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Hello!Project Members Ranking - End of 2019 edition 9 replies to this topic Started by DonJuan , Dec 07 2019 09:13 PM · 

#1 DonJuan


Posted 07 December 2019 - 09:13 PM

Following our tradition of yearly rankings! Unfortunately I can't like the sorter, since geocities is no more.
Compare with the other years: late '18, early '18, '16, late '15, '15, '14, '13, '12
I know some folks have been out of loop with H!P for some time, so I'm just gonna add the groups like that. I'm also gonna add who's new and who's not gonna be there next year anymore.
Morning Musume.'19




Country Girls

Kobushi Factory

Tsubaki Factory

Beyooooonds (all new)

Happy ranking!

#2 DonJuan


Posted 07 December 2019 - 10:03 PM

I'm gonna be that guy, make a new post for my own ranking and use my typical coloured ranking: Like a lot - like - okay - don't care - go away
Here's my previous years: 2018 (December), 2018 (January), 2016
Morning Musume.'19

1. Haga Akane (2)
2. Yokoyama Reina (3)
3. Kitagawa Rio (new)
4. Okamura Homare (new)

5. Makino Maria (4)
6. Kaga Kaede (7)

7. Ishida Ayumi (5)
8. Yamazaki Mei (new)
9. Ikuta Erina (8)
10. Satou Masaki (11)
11. Oda Sakura (6)
12. Nonaka Miki (9)
13. Fukumura Mizuki (12)
14. Morito Chisaki (10)
You know... the weirdest thing is that, after many, many years, I come to like Ikuta and even Masaki. Ikuta has been serving looks for months this year, and while I still think she doesn't really add anything to the group, I don't dislike her anymore. Like, I see that she's a nice senpai, looking at how she gets along with Yokoyan and 15th gen.
If you've followed what I've posted in the forum so far you know that I'm not keen on Masaki. However, what I've noticed is that while her voice can be horribly off - she adds her little something to the group. She is interesting. She just sticks out like a sore thumb because everyone else is super boring. She's also super extra off screen and I'll never get into her "off" character she sometimes has at (the very rare) TV appearances, but other than that she can be quite nice and kind. Just today I've seen the national handshake announcement for the new single and she was the only one who went to help surprise MC Homare to hold all the stuff (sign, notepad with hints, etc.). I always knew I disliked her mostly for her annoying fans, and I always knew this was super petty, but lately I'm in a "maybe Masaki isn't that bad" mood.
That being said, I couldn't care less for anyone older than 12th gen. They could decide to graduate all 5 of the remaining 9th/10th/11th gen members and I wouldn't even care. I'm super ready for new gen Momusu, and that's why 15th gen is so high in my rankings.

1. Nakanishi Kana (-)
2. Kamikokuryo Moe (-)
3. Takeuchi Akari (-)
4. Wada Ayaka (-)
5. Sasaki Rikako (6)
6. Funaki Musubu (8)
7. Kasahara Momona (5)
8. Ise Layla (12)
9. Kawamura Ayano (-)
10. Murota Mizuki (7)
11. Hashisako Rin (new)
12. Katsuta Rina (10)
13. Oota Haruka (11)

The additions of Layla and Haruka still confuse the hell out of me. At least Layla is somewhat camera ready, but Haruka? Rin is on thin fucking ice, but for some reason I think she's adorable. I'm not sure if I'm gonna miss Rina, but at least I didn't dislike her anymore for the last two years. Wada leaving will be a big thing since she was a completely different leader from all the other current ones in H!P, but Takechan seems to be doing a good job so far.
I don't know what happened to Murotan. I feel like she's been dropping for some years now. She's still decent, don't get me wrong (there's honestly no one that I dislike in ANGERME, even though jury's still out for Haruka), but it feels like she's already over her prime. Weird.
Also don't worry about Rikako. She might be "only" #5 in my list, but I acknowledge that she's been rocking this whole year.
1. Kanazawa Tomoko (-)
2. Miyazaki Yuka (-)
3. Yanagawa Nanami (6)
4. Dambara Ruru (-)
5. Takagi Sayuki (5)
6. Uemura Akari (3)
7. Matsunaga Riai (new)
8. Miyamoto Karin (7)
9. Kudo Yume (new)
10. Inaba Manaka (8)
There are things that will never change, and that's Tomoko on top of this list. I know she's already "that age", and that's why my number 2-4 of the current line-up (Ruru, Sayuki, Uemuu) battle for my attention. Sayuki and Ruru are raising, Uemuu is dropping, I'll never be super into Karin and Riai and Yume look promising. Oh, and Manaka is also there. I think adding two more vocally capable girls is putting her in a bad place since that definitely makes her the worst singer since Yuka's and Nanami's graduations. But honestly... adding Manaka was a weird step after all. No offense.


Country Girls


1. Ozeki Mai (-)

2. Funaki Musubu (-)

3. Yanagawa Nanami (4)

4. Yamaki Risa (3)

5. Morito Chisaki (-)


Well... this is the end. We all knew it was going to come, I myself have always talked about it, here it is. Bye bye Country Girls, your first two years were a blast. I'm pretty sad that Yamakki ends her idol career as a whole, but I guess it can't be helped. Hopefully we can follow Ozeko on her future path.
Kobushi Factory
1. Hirose Ayaka (-)
2. Nomura Minami (-)
3. Inoue Rei (-)
4. Wada Sakurako (-)
5. Hamaura Ayano (-)

This is exactly the same ranking as last year. While Ayapan is my #1 I want to add that Minami had a really great year and that I enjoyed her a lot.
Hamachan is probably the worst ace since... Koharu? No offense, but she is boring and the weakest singer in the group. Sometimes I wonder how Kobushi's acapella songs would sound if a better singer was part of the group and took over Hamachan's parts...


Tsubaki Factory


1. Kishimoto Yumeno (-)

2. Ogata Risa (-)

3. Ono Mizuho (-)

4. Akiyama Mao (-)

5. Asakura Kiki (-)

6. Onoda Saori (-)

7. Tanimoto Ami (-)

8. Niinuma Kisora (-)

9. Yamagishi Riko (-)


Another ranking that hasn't changed one bit. Alright, I added Ami to the "go away" category - honestly, the last three are not meant to be idols.

Management made a grave mistake by keeping Tsubaki in limbo since their single in February. What the hell were they thinking? H!P does create the biggest buzz with singles, they can't get any attention otherwise. For H!P's next big thing they had a really shitty year. They could have pulled a Masaki and release a real single without Kiki (like MM did with Jealousy/BNM).

I, for once, welcome Beyooooonds as the next big H!P thing.




1. Takase Kurumi

2. Hirai Miyo

3. Nishida Shiori

4. Maeda Kokoro

5. Okamura Minami

6. Kobayashi Honoka

7. Yamazaki Yuhane

8. Eguchi Saya

9. Shimakura Rika

10. Ichioka Reina

11. Kiyono Momohime

12. Satoyoshi Utano


Not gonna lie: Beyooooonds is a mess. I like them all, the ranking will probably change with every release.

In the beginning I thought I would not like Eguchi but I was wrong. Don't get me wrong: Utano, Momohime, Reina, Rika... they're all great. I think this is the first group where I don't question the addition of a certain member. Everybody was added for a reason, and it shows.


I won't do an overall H!P ranking, just think that my red ones are my tops and my blue ones are my bottoms.

#3 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 07 December 2019 - 10:28 PM

Here is the sorter. I’ll throw my ranking up eventually. I don’t think I did one on here last year. But I do think I did one elsewhere. I’ll see if I can find it. http://hpsort.is-min.../mergesort.html

#4 DonJuan


Posted 07 December 2019 - 11:14 PM

Thanks for the sorter! Maybe I'll add my overall ranking after all.

/Edit: Aaaand here we go:


1. Kanazawa Tomoko

2. Haga Akane

3. Yokoyama Reina

4. Nakanishi Kana

5. Dambara Ruru

6. Kishimoto Yumeno

7. Kamikokuryo Moe

8. Takeuchi Akari

9. Funaki Musubu

10. Hirose Ayaka


52. Sato Masaki

53. Inaba Manaka

54. Onoda Saori

55. Tanimoto Ami

56. Nonaka Miki

57. Fukumura Mizuki

58. Morito Chisaki

59. Katsuta Rina

60. Oota Haruka

61. Niinuma Kisora

62. Yamagishi Riko

#5 JPope

  • Dick

Posted 10 December 2019 - 11:58 PM

I think this is the first time I've ever done one of these, which shows how into current-day H!P I am.
Sato Masaki
Oda Sakura
Ishida Ayumi
Nonaka Miki
Okamura Homare
Yamazaki Mei
Kitagawa Rio
Yokoyama Reina
Makino Maria
Haga Akane
Kaga Kaede
Morito Chisaki
Fukumura Mizuki
Ikuta Erina
I've broken MM into four parts: Established members I think are pretty good; n00bs; Established members that disappoint me; Established members who I wouldn't miss if they left tomorrow. The order is favorite to least favorite, but I don't dislike any of them personally. I thought about putting Chisaki in the 3rd group, but honestly, she has never seemed like she belonged in MM to me. The 3rd group is the most interesting to me: I wanted to like all of them except Haga, and all of them have been disappointments IMO. However, Haga has actually moved up in recent years to the point where I've not only accepted her, but I actually root for her. 
Takeuchi Akari
Sasaki Rikako
Funaki Musubu
Murota Mizuki
Kamikokuryo Moe
Nakanishi Kana
Ise Layla
Kasahara Momona
Kawamura Ayano
Oota Haruka
Hashisako Rin
Takeuchi is my favorite current idol, period. I feel like she's under-rated despite her popularity, but she does everything pretty well, and she has an old-school H!P personality. She could've totally earned face time on Utaban with those Golden Era groups. The rest of the top group are all great, and I'm still pissed we're losing Funaki, because she rocketed up my list the past two years. Bottom part is n00bs and disappointments. Layla seems like she might be able to hang with the big girls eventually.
Takagi Sayuki
Miyamoto Karin
Dambara Ruru
Kanazawa Tomoko
Uemura Akari
Miyazaki Yuka
Matsunaga Riai
Kudo Yume
Inaba Manaka
Yanagawa Nanami
Sayuki has always been my favorite in J=J, Karin gets the nudge over Ruru for being a more complete idol even if I like Ruru's voice more, and Tomoko has a natural coolness that I always loved (even if her voice kind of annoys me.) The ranking from there is loose, because I like every girl in this group. J=J's weakest link would still hold her own in any other H!P unit.
Kishimoto Yumeno
Asakura Kiki
Akiyama Mao
Ono Mizuho
Ogata Risa
Niinuma Kisora
Onoda Saori
Tanimoto Ami
Yamagishi Riko
This one is Top 3 and the rest, where "the rest" are unranked because, for me, TF is a prime example of the adage "the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts." Mao has an undeniable presence, Kiki was sort of the face of the group until she disappeared for several months, and Kishimon is impossible to not like. She's not a great singer -- or even very good -- but what she has, she gives you every time. If you haven't seen any clips of her studio takes on Upcoming, go check them out. She puts so much passion into every line, and I wish I could wave a magic wand and give her a voice that's as strong as that passion. She's one of my favorites in all of H!P.
No ranking because if TF is an example of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," KF is the definitive example of it, for me anyway. The Great Fire of 2017 sapped KF of a lot of it's personality (mostly Natsumi), but made them a stronger and more focused vocal group. I like that they've all bought into honing their vocal skills, because it's their greatest strength. I like all these girls pretty much equally.
Kiyono Momohime
Kobayashi Honoka
Hirai Miyo
Yamazaki Yuhane
Maeda Kokoro
Takase Kurumi
Nishida Shiori
Shimakura Rika
Ichioka Reina
Eguchi Saya
Satoyoshi Utano
Okamura Minami
What can I say, this group is awesome -- one of the most talented groups to debut in H!P. Someone here said that Beyooooonds feels like they're not really an H!P group, and while I don't buy into that completely -- I think their soul is H!P -- there's definitely some truth to that. I've always wondered what Momoclo would be like with more talent, and Beyooooonds has opened a small window into that alternate reality.  The first grouping is loosely ranked, but it's based off of very limited exposure to the group. They're just the ones who have stood out to me and seem to have the greatest potential. The second group are girls I just don't know enough about to have formed an opinion.
EDIT: Yamazaki Yuhane just jumped from the "Don't know anything about her" group to 4th after hearing her studio take of "Gannen Bungee Jump" on Upcoming. She's got a little fire in her voice and seems pretty cool. 

#6 AquaChan

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 11 December 2019 - 01:27 AM

I procrastinated to this yesterday, but here I am, procrastinating once more. (It's really interesting to see how my own taste evolve lol)

2018 / 2017 / 2015 / 2014 / 2011
1. Yokoyama Reina (2018: #1 / 2017: #5): I just love how she is just enjoying every moment on stage. Her friendship with Ikuta is cute. Even if her singing still lacks a bit.
2. Kamikokuryou Moe (2018: #2 / 2017: #1): Now that Wada and Katsuta are gone, she is one of the most reliable members of Anju.
3. Dambara Ruru (2018: #7 / 2017: #12): She really blossomed in the last year, especially on Hitori de.
4. Sasaki Rikako (2018: #2 / 2017: #2 / 2015: #7): Not that I don't enjoy her as much as before, but she got competition.
5. Haga Akane (2018: #5 / 2017: #6 / 2015: #41): She seems to carry on her way, improving a lot her stage presence.
5. Takeuchi Akari (2018: #2 / 2017: #10 / 2015: #21 / 2014: #24): She seems so natural in her new role of leader.
7. Funaki Musubu (2017: #4): Still hyper sad that she is already graduating next spring.
8. Ise Layla (new): Wow, how she ended up so high? I feel that she has a lot of potential, curious to she her stabilize a bit more.
9. Kishimoto Yumeno (2018: #5 / 2017: #3): With a slow year for Tsubaki, it doesn't suprise me.
10. Uemura Akari (2018: #10 / 2017: #8 / 2015: #6 / 2014: #6)

Full ranking

About the groups:
Morning Musume '19:
With boring songs and the same recipe on and on, the group is getting really stale to me.
I have high hopes on gen 15th, hoping they won't be pushed in the back like the previous 12~13th gen, but to me they need one or two graduations of the main singers to shake things up a little more.

On the other hand, Angerme got a pretty big year, with 3 graduations and 1 addition. I don't really have an opinion on Rin since she is mostly in the shadows, but I really don't like Oota and really appreciate Ise.
Last single was pretty solid, I hope they can build on that.

With Yuuka and Yanamin gone, it's the most solid performing group of H!P right now, even if Inaba still feels out of place in it.
The all the level shown by Takagi/Miyamoto/Dambara, I feel that the 2 new girls are in good hands.

Country Girl:
Well, I can't say I really liked this group, but it shouldn't be the end that they deserve.

Even if I like some members individually, I haven't paid much attention nor liked their songs since the mass exodus.

Got stuck in limbo for most of the year, haven't though too much about them.

What. A. Debut. Bring me concept like these every single and I'm freaking sold on them.

#7 Haru

  • (◡‿◡✿)

Posted 11 December 2019 - 09:45 PM

There's far too many girls for me to keep my attention on the sorter, so I'll just list my top five is probably something like...

1 - Takase Kurumi
2 - Yamazaki Mei
3 - Dambara Ruru
4 - Ichioka Reina
5 - Kiyono Momohime

Maria just misses the mark at #6. I do not have feelings for any of the others lmao.

MM despite being super polished feels the weakest of the groups now honestly, til the new girls came. Mei got me feelin' those oshi feels and it's probably only a matter of time til she overtakes from Kurumi.
Literally my top 5 are all new as major debuts except Ruru, but Ruru is a girl I've been eyeing for literal eons. Her being in JJ is absolutely perfect.
My issue ranking BEYOOOOOONDS is they're all perfect in some way. I'm so glad they took a bit to debut because it was the last minute polishing they needed, I feel.

#8 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
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Posted 12 December 2019 - 12:58 AM

Here’s my list. I found it and updated it with this years list. It’s easier than typing it out every year.

Beyooooonds has really taken over. Morning Musume really took a split. Juice continues to dominate for me. Angerme, Kobushi and Tsubaki continue to flip flop depending on my moods.


But my overall top 10 this year

1. Oda Sakura
2. Danbara Ruru
3. Miyamoto Karin
4. Kishimoto Yumeno
5. Takagi Sayuki
6. Kitagawa Rio
7. Hirai Miyo
8. Kaga Kaede
9. Inaba Manaka
10. Kobayashi Honoka

#9 TicTacAnyone

  • Danbara's #1 fan

Posted 12 December 2019 - 01:38 AM

Rankings by groups;

Morning Musume top 3:

1. Sato Masaki

2. Yamazaki Mei

3. Haga Akane


bottom 3:

12. Kaga Kaede

13. Kitagawa Rio

14. Ishida Ayumi


Angerme top 3:

1. Sasaki Rikako

2. Murota Mizuki

3. Kawamura Ayano


bottom 3:

10. Oota Haruka

11. Katsuta Rina

12. Nakanishi Kana



Juice=Juice top 3:

1. Danbara Ruru

2. Matsunaga Riai

3. Uemura Akari


bottom 3: 

6. Miyamoto Karin

7. Kudo Yume

8. Inaba Manaka


(This one isn't fair to Yume--I like her, I just had to rank more established H!P members over her.)


Kobushi Factory:

1. Nomura Minami

2. Hirose Ayaka

3. Inoue Rei

4. Hamaura Ayano

5. Wada Sakurako



Tsubaki Factory top 3:

1. Akiyama Mao

2. Kishimoto Yumeno

3. Ono Mizuho


bottom 3:

7. Niinuma Kisora

8. Onoda Saori

9. Yamagishi Riko




1. Okamura Minami

2. Eguchi Saya

3. Maeda Kokoro


bottom 3:

10. Kiyono Momohime

11. Satoyoshi Utano

12. Kobayashi Honoka


(All of BEYOOOOONDS ranked really high on my list, there were still 20 members below her on my complete list, #41 out of 61)

#10 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 12 December 2019 - 02:39 AM

Top girls

1. Sasaki Rikako
2. Sato Masaki
3. Dambara Ruru
4. Kishimoto Yumeno
5. Takeuchi Akari

Really into Kawamura Ayano, Kasahara Momona, and Homare recently too.

I’ve been more into Kawamura and Kasahara since seeing them live.

Bottom is Nonaka Miki, Haga Akane, Satoyoshi Utano, Kobayashi Honoka, the Mio girl from Beyonds. Maybe also Oota Haruka and Kudo Yume.