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Buono Drummania simfiles Drum along with Buono! (incl. Zassou no Uta!) No replies to this topic Started by sadude , Jan 29 2011 04:45 AM · 

#1 sadude

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Posted 29 January 2011 - 04:45 AM

BHJAVSJDHBASJH<DB<JH Someone has made Drummania simfiles for some Buono songs! :lol: And they even just posted Zassou no Uta!! :weeeh: :weeeh: :weeeh:
If you don't know what it is, it's like the drum part in Rock Band, except with a different scrolling display. But same thing, essentially.

Random thoughts:
- This is FANTASTIC.
- I freaking LOVE stuff like this! :wub: :D
- Yes, you can map Rock Band drums to this. See links at the bottom.
- Unforunately the barrier to entry is pretty high if you haven't played Drummania before. It's really hard to get used to, especially because these simfiles only have a hard level. :/
- It's also really hard switching from Rock Band style to this, mainly because I'm used to the snare drum being all the way on the left.

See screenshot and videos below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Youtube links:
Zassou no Uta
Our Songs
Gachinko de Ikou!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Renai Rider
Honto no Jibun

Download the Buono simfiles at: http://blog.cracrayo.../buono-les-dtx/
Download the DTXMania simulator
Using Rock Band instruments with DTXMania

Misc findings on Youtube:
Kokoro no Tamago (by someone else)
MM - Mikan (by the same person)