • Im Na Young isn't as emotionless as the show makes her out to be.
  • Hwang In Sun is indeed the oldest on the show, not Park Ha Yi.
  • The trainees sneak meals at night.
  • Hwang Soo Yeon didn't plan her provocative "Hot Issue" performance but would have taken off her shirt if she did. :lol:
  • Happyface members/Park Hae Young never got enough screen time.
  • Kang Si Hyeon is a vocalist, not a rapper.
  • Park Ha Yi was the center of the "Irony" performance, not Kim Se Jeong.
  • Kim So Hye is not manipulating votes.


11. [PLEDIS] Im Na Young (665898, +13)
10. [Starship] Yu Yeun Jung (684660, +2)
9. [MBK] Jung Chae Yeon (696808, -1)
8. [Redline] Kim So Hye (833101, +3)
7. [Fantagio] Kim Do Yeon (841749, +6)
6. [PLEDIS] Pinky (885556, -2)
5. [Jellyfish] Kim Na Young (931084, +4)
4. [JYP] Jeon So Mi (1201490, -2)
3. [Jellyfish] Kang Mi Na (1212720, +2)
2. [Fantagio] Choi Yoo Jung (1286447, +1)
1. [Jellyfish] Kim Se Jeong (1473685, =)

35. [SS] Lee Su Hyun (228806, -6)

Like last time, votes are reset for the next voting period, which is open between March 12 1 AM KST and March 19 11 AM KST.

Next week will continue the concept evaluation, sans eliminated members.