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#61 Derby

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Posted 12 April 2016 - 10:49 AM

Do you have a source on this or is it speculation? I thought they were just goofing off anyway.



It is all speculation of course. I don't speak Korean so, from the Korean comments on the video all I could read was Yoo Yunjung everywhere.


And thanks to that comparison video now I can se even more shots of Yunjung being edited out lol. From all of them, I can only remember two edited shots that didn't have Yunjung near the center, the rest of them have her. And I just thought at first, that editing out the 3 'highlight moments' of Yunjung (Chorus, pushing Sejeong, final pose) took a major part on making a new MV. If the difference were not that drastic, then why make a new video?

#62 Zaeleus


Posted 26 April 2016 - 06:28 AM

I.O.I's reality show Standby I.O.I premiered April 22 (trailer). With Mnet labeling this as episode 13 of Produce 101 and it only being 2 episodes, I'll bundle my notes here with Produce 101.

The show goes through I.O.I's daily predebut life in the dorm and at schedules. It is quite raw, i.e, dorm footage is shot on remote controlled mounted cameras and the rest is mostly self-cams.

Standby I.O.I E01 (subbed: (Yubseyo, higher quality video) P1, P2, P3, P4 or (T101 Subs, more captions translated) Full)

I.O.I stands for Ideal of Idol.

Dorm reveal (1 living area, 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms?, 11 beds, 1 bath?, +mezzanine?)
Chae Yeon self-cam (+ Yeun Jung): car reveal. "We spend more time in the car than our dorm."
Chunga Ha tries to fatten everyone up with dried sweet potatoes.
Pinky hates gray socks. "It lowers self-confidence."
So Mi and Chung Ha speak to each other in English. (See this clip from Knowing Bros.)
Chae Yeon self-cam: slowly moving out of old dorm.

1st Look photoshoot. (See "Let's Play & 101".)
Chunga Ha cam: Mi Na makeup for photoshoot.
Mi Na/Pinky: reveal of I.O.I dolls.
Somi cam: sleepy Chung Ha and Yoo Jung.

Yoo Jung/So Mi kitchen conversation. Yoo Jung: "The cameras are alive!" So Mi talks about boyfriends and bullies.
Yoo Jung confronts the camera: "Am I ugly?"
So Mi/So Hye toothbrush dance.
Yoo Jung has a love-hate relationship with the sentient cameras.
So Hye sleeps with a blanket. So Mi sleeps with dolls.

YMC management tells I.O.I to create team and individual greetings.

Marie Claire photoshoot. (To be printed in the May 2016 issue.)
Se Jeong: "We gained a lot of freedom after the show. It's less stressful not having to worry about rankings. We can finally eat what we want, and we can use our phones."
Random talents showcase: Pinky does comedian imitations. Joo Yung attempts an Irish jig and Chuli & Miae's "Why You" dance.
Chung Ha has the worst stamina and is always sleeping.
Pros and cons being in a group with so many members? Pinky: Pro: It's fun being with so many people. Con: The wait times are so long.

I.O.I creates a team greeting: "Yes, I love it! We're I.O.I. Hello!"

So Hye cam: school day.
Her father to picks her up from the dorm.
Receives a 2000 KRW (~1.74 USD) penalty for being late.
So Hye films friends who hides behind doors.
"What was the best part of Produce 101?" Friend: "Your 'Full Moon' performance, of course."
"Please say something to me." Friend: "Be successful."
"As my best friend, what should people know about me?" Friend: "Uh.. Nothing."

Haneul Bori CF filming. (See 30 s spot, Somi ver., Se Jeong ver., Soo Jung ver..)
Ox bone soup lunch.
"Who eats the most out of the members?" So Hye
Pinky self-cam: "Yoo Jung, what did people say to your growing up?" Yoo Jung: "Why do you look so depressed? This kid is sleepy? Why don't you let her sleep?"
Lunch time: So Hye shovels food.

11 member "When the Cherry Blossoms Fade" studio recording.
B41A's Jin Young wanted it to be released during the spring, but it won't be released until I.O.I's debut album in May.

Dorm early morning prep.
Yeun Jung arrives and confronts the cameras.
Yeun Jung/Pinky don't have spoons for their cereal, so they decide to drink from the bowl.

Do Yeon self-cam: school day.
She introduces her homeroom class.
Chinese writing teacher: "When I taught Do Yeon, I didn't think she'd do so well and debut like this."
Do Yeon seems to be popular student.
"What is Do Yeon usually like?" Friend: She's pretty much the same as you seen on TV.

YMC meeting
The team greeting gets an okay.
"What do you want to do while shooting your reality show?" "Any kind of outing." "We don't have time for that."
Mi Na suggests a coffee truck event for the fans. (See this fan cam of the event.)

The post-credits segment is a rerun of "When the Cherry Blossoms Fade" from finale of Produce 101.

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Posted 26 April 2016 - 09:26 PM

Yesterday's (April 26) episode of Sugar Man was between I.O.I (on Team Yoo Jae Suk/Sandara Park (2NE1)) and Jessi and Hanhae (on Team Yoo Hee Yeol/Kim Eana). The premise of the show is to recreate older songs popularized by one-hit wonders.


Two Yoo Project - Sugar Man E28 (subbed (Yubseyo): P1, P2)


Results + votes:

In one of the talk segments, Se Jeong sings a snippit from Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You", So Mi imitates Jessi... in front of Jessi, and Yoo Jung dances to "Bang Bang". More clips from the show can be found in this playlist.

Fun fact: Scarlet (now disbanded) remade "Hip Song" in 2014. This group included kconic's Kim Min Ji, who appeared on Produce 101.

#64 Derby

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Posted 27 April 2016 - 07:26 AM

I was already shock when I saw Kimi's group and their song was basically called BUTT. Now I'm even more surprised to find out it is actually an old song.

First time for IOI on TV right? So what was all that about the other channels not letting IOI to promote on their shows?


I would understand that they were not on any music show because they were preparing for debut, but I figured out Mnet would put them to perform Crush on M!Countdown at least one time...

#65 Zaeleus


Posted 28 April 2016 - 05:46 AM

First time for IOI on TV right? So what was all that about the other channels not letting IOI to promote on their shows?

Unless you count the sparkling water and soju ads they've been doing, that was their first TV program appearance, yes. I'm going to assume the commotion about their TV appearances was the media trying to accentuate normal scheduling conflicts as conspiracy.
In eliminated contestant news, Show Works' Hwang In Sun released a new song today called "Emoticon". Note that the first two characters of the title 이모티콘 flashes at the beginning of the video. 이모 (imo) translates to aunt, which is a play on her nickname on Produce 101. She's also dancing the "PICK ME" choreography in the audition montage.
Also, this is a pretty awesome acoustic cover of "PICK ME" by ChangChungMusic's Kang Si Ra.

#66 Zaeleus


Posted 01 May 2016 - 01:35 AM

Standby I.O.I E02 (trailer: Mnet, subbed (Yubseyo): P1, P2)

All I.O.I members have moved into the dorm.
Room assignments: Do Yeon, Soo Jung, Chae Yeon; Mi Na, Na Young, Chung Ha; So Mi, So Hye, Se Jeong, Pinky, Yeon Jung.
Yoo Jung introduces her camera to the Chae Yeon and Do Yeon.
Mi Na's feet are stinking up the room.
Chung Ha seems to have an unlimited supply of dried sweet potatoes.
Yoo Jung room cam (named Merio) doesn't want to go out with either Yoo Jung or Chae Yeon.
Somi room cam has to decide between Mi Na or Se Jeong => chooses So Hye.

BTS at the Sugar Man studio. (See this post.)
Yeon Jung with sleeping Na Young: "We're not tired. The other members are just overly energetic."
I.O.I meets Yoo Hee Yeol.
Yoo Jung: "I'm so happy Jae Suk danced and sat next to me!"

Beauty photoshoot (Etude House brand of cosmetics).
Do Yeon's first time doing a cute concept for a photoshoot.
Chae Yeon drinks a strawberry latte everyday without fail.
So Mi and Chae Yeon dance to TWICE's "Like OOH-AHH".

Free time at the dorm.
Yoo Jung: "It so chaotic [with everyone now in the dorm]..."
So Mi room cam: Mi Na vs So Hye => So Hye.
So Hye's onesie is a shark, not a penguin.
Mi Na/So Hye sneaky snacking in the kitchen.

BTS at the recording studio for their title track.
The members chose the title track by vote.

Debut track dance practice with Yoon Bae Yoon Jung.
Bae Yoon Jung expects nothing from So Hye.

Album jacket photoshoot. (See jacket A, B, and C.)
Staff: "You're going to be on a lot of TV shows soon. Do you have personal talents?" Do Yeon: "Having no talents is a talent..." So Mi: "I can do Lil' Cham dancing." So Hye: Imitation of a children's show character. (She did this at the guerilla concert on Produce 101.) So Jeong: female announcer impersonations.
Yeon Jung cam: So Mi has no aegyo. Members attempt "I dreamt of a ghost..." with different accents.

Free time at the dorm again.
So Mi room cam gets named Faulty for only liking So Hye.
Soo Jung/Pinky negotiate with the camera not to air their video. Camera breaks promise.
Mi Na with glasses reveal.
So Mi: "My mom wanted to call me 'Som', but it seemed like a confusing name, so she added an i."
Pinky: "So Mi looks like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus."

BTS for a game commercial shoot (100 Shots 100 Hits). (See 30 s spot.)
Staff: "What commercial do you want to film?" Se Jeong: "Chicken!"
Yoo Jung blames sleep deprivation for her fatty liver.
Se Jeong wouldn't exercise if it weren't for wearing revealing clothes for shoots.

Dance practice room talk with MV staff.
The music video concept is hopes and dreams.
Each member will have her own concept: Na Young is fencing; Yoo Jung, rhythmic gymnastics; Se Jeong, running; So Mi, rock climbing; Do Yeon, tennis; Chae Yeon, baking; etc.

Early morning dorm.
Mi Na gets up before every to eat.
Cleaning time.

Split into teams for guerilla coffee truck event.
Sangam team: Na Young, So Hye, So Mi, Pinky, Chung Ha
Yongsan team: Yoo Jung, Chae Yeon, Yeon Jung, Se Jeong, Do Yeon, Mi Na

Coffee distribution montage.

#67 Kaworu


Posted 04 May 2016 - 03:17 AM

Dream Girls MV is out


All I can muster right now is #disappointed.

#68 Derby

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Posted 04 May 2016 - 11:10 AM

I am not disappointed because just by looking at the "leaked" pictures from the making of, I was already expecting something like this...

#69 Zaeleus


Posted 23 June 2016 - 05:04 AM

I.O.I is currently doing did a live broadcast on V Live with some of the past Produce 101 participants.

Edit (live show notes; 312796 viewers by the end of the broadcast):

I.O.I: Choi Yoo Jung, Kim Do Yeon, Pinky, Kim Chung Ha, Kim So Hye, Kim Na Young, Jeon So Mi
I.B.I: Lee Hae In, Kim So Hee, Lee Su Hyun, Han Hye Ri, Park So Yeon, Ariyoshi Risa, Jung Eun Woo
  • Introduction. The broadcast is a series of games.
  • Charades: words are chosen from the chat. (The stream was down for most of this.)
  • I.B.I personal talent showcase. CIVA diss rap in front of I.O.I. :lol: ("My name is Quick So / I wanted to debut / LTE said I.O.I is finished / Quick me / Pick me / My name is So Hee!")
  • Dance battle: So Mi vs So Hee, Chung Ha vs Hae In, Na Young vs Eun Woo, Pinky vs Hye Ri, So Hye vs Su Hyun, Yoo Jung vs Risa, Do Yeon vs So Yeon
  • "Pick Me" performance
  • Final words. Their next reality show LAN Cable Friends I.O.I will premiere July 8.

#70 Zaeleus


Posted 24 June 2016 - 01:53 AM

In case you ever wanted to seduce someone with "Pick Me", chosen "legendary singer" Yoon Min Soo performed a super snazzy rendition of it on Vocal War: God's Voice. (He won 117:87.)

#71 Derby

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 01:50 AM

I don't have any info about this show, the song is good and it wasn't posted here

They did a cover of Bulnoriya which is a song from the 80's I think. And they did a great job.

#72 Zaeleus


Posted 29 June 2016 - 03:55 AM

I don't have any info about this show, the song is good and it wasn't posted here
They did a cover of Bulnoriya which is a song from the 80's I think. And they did a great job.

This is Immortal Songs 2. Essentially, modern artists perform new renditions of songs by "legendary singers", which was Hong Seo Beom in this case. It's a linear competition, meaning randomly drawn contestants A and B compete, the audience chooses the winner by vote, and the winner competes against next randomly drawn contestant C. This repeats until the contestant pool is empty.

I.O.I performed "It Is Fire Play" (1980), and I agree, it was a great performance. Yeun Jung really killed it, and I was pleasantly surprised by Chung Ha's lines. I wouldn't mind if I.O.I released a cover album of oldies since they seem to be good at reviving them. (Result: I.O.I lost. Clazziquai advanced with 394 points.)

Two other notable parts in this episode: 1) Prophet Yeun Jung correctly guesses Clazziquai's score and 2) the group photo when they're introduced has eliminated Produce 101 members mixed in (4:52; screenshot).

#73 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 29 June 2016 - 06:24 AM

I've never seen this show before -- it's a great concept. The Japanese should totally rip it off.


Some really good performances on this episode, including I.O.I. 

#74 Derby

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 05:36 PM

Ahhh, I didn't know Immortal Song's Korean name so I was confused

#75 Derby

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Posted 07 July 2016 - 09:50 PM

That parody show were Sohee and Chaekyung are working realeased a new parody/project group called C.I.V.A and debuted with Why today on M!Countdown
I don't remember the name of the 3rd girl, but just by looking at their rap parody 'skit' I already like her more than the produce members

#76 Zaeleus


Posted 08 July 2016 - 04:40 AM

That parody show were Sohee and Chaekyung are working realeased a new parody/project group called C.I.V.A and debuted with Why today on M!Countdown
I don't remember the name of the 3rd girl, but just by looking at their rap parody 'skit' I already like her more than the produce members


Aha, this is great. They also released a music video.

Some background on the show, this group was formed in the mockumentary God of Music 2 (2016). It follows Lee Sang Min, who tries to create his own music production company LTE. He gets Music Works' Kim So Hee (the "fan tamer"), DSP's Yoon Chae Kyung (the "scandal maker"), and Lee Soo Min (the "leader, dance machine, main vocalist") to sign a seventeen year contract with his company to create C.I.V.A in hopes to take down I.O.I., Korea's hottest girl group. (If you noticed that they also keep blurring out the group's name, it's because CIVA sounds like 씨발 (ssibal), meaning "fuck".) Show Works' Hwang In Sun made an early appearance trying to get into C.I.V.A, and Lee Su Hyun and Lee Hae In are currently signed as LTE trainees but only do custodial work. Bumdidlyumptious is currently subbing the show for those interested.


As for the song, it's a remake of DIVA's "Why (Do You Call Me)" (1998), which Lee Sang Min actually did produce back then.


#77 Zaeleus


Posted 10 July 2016 - 09:09 PM

Speculation: Cosmic Girls released a special teaser today showing the constellation Ophiuchus. Cosmic Girls is a twelve-member group with the concept that each member represents a unique Zodiac sign. Some astrologers include Ophiuchus as a thirteenth sign, which leads to a fan theory that Yeun Jung will be joining Cosmic Girls and explains why she's not in the current I.O.I subunit.

#78 Molly


Posted 10 July 2016 - 10:21 PM

Ugh. She deserves better. She deserves a 4 or 5 member group. Not a huge one where she won't get to shine like she deserves.

#79 Zaeleus


Posted 11 July 2016 - 01:02 AM

Speculation: Cosmic Girls released a special teaser today showing the constellation Ophiuchus. Cosmic Girls is a twelve-member group with the concept that each member represents a unique Zodiac sign. Some astrologers include Ophiuchus as a thirteenth sign, which leads to a fan theory that Yeun Jung will be joining Cosmic Girls and explains why she's not in the current I.O.I subunit.


Yeun Jung in Cosmic Girls confirmed. From what I understand, she was in the original lineup but was taken out for Produce 101.

#80 Derby

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Posted 12 July 2016 - 02:01 AM

From what I understand, she was in the original lineup but was taken out for Produce 101.

They can say all they want but I don't buy that :S some people act like "they didn't want her in WJSN in the first place but they want her now that she's popular" but just by looking at the WJSN girls I understand why yunjung was never a member.

And yes, if they don't change the group's concept, Yunjung will be a total waste, just imaging her in a song like MoMoMo or Catch me...

#81 Zaeleus


Posted 12 July 2016 - 08:52 PM

I also never imagined the Jellyfish trio in gugudan singing something like "Wonderland". :pouty:

Yeun Jung's inclusion in Cosmic Girls is a somewhat sound decision by the company. Starship's debut of Cosmic Girls is very recent, meaning that when Yeun Jung finishes with I.O.I activities, it's highly unlikely that they're going to debut yet another girl group to ride the popularity she's amassed from Produce 101 and I.O.I. The motivation is very much to increase Cosmic Girls' recognition. I can only expect them to start creating subunits, given the size of the group.



LAN Cable Friend I.O.I (2016-07-08) E01 (subbed (Team Ideal Subs): Dailymotion or MEGA)


LAN Cable Friend I.O.I premiered on July 8, and subs are already out by Team Ideal Subs. It's a reality show where I.O.I takes live fan requests, and votes are accumulated for each member while she's in front of the camera. After the broadcast, the top member is free of punishment, whereas the rest have to suffer for twelve hours. (Spoiler: Na Young had by far the best punishment (link).)

#82 Zaeleus


Posted 19 July 2016 - 07:10 PM

LAN Cable Friend I.O.I (2016-07-15) E02 (subbed (Team Ideal Subs): full (Dailymotion))

"Produce 101 episode 16". Spoilers ahead.

The episode begins with Kim So Hee spitting hot fire at I.O.I, along with the introduction of "ordinary group" I.B.I (a play on 일반인 (ilbanin; ordinary person): Music Works' Kim So Hee, independent trainee Ariyoshi Risa, LEON's Park So Yeon, independent trainee Lee Su Hyun, PLEDIS' Jung Eun Woo, Star Empire' Han Hyeri, and independent trainee Lee Hae In.

Several games take place between the groups.

  • Elephant lipstick: Do 15 elephant nose spins. The team who puts lipstick on her partner more accurately wins.
  • Phoneme karaoke: Guess the song from the given phoneme. The team who sings it with the correct lyrics wins.
    • jieut: Eun Woo (Girls' Generation - Gee) (fail); Na Young (fail); Yoo Jung (fail); Eun Woo (pass)
    • eeeung, mieum, nieun: So Hye (Jang Yoon Jung - Oh My) (fail); Do Yeon (fail); Hae In (pass)
    • pieub, mieum: So Hee (Produce 101 - Pick Me) (fail); Jieqiong (pass)
    • nieun, mieun: Na Young (Myung Ca Drive - Cold Noodles) (fail); Do Yeon (fail); Yoo Jung (pass)
    • eeeung, eeeung, lieul: Do Yeon (EXID - Up & Down) (fail); Hae In (fail); Yoo Jung (fail); So Hee (fail); Do Yeon (pass)
  • LAN Cable Time: Use words from the live chat to play charades. Show talents while waiting. (This is the same segment they broadcast live a few weeks ago.)
    • I.B.I (17): JYP (o), roller coaster (o), mermaid (o), attractive man (x), "Even dog poop is missing when you're trying to use it for medicine" (x), ginseng chicken soup (o), heart attack (o), aegyo (o), black been noodles (x), dolphin (x), rage (x), female diver (x), Stone Na Young (o), watermelon (o), giraffe (x), Um Hun Kyung (x), shark (o), dried sweet potatoes (o)
    • I.O.I (19): cheetah (o), my type (x), "When whales fight, the shrimp's back is broken" (x), center (o), dung beetle (x), spicy chicken feet (x), [?] (x), [?] (x), [?] (x), dalgona (o), LAN Cable Friend (o), sloth (o), cheerleading (o), zombie (o), crane (o), turtle (o), kimchi (x)
  • Group jump rope: The team with the most jumps wins. 10 points per jump.
    • I.O.I: 15 jumps
    • I.B.I: 25 jumps

Final score: I.O.I 210 - I.B.I 250. The punishment for I.O.I is "beauty by contrast", i.e., take a group photo where I.O.I has to make ugly faces.

I.B.I visits I.O.I's dorm to eat, watch M! Countdown, fangirl over EXO, and reminisce about Produce 101. So Hye confesses that she was so enthusiastic during interviews because her F-class friends kept leaving the show, and she didn't have anyone else to talk to.

Next week's episode involves physiognomy and a vacation to the ocean.

#83 Zaeleus


Posted 21 July 2016 - 02:40 AM

LOEN Entertainment is making I.B.I a thing. It'll be a project group that includes Han Hye Ri, Kim So Hee, Yoon Chae Kyung, Lee Su Hyun, and Lee Hae In; and the single will be released in August.


Strange LOEN isn't including their own trainee Park So Yeon. This also means that Star Empire's OMZM summer debut is likely being delayed, which I'm guessing is now replaced with the Nine Muses A comeback.

#84 Derby

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Posted 21 July 2016 - 05:12 AM

Wow they're really going crazy with the project groups

#85 Zaeleus


Posted 28 July 2016 - 04:38 AM

LAN Cable Friend I.O.I (2016-07-22) E03 (subbed (Team Ideal Subs): full (MediaFire))

"Produce 101 episode 17". Spoilers ahead.

I.O.I starts off at Ryan Jhun's studio to record a new song. While some members are recording, Robyul calls others to the roof of the building for physiognomies with physiognomist Kang Min Won.

  • So Hye: "I don't really believe in these things." With round eyes and a big mouth, you're like a duck. Your mouth makes you money. Your eyes are like a celebrity's. Your lucky element is water. If you don't continue being a singer, you make a career by eating.
  • Yoo Jung: You mouth is like a hippo. You face is of a young girl's, so when you become old, you'll still look young. Dimples make you sociable and talented. You get lonely when you're by yourself. Don't overwork yourself. You'll find a great partner in ten years.
  • Do Yeon: Your thick nose means you have strong pride like a tiger. You'll naturally have good wealth and fortune. Your lifeline (palm crease) shows you'll live for 100 years. Your partner will never betray you.
  • Na Young: You have Asian-like beauty, that of a noblewoman or queen. You act rather than discussing. The longer you wait to meet a partner, the more fortune it will bring.
  • Chung Ha: Your protruding cheek bones are symbolic of a celebrity face. Your half moon eyes means you'll be a good wife. You heart line (palm crease) is complex, meaning you'll meet someone, but it won't last long.
  • Jieqiong: Small chin, tall nose, and thin lips means you're like an ostrich, symbolizing elegance and gracefulness. A wide forehead means you're intelligent. Your husband will supplement your thin lips and weak jaw.
  • So Mi: Your bulging forehead means you're very bright. Your front teeth are like a rabbit's. This means you're a very curious person but get tired very easily. You'll receive a lot of love, but you'll have very little time to reciprocate. The many small lines on your hand mean you're very emotional. Your head line shows you're very smart, and your life line is long. Your golden age will be between 30-40.

Wealth ranks: Jeon So Mi > Zhou Jieqiong > Kim So Hye
Success ranks: Choi Yoo Jung > Kim Do Yeon > Kim So Hye
Love ranks: Im Na Young > Kim Chung Ha > Jeon So Mi

Do Yeon: "He said if someone comes, that person will never betray me, but I don't know when he will come... He also said I'll live until 100 years old!"
So Mi: "That's why you're living until 100 years old, unnie!"

Savage. :lol:

The second half of the episode, I.O.I goes to an amusement park in Wolmido. They must complete missions to receive money for the day. The members are split into two teams: So Mi, So Hye, Yoo Jung and Na Young, Jieqiong, Do Yeon, Chung Ha.

Mission 1: Perform a yoga fan with nearby fans. Teams are awarded 100 KRW for each second they hold the position.

  • So Mi team: 82 s (Yoo Jung falls)
  • Na Young team: 70 s (Chung Ha falls)

The teams use their funds to go on several rides and to buy snacks.

Mission 2: LAN Cable Time. Post a video on a social network telling fans to meet at the park. On the Viking ride, sign as many autographs to fans as possible. +100 KRW for every successful autograph.

Next week, random karaoke.

#86 Zaeleus


Posted 03 August 2016 - 04:27 AM

Yeun Jung made her first Cosmic Girls appearance in the last episode of their reality show Would You Like Girls (My Cosmic Diary) (see 2:08). (1theK has the season subbed.) She doesn't have too much screen time, but she does confirm that she was a trainee with the rest of the group before Produce 101.

#87 Zaeleus


Posted 08 August 2016 - 04:52 AM

I.O.I is doing a live broadcast for their upcoming single in ~10 minutes (14:00 KST (05:00 UTC)). Their initial teaser photo was... interesting, but the follow ups look great.


Edit: Broadcast notes.
  • Chungha choreographed the dance.
  • The manager's puppy has been roaming around the dance studio.
  • They teased a very short segment of the song.
  • Chungha was chosen as the center.
  • The full song will be revealed tonight at 23:30 KST (14:30 UTC) during a live showcase stream on Mnet.
  • The single will be released at 00:00 KST (15:00 UTC).
  • They did a short acrostic poem and ended the stream. (18:18, 56260 viewers, 1842123 hearts)

#88 Zaeleus


Posted 08 August 2016 - 04:20 PM

"Produce 101 (2016-08-09) E20". LAN Cable Friend I.O.I ended with five episodes, but Robyul seems to still be following them around.

"Whatta Man (Good man)" is out. Girl crush concept expectations exceeded.

#89 Molly


Posted 08 August 2016 - 05:16 PM

I love it! I miss Sejung and YeunJung but honestly this is great.

#90 Derby

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Posted 08 August 2016 - 07:02 PM

feeling sad already after this release knowing that Blackpink is gonna take the best rookie award from IOI's hands :(