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Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016) 16 replies to this topic Started by Zaeleus , Jul 21 2016 05:57 AM · 

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Posted 21 July 2016 - 05:57 AM


Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 is a rap survival show with a focus on female rappers. Each episode, contestants compete to win a track on a compilation album. Low performing contestants may be eliminated and replaced with new rappers.

This season is presented by hiphop producer YDG. The show's title track is "She's coming".


ContestantsEpisodesTracklist (Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube)


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Posted 21 July 2016 - 05:59 AM

Spoilers ahead.

There's a 1v1 permanent elimination battle live stream today at 20:00 KST (11:00 UTC). Online votes will rank the contestants. Streams will be on Naver (live) and tving (both region restricted).

The lineup:(Edit 2016-08-21: See episode 3 for results.)

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Posted 06 August 2016 - 01:36 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-07-29) E01 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Facebook))

Spoilers ahead.

The first episodes follows the previous seasons: individually arriving at the set, awkwardly staring at each other, the host comes in to start an cypher, first mission one-take music video, and voting for the worst rapper.
  • Kassy (pronounced kay-see) is the first to arrive and is given no backstory.
  • Next is Giant Pink, whose only real public appearance has been on Show Me The Money 5 (2016). (Though she is technically also in Mystic Entertainment's hiphop crew All I KNOW MUSIC.)
  • Jeon So Yeon enters with a story about not having been able to show her rap skill in Produce 101. She's still attending school, and apparently has to wear a wig since she dyed her hair. She wants to be known not as someone young who has gotten good but as someone who is good.
  • Ha Ju Yun comes in wanting to redeem herself from her golden days in Jewelry and her poor performance in SMTM5. She's been job hopping for the last two years.
  • After is Nada, who is praised for her mixtape. She guarantees to the viewers that she's coming in hard this season.
  • Janey's story is mostly about her time in GPBASIC and modeling in commercials. If given the choice, she'd rather pursue rapping. The show creates an implicit rivalry between So Yeon and Janey because they're the same age.
  • Miryo walks in, with all the other members showing their respect. She considers herself a first generation hiphop artist, having been rapping for 17+ years. She vowed never to go on another music survival show after embarrassingly forgetting her lyrics on Show Me The Money (2012), but she wants to overcome her fear of them by participating in UPRS3.
  • "Grazy" Grace confirms that she's living in her own world and wants to create her own style. Is she a rapper? Is she a singer? She just does what she does, creating her own genre "Grazy Hip Hop". She wants to show her own color on the show. She's the only one who comes in quite talkative, but Giant Pink shuts her down.
  • Euna Kim describes how her dreams are slowly going down hill. She was recruited after her appearance on Superstar K3 (2011) by YG Entertainment, collaborated with MFBTY, had a short-lived debut with THE ARK, but is now working part time at a restaurant. She has a short English conversation with Grace, and then surprises everyone by not recognizing legendary rapper Miryo in front her.
  • Yuk Ji Dam enters by trying to kick the door down, making everyone curious as to why she's on the show again. She wants to disprove to people that she's not done with rap.
YDG follows after everyone has greeted each other and starts the cypher initiation on top of The Fugees' "Ready or Not" (P1, P2): YDG => Giant Pink => Yuk Ji Dam => Euna Kim => Janey => Grace => Ha Ju Yun (video) => Miryo (video) => Kassy => Nada => Jeon So Yeon (video). This went really well until Kassy started rapid fire rapping and messed up her lyrics. Nada followed by fumbling as well.

Since everyone knew about the cypher, YDG asks to see some members freestyle instead. The topic is "first impressions of each other", which turns into a mini diss battle: So Yeon => Nada, Nada => So Yeon, Kassy => Giant Pink.

The show cuts to the first mission with producer Primary and director Lee Ki Baek (ZICO's "Boys and Girls", Girls' Generation's "You Think", etc.) describing the task: shoot a one-take music video. The worst performing rapper will be cut from the final edit of the video.

The members are given time to write lyrics to the track. The segment gives Kassy the Yezi editing by trying to show she can't count measures. When it comes to the hook, Yuk Ji Dam dislikes all the suggestions, but Grace's lyrics end up winning in the end. After a quick showdown, the members choose Giant Pink over Miryo to perform the bridge.

After a difficult shoot, as usual, the next session reveals the final, raw one-take video to YDG and the members. After reviewing the video, YDG asks everyone to vote for the best and worst rapper during the shoot: YDG => Ha Ju Yun (lacks confidence), Euna Kim => Ha Ju Yun (lacks confidence), Janey => Yuk Ji Dam (only cares about her appearance), Giant Pink => Kassy, Ha Ju Yun => Kassy, Grace => Euna Kim (lyrical mistake), Kassy => Euna Kim, Jeon So Yeon => Euna Kim, Nada => Kassy, Miryo => Kassy, Juk Ji Dam => Kassy. Final counts: Kassy (5), Euna Kim (3), Ha Ju Yun (2), Yuk Ji Dam (1).

Kassy's verse was removed from the final cut of the music video. Both the raw footage and final edit can be watched for comparison.

Next week, team battle missions.

  • Kassy: Not too impressed with her performance so far, especially since she hasn't doing anything well. A double-time meter during the cypher probably wasn't the best choice given the beat; it completely backfired on her. Getting cut from the music video is pretty harsh, but it's certainly better than getting eliminated.
  • Giant Pink: From her super husky voice to just her whole presentation, she's oozing that hard hiphop style. I look forward to her performing on the more aggressive tracks.
  • Jeon So Yeon: Far more assertive than I expected, and I approve of it. She's going to be fun in diss battles. She still has one of the more impressive flows out of the contestants. She's ridiculously good.
  • Ha Ju Yun: She really needs to step up if she wants to survive on the show. She's become very sulky far too early in the game.
  • Nada: An unfortunate failure during the cypher, so I'm left disappointed. TBD.
  • Janey: She's definitely grown up since her time in GPBASIC, and she sounds nearly identical.
  • Miryo: Miryo being Miryo. Did as well as I expected.
  • Grace: Definitely the most entertaining member so far with her unique charisma. She's just so funny. I'm still unsure about her rapping, but she is mighty confident in herself.
  • Euna Kim: Her intro rap was fine; her MV performance was bad. TBD.
  • Yuk Ji Dam: She's quite different from season 1, particularly a change in both character and attitude. That maniacal cackle after Janey called her out at the end was hilariously unexpected (P2 35:07).

#4 Molly


Posted 12 August 2016 - 09:00 PM

So I finally watched this. Soyeon, Euna, and Janey are my favorites, but I'm biased because I already liked the three of them.

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Posted 13 August 2016 - 09:06 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-08-05) E02 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Facebook) or Part 1, Part 2 (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

The episode continues from the previous music video rankings. This time, they vote on the best performer: YDG => Jeon So Yeon, Giant Pink => Miryo, Ha Ju Yun => Miryo, Euna Kim => Jeon So Yeon, Jeon So Yeon => Giant Pink, Nada => Gaint Pink, Miryo => Yuk Ji Dam, Yuk Ji Dam => Giant Pink, Janey => Giant Pink, Kassy => Giant Pink, Grace => Giant Pink. Final counts: Giant Pink (6), Miryo (2), Jeon So Yeon (2).

Full rankings:
  • Giant Pink
  • Jeon So Yeon
  • Miryo
  • Nada
  • Grace
  • Yuk Ji Dam
  • Janey
  • Ha Ju Yun
  • Euna Kim
  • Kassy
The second track producer is revealed to be "Korean hip hop godfather" Gil with featured artist Mad Clown. The contestants must split into three groups and have six hours to create a performance. A live audience will vote for a single team. All members in the winning team are eligible to battle for the track, one member in the second place team, and no members in the last place team.

Giant Pink's perk for first place is that she gets first pick on the song and team members. She chooses "Horangnabi" along with Yuk Ji Dam and Nada. So Yeon chooses "My Way" with Miryo and Ha Ju Yun. Finally, Grace gets the final song "I'm Not Laughing" and picks Euna Kim and Kassy. This leaves Janey, who Giant Pink assigns to Grace's team. (The second perk of getting first.)

Group performances and votes:Giant Pink, Yuk Ji Dam, Nada, and Miryo proceed to solo battles.Yuk Ji Dam wins the second track "Ppamppamhae (Prod. by Gil) (Feat. Mad Clown)", mostly for her playful lyrics.

Next week, online broadcast 1v1 permanent elimination battles. This is the one that streamed a few weeks ago.

  • Gil praised Kassy quite a bit in this episode, despite the others voting her as the worst. Her rapping isn't bad, but her stage presence is lacking. She has a habit of hunching her shoulders and looking completely stiff when performing.
  • So Yeon complains about Nada not having confidence, but wow, Ju Yun is just void of it. She has so much prior experience, yet she looks like a complete novice.
  • It was a poor decision to use tracks from different generations for the group performances. The gap between first and second place is huge, likely due to a voter bias for the more popular song, especially since it was a hit on SMTM5.
  • Janey has a harsh breathing technique; she gets super screechy gasping for air. It almost reminds me of guitar fret/string noise.
  • Grace's outfits and accessories are great. Every episode, it's a fun surprise.
  • The constant discord between Ji Dam and Janey is kind of hilarious. I'm curious to see how far they're going to take their behind-the-back dissing.
  • Listening to the final version of the second track, it's quite obvious the image and style Gil was going for. I liked Giant Pink's performance the best of the four, but she wouldn't have suited the song.

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Posted 20 August 2016 - 05:45 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-08-12) E03 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Facebook) or Part 1, Part 2 (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

1v1 permanent elimation battle. Each rapper chooses her opponent to face off in a live online broadcast. Viewers vote on the better rapper, with the worse being placed as a candidate for elimination.
  • Giant Pink (255) vs Kassy (94) (full; live) (171cm (111% (orig. Dok2)))
    So Yeon: I had such low expectations for Kassy, but she did surprsingly well.
  • Miryo (278) vs Nada (?) (full; live) (Today (Beat by D.O))
    Miryo: "My tone seems better than Nada's. Disadvantage: breast size."
    So Yeon: Nada seemed to nervous on stage; she was blinking so much.
    Grace: I noticed Nada's stomach was red. It always turns red when she's nervous.
  • Janey (181) vs Euna Kim (268) (full; live) (괜찮아 (Gwaenchanha; It's All Good) (Beat by D.O))
    Miryo: "No matter how good [Janey's] lyrics are, she can't deliver them well."
    Grace: "Janey was too excited. She's always too excited."
  • Jeon So Yeon (651) vs Ha Ju Yun (291) (full; live) (누가 나를 알아 (Nuga Nareul Ara; Who Knows Me) (Give It To Me (orig. YDG)))
    So Yeon chooses Ha Ju Yun, Yuk Ji Dam, and Grace, who all refuse her challenge. Ha Ju Yun becomes So Yeon's opponent by defualt.
    Miryo: "[Ju Yun] was so confident today. Her image blew me away."
    Giant Pink: "I think So Yeon will win, but if I had to vote, I'd give it to Ju Yun."
  • Grace (?) vs Yuk Ji Dam (254) (full; live)
    Giant Pink: Ji Dam's old and new rap style are completely different. I'm not sure the public will like her new one.
    So Yeon: To be honest, Grace had better stage presence.
Kassy, Nada, Janey, Ha Ju Yun, and Grace become candidates for elimination. The two rappers with the most votes, Ha Ju Yun and Janey, are saved. The rapper with the lowest score, Kassy, can choose to battle Nada or Grace.
  • Grace (full; live) (SLAY (orig. "Don't Worry" by PARTYNEXTDOOR))
    Re: "Sharpening anther knife... grind, grind / I'll slash everyone" Yuk Ji Dam: It was like I was watching a horror movie. Miryo: "Oh my god, I was a little scared."
  • Kassy (NVM (Never Mind) (full; live) (orig. "I mean it" by G-Eazy (Feat. Remo)))
    Giant Pink: Kassy isn't a bad rapper, but she's not ready to compete.
The final elimination outcome is chosen by votes from the other nine contestants: Miryo => Kassy, Jeon So Yeon => Kassy, Yuk Ji Dam => Kassy, Ha Ju Yun => Kassy, Euna Kim => Kassy. Kassy is eliminated by majority vote.

The next meeting, YDG introduces two additional contestants: Kool Kid (live) (Ji Yoo Min from K-Pop Star 4 (2014)) and Ash-B (previously on Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 (2015)).

Next week, 1v1 diss battles for track 3.

  • Line up changes were again too early this season. At least Kassy went out with a bang.
  • Ha Ju Yun, Yuk Ji Dam, and Grace rightfully refused Jeon So Yeon's challenge for the elimination battle. So Yeon is good, but it's clear from the votes that she still has a massive fan following. I expect contestants will try to avoid her in any more live voting battles.
  • I suggest watching the full clips for the performances. The editing in this episode was awful.

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Posted 23 August 2016 - 10:18 PM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 Rapper Addition Match (2016-08-09) (raw: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (YouTube); subbed (BBX Subs): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Facebook) or Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

This audition match is an exclusive online episode that goes through the process of choosing the additional contestants revealed at the end of episode 3.

It begins similar to episode 1. Six members are individually introduced and take part in a cypher (track: Future - Fuck Up Some Commas), which surprisingly no one messes up.The first elimination round is a 1v1 battle. A live audience votes for the favored rapper. Performances, track, and votes:
  • Ash-B (Mama give me some soul (Beat by hotsource)) (133)
  • Lola Rose (자존심 (Jajonsim; Pride) (orig. FAME-J)) (65)
  • Kool Kid (Paradise (orig. "Up Like Trump" by Rae Sremmurd)) (167)
  • Ki Huihyeon (사고치고 싶어 (Sagochigo Sipeo) (orig. "679" by Fetty Wap)) (31)
  • Ra$on (드루와 (Deuruwa) (Beat by TD Beat)) (81)
  • Tilda (Snapback And Backpack (orig. "Microphone Fiend" by Eric B. & Rakim)) (117)
The rappers who passed the first round move on to a final 1v1v1 battle. For a spot on the show, the candidate needs at least 100 votes from the pool of 244 audience votes. The results are formally revealed in episode 3.
  • Tilda (Yes You Can (orig. "Pad And Pen" by A Tribe Called Quest)) (?)
  • Kool Kid (Tough Cookie (orig. ZICO) (128)
  • Ash-B (orig. "Back Up" by Snoop Dogg) (100-127?)

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 04:46 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-08-19) E04 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Facebook) or Part 1, Part 2 (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

1v1 diss battle. A random contestant chooses from volunteers who she wishes to face. Miryo is last and got to choose from the teams already formed.

Track 3's producer is revealed to be KUSH. He chooses the winning rapper in each battle.Winners move on to a live solo stage in front of an audience. The track has two winners: one chosen by the audience and one by the producer.Jeon So Yeon and Nada win track 3: "무서워 (Prod. by KUSH)" ("Museowo"; "Scary").

Next week, UPRS vs SMTM.

  • This was overall a great diss battle episode. A lot of the lyrics were absolutely savage.
  • Janey vs Yuk Ji Dam was satisfying to watch, given how much they talk bad about each other in their interviews. Interesting that KUSH gave Janey the upper hand for her recovery. It's funny to see Yuk Ji Dam start with her theatrics and every battle forward had some sort of costume or prop to go along with it.
  • Nada's finisher where she pulls up her shirt to Giant Pink was a comical final knife twist in the wound. This was a no contest battle.
  • Grace vs Ash-B was another fantastic one, showing how far some internet research can go. Grace browsing a magazine while being dissed and her choice of using the track Ash-B was previously eliminated with was a nice touch. Ash-B has significantly improved since last season.
  • Kool Kid had by far the most embarrassing loss in Unpretty Rapstar history, being worse than both Lil Cham (vs Jessi in S1) and Sua (vs Yezi in S2). She did so well in the audition episode yet completely failed to compete in the diss battle. I was expecting some Produce 101 jabs, particularly since her beat choice was "Stunt 101". I still have no idea why So Yeon decided to put on her Produce 101 uniform, but it's unfortunate she didn't get to experience a proper diss battle.
  • I'm disappointed in the niceties between Miryo and Ju Yun. Miryo is shoving Euna Kim around and barely disses Ju Yun, and Ju Yun doesn't even attempt to diss Miryo.
  • KUSH's track is much better than Gil's track 2.

#9 Zaeleus


Posted 07 September 2016 - 12:58 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-08-28) E05 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Facebook) or Part 1, Part 2 (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

The episode begins with the elimination candidate deathmatch from the 1v1 diss battle.

  • Kool Kid (Born Hater (orig. Epik High), Panda (orig. Desiigner))
  • Euna Kim (Beat by D.O)

Kool Kid is eliminated from the show by majority vote from the other contestants.

The fourth track mission is revealed to be an UPRS3 vs SMTM5 battle, and the track producer is San E. Each contestant performs in front a live audience, whose votes, along with the MC and producer, are used to rank each rapper. UPRS contestants who rank in the top 10 are eligible to win track 4. Those ranked 11-19 become elimination candidates. A member who ranks 20 is automatically eliminated.

After a rehearsal, the performances begin. Final ranks and votes (out of 240):

Unknown rank performances:

Euna Kim, Ha Ju Yun, Janey, Ash-B, and Grace become elimination candidates. Grace is the lowest ranked and gets to choose her opponent for a deathmatch: Janey.

The five track candidates have a solo battle. San E determines the final track winner.

Nada wins track 4 "Sticky (Prod. by San E) (Feat. San E)".

Next week, unpretty pool party with DEAN.


  • The Kool Kid vs Euna Kim battle was disastrous. At least Euna Kim saved herself by freestyling.
  • On the plus side, Kool Kid technically lasted longer than Kim from season 2. Unfortunately, Kool Kid is now the worst performing contestant to be on UPRS.
  • How to win a rap survival show: perform "Horangnabi".
  • It's a shame Euna Kim's performance was cut from the episode. That was a hyped stage.
  • Mnet censored so much of So Yeon's "Sticky" performance, and they didn't even upload full and live versions. I'm going to assume she went all out lewd. :lol:

#10 Ap2000

  • I program stuff.

Posted 07 September 2016 - 07:28 AM

Another rapper made a "diss track" about this show:

#11 Zaeleus


Posted 08 September 2016 - 04:03 AM

Another rapper made a "diss track" about this show:

It's weird Tymee is dissing the season she's not even in. The lyrics are generalized more toward the concept of the series, and she transitions into gender inequality issues the latter half of the rap. The only concrete diss she really says about UPRS3 is in an Instragram post about how Giant Pink and Yuk Ji Dam are the only two "real" rappers this season.

We can still analyze some lines from her rap though, using the translation by Tymee subs. As mentioned before, it is very abstract; perhaps some context is lost in translation.

"Jessi wannabes, everyone tries"

As of August 2016, Jessi is the most well-known female rapper in South Korea (second being Yoon Mi Rae and third, Yuk Ji Dam). This is likely attributed to her role on reality show Sister's Slam Dunk (2016).

Since this is a diss rap, I'll interpret this line as contestants not aspiring to be like Jessi but copying her character to try to become as popular as she. I would have thought this is targeting Yuk Ji Dam, since Jessi nurtured her in season 1 and her attitude in the current season is reminiscent of Jessi's, but Tymee clarified that Yuk Ji Dam is clear from this diss. I'm not sure who else in this season is trying to do this.

"Bitches calling themselves rappers, coming from the idol world
But I respect ZICO

One could argue there are indeed quite a few "idols" in this season: Euna Kim (former THE ARK), Janey (former GPBASIC), Ha Ju Yun (former Jewelry), Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls), Nada (WASSUP), and Jeon So Yeon (CUBE idol trainee). Though note that a majority of them are not really considered K-pop idols anymore.

For a rap about female discrimination, it's probably best not to discriminate against another group, i.e., idol rappers, here. Previous seasons of UPRS and even SMTM have both shown that such rappers do have the skill to compete with "hardcore" underground rappers.

It's random that ZICO is called out here, but it may just be because he was a producer on season 1. Though he is known as an underground rapper and producer, he certainly was popularized and gained idol status from being in the boy group Block B. One of their best charting songs "HER" is a pop song, not hip hop/rap (source).

I'm curious what Tymee thinks about other underground rappers that became idols like Park Kyung (Block B), LE (EXID), and even Miryo.

"Someone else wrote the lyrics for you
Pretending to be a rapper
You got busted

While possible, I'm not aware of anyone on the show ever being accused of having a ghostwriter, outside of baseless attacks in diss battles. UPRS even has same-day missions where contestants have to write lyrics hours before a performance, so I'd expect this to be rather difficult to pull off on a rap survival show.

"If you are real, take out a pen and paper, not lipstick"

In the context of UPRS3, I would again think this is about Yuk Ji Dam, since the show does make it look like she's very conscious about her appearance, always checking her makeup and lipstick. This is Janey's recurring complaint toward Yuk Ji Dam as well. (See also their diss battle.)

"Popularity contest becoming cancer"

This is an inherent problem with public voting itself. People tend to vote for their favorites, not the ones with the best skill in the pool of contestants.

There are shows that try to avoid this bias like King of the Masked Singer (2015), which requires contestants to hide their identity for each performance (example), and Girl Spirit (2016), where the votes are counted from a panel of experienced artists and an audience of people who study music, which should better objectively rank each artist.

"Superbee, MyunDo, Show Me The Money 5 kids
If they dressed up as girls, they would rip you apart

This is a rather unfortunate and incorrect prediction. Half of the UPRS3 contestants ranked higher than MyunDo in the UPRS vs SMTM battle. Giant Pink and Miryo were 2 and 4 points (from 219), respectively, away from first place. With so many UPRS contestants in the top 10, the male challengers did not crush the competition, as Tymee claimed they would.

Also note that season 2 had a similar outcome.

#12 Zaeleus


Posted 22 September 2016 - 06:11 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-09-02) E06 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Facebook) or Part 1, Part 2 (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

The episode begins with the Grace vs Janey elimination deathmatch from the previous episode.Janey is eliminated by majority vote.

Cut to all the surviving members arriving at a vacation home and pool. Everyone ogles at Nada's boobs and dances to various songs. The fun is abruptly ended by YDG when he tells everyone there is a mid-season review. Contestants must rank each other for the best and worst rapper, excluding themselves. The last two rappers are candidates for an elimination battle.
  • Jeon So Yeon
  • Giant Pink
  • Yuk Ji Dam
  • Nada
  • Miryo
  • Grace
  • Ash-B
  • Euna Kim
  • Ha Ju Yun
Being the bottom two ranked rappers, Euna Kim and Ha Ju Yun are asked to leave.

Dean appears to reveal he's the producer for both tracks 5 and 6. Contestants are allowed to choose the track they prefer, in order of the previous rank. Members then perform a same-day group battle, where the top two in each group are chosen by Dean to move on to a final battle for the tracks.After a stop at a make up shop, the final stages are done in front of a live audience. The winner of each track is chosen by Dean.Miryo wins track 5 "Ain't Got Nobody (Feat. DEAN); and Yuk Ji Dam, track 6 "No Thx (Feat. DEAN, Suran)".

The final stage is the Ha Ju Yun vs Euna Kim elimination battle. The outcome is by audience vote (out of 254).Ha Ju Yun is the fourth eliminated contestant.

Next week, team diss battles SMTM style.

#13 Zaeleus


Posted 02 October 2016 - 07:46 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-09-09) E07 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Part 1, Part 2 (Facebook) or Part 1, Part 2 (openload))

Subs are far too behind at this point, especially since the season ended last Friday. I'll be watching the raws and posting results. Spoilers ahead.

YDG reveals the next track mission is a 2v2 team diss battle, à la Show Me The Money. The audience can cast votes by throwing a colored towel into the arena. Swings is the producer for track 6.The winners of the team diss battles move to the next round where they perform in front of an audience.Nada and Giant Pink are chosen by Swings for a final 1v1 battle.Nada wins track 7 "Nothing (Feat. Swings) (Prod. by Swings)".

Next week, a final elimination stage and the start of the quarterfinals.

#14 Zaeleus


Posted 02 October 2016 - 08:22 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-09-16) E08 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Full (Facebook) or Full (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

The episode starts with the losers of the 2v2 diss battles from the previous episode: Grace, Ash-B, Euna Kim, and Yuk Ji Dam. From a panel of 18 rappers (G2, Tymee, Basick, Yezi, Boi B, Donutman, Truedy, Hanhae, #GUN, Innovator, Sik-K, et al.), they vote for 2 contestants to be saved.Grace and Euna Kim are eliminated. The final six contestants are Jeon So Yeon, Nada, Miryo, Giant Pink, Ash-B, and Yuk Ji Dam.

The quarterfinals start after each contestant chooses her opponent. Results and votes:Next week, the continuation of the quarterfinals and start of the semis.

#15 Zaeleus


Posted 02 October 2016 - 08:47 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-09-23) E09 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Full (Facebook) or Full (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

The episode continues with the quarterfinal rounds. Results and votes:After the performances, YDG reveals that one of the eliminated members will be saved by an audience vote.
  • Miryo (170 votes)
  • Nada (352)
  • Yuk Ji Dam (173)
Miryo and Yuk Ji Dam are eliminated. After each chooses her opponent, Jeon So Yeon, Ash-B, Gaint Pink, and Nada move on to the semifinals.Next week, the season finale!

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Posted 02 October 2016 - 09:12 AM

Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3 (2016-09-30) E10 (raw: Mnet or OnDemandKorea; subbed (BBX Subs): Full (openload))

Spoilers ahead.

This continues straight from the previous episode into Giant Pink's performance.Nada and Giant Pink move to the final round, which is split into solo and group performances. Dok2 is the final track producer.Giant Pink is the season winner of Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 3.

There was also a special performance of "She's coming", which was cut from the episode: Ha Ju Yun, Kassy, Kool Kid, Euna Kim, Grace, Janey - She's coming (live).

#17 Zaeleus


Posted 31 October 2016 - 05:13 AM

A couple of post-UPRS3 tracks: Miryo, Giant Pink - Rock-Scissors-Paper and Grace - Trick or Treat.