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#571 DonJuan


Posted 08 May 2019 - 08:59 AM

If Karin was 6 years younger...

Unfortunately I don't see the "ace" type in current KSS either. And since management rarely just chooses someone from outside nowadays I'm not too hopeful for this audition.

#572 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
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Posted 08 May 2019 - 02:00 PM

From Hello Station; Hello Pro Kenshuusei Recital 2019 ~Spring Public Ability Diagnosis Test~ Digest

Part 1 / Part 2

#573 Solarblade


Posted 08 May 2019 - 06:38 PM

So from what was shown here's my thoughts


- I think Ishiguri & Matsunaga were by far the best sounding performances and both have been qutie strong, if anyone to me gets added to a group I would hope its these two.


- Kudo, Sato, and (and maybe) Yamazaki gets props too for handling their songs pretty well (I mean in general, the Hokkaido branch sound strong all-around, though sucks that Kawano is still on hiatus)




So here's where I ranked them


1. Ishiguri Kanami (Honestly, though I felt like she had an amazing performance here...love how she's channeling Ai-chan here, Curious to see what will happen in the future with her)

2. Matsunaga Riai (Vocally on point, hell she won so I mean, what can you say? Though I personally think Kanami edged out for me because the latter was doing a more extensive choreo than Riai)

3. Sato Hikari (While not having the same bravado as Sayubee does, she did pretty well here)

4. Kudo Yume (Dancing award?  I kind of couldn't tell how she won it with the clip shown, but oh well...Good performance, using a lower tone and ROCK Erotic is just good for that kind of release, so overall great showing!)

5. Yonemura Kirara (strong showing, lil rough and maybe slightly low energy for me, but decent)

6. Nakayama Natsume (she's also gotten better as time moved on, she's a stable singer and handled the song quite nicely, but maybe needs a little more energy?)

7. Kanemitsu Ruru (I think she had a pretty strong showing, cute songs seem to be a good choice for her and she makes it her own, biggest improvement maybe overall?)

8. Shutto Anna (Help me!! is definitely a song that should be avoided singing solo, but she handled Sakura's solo line, but I wonder how bad it got in the chorus)

9. Yamazaki Mei (Impressed she tackled Mugen Climax, but like it's a bit middle-of-the-road for me.  Kept together, but nothing stood out to me in her performance.)

10. Matsubara Yuriya (I came into this ready to dislike this performance, but Yuriya did pretty well here, maybe she and Kanemitsu had the best improvement from last year, while still shouting, she actually hit notes and sung without lyrical mix up)

11. Hachisako Rin (rough sounding, but I know she's getting better at the least)

12. Onoda Karin (like Rin, but a smidge rougher...as one of the newbies, she's not bad and has room to grow)

13. Saito Madoka (I think she and Karin are at similar levels, but clearly Madoka has a nicer lower tone.  As the newest to join she's not bad, just has that newish grit to her)

14. Ono Kotomi (Best she's done!  Though that's a small win because she's still kind of lacks power behind the voice, but she sounded decent otherwise and she's winning me over I think)

15. Yamada Ichigo (GOOD BYE Natsuo is a tough song so I'll give her that, but I've heard other KSS handle it so much better and she was shouting it so that's rough)

16. Tamenaga Shion (Rough is all I have to say)

17. Kubota Nanami (Also pretty rough, I do know why that performance looked awkward and stiff...she does have a lower range so I assume maybe she'd be better tackling lower songs versus high?)

#574 WonderBuono

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 10 May 2019 - 12:58 AM

Yume definitely had the best vocal performance for me, I'm impressed!

Also totally disagree with Nanami being the bottom of your list, for me I love her attitude. 


Lastly, can someone please tell these girls to stop singing GOOD BYE Natsuo? It's never good.