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ZØDIAC - MIDI MASTER Youtube Chorus "Battle" Entry (Vocaloid, what?) 2 replies to this topic Started by Joel , Sep 24 2010 04:58 AM · 

#1 Joel

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Posted 24 September 2010 - 04:58 AM

So! 12 of us (get it!? 12? Zodiac?) on yoproject.net got together for a "battle" thing for some...thing called Youtube Chorus. It's (If I recall correctly) basically a forum dedicated to dubbing Vocaloid/Vocaloid-reated things. Some of these people are actually really creative with what they do, but usually they make their own animations that goes with the song. So we decided it would be fun to enter this and whatnot, and the voting just opened today! Some people in this group that you may know are Liana, Koolmon, Prinny Squad, Windy-chan, and myself. More info on the song and stuff:

From Liana:

YTChorus is holding a competition that Buggy and I entered, thinking it would be a cakewalk. But we decided things waaay too late and part of the judging is on the video, which no one had any experience in. Here is what happened:


Buggy is working on cleaning up the mixing, a preview of which is here.

Please take the time to vote for us. We are complete underdogs in this competition; I am NOT "youtube popular" especially considering my channel is a month and a week old and no one in the Vocaloid community knows us at ALL, so we have literally NOTHING to fall back on. But we worked incredibly hard and want your support.


If you want to vote for two more people and don't know who, general consensus is to vote for goes as follows:
YT Channel:
Votes: ZØDIAC, Hanabira-gumi, G.G.G.

Hanabira-gumi has Kapparin, tokidokihaato, Renna, hikki-chan, and a few other active Y!P members. G.G.G. has Michi-chan and Rakkun (RIANASU VS RIANASU) so support all Y!P people! I have no power on Y!P but I can get support here! COME ON GUYS! ALL 300 NOW.

So yeah: 48 hours for Buggy (and some Liana) to mix this song and Liana basically had a "48 hour crash course in Adobe After Effects and using Sony Vegas for MORE than simple linear editing and dubbing." So overall, based on those two alone, I think it turned out pretty decent esp. since it's our first time doing something like this. Unfortunately, we couldn't do a dub that was AS AWESOME AS THIS. But hey, we tried.

If you guys could take the time to vote, that would be so awesome! Basically we are fighting 30 other groups for the next round where only 10 groups will make it. Thanks!

#2 Pucchi mo

Pucchi mo
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Posted 24 September 2010 - 05:27 PM

Unfortunately, we couldn't do a dub that was AS AWESOME AS THIS. But hey, we tried.

Does anyone have the original, as in the certain forum version that inspired them to do this?

(Yes, I'll vote for you!)

#3 Koolmon

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Posted 25 September 2010 - 12:35 AM

WOOO Zodiac! :rimshot: