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C-ute's Dai Nana Sho "Utsukushikutte Gomenne" 7th album 02/01 43 replies to this topic Started by Anderei , Jan 12 2012 05:25 PM · 

#31 Rally

  • カントリー・ガールズ

Posted 01 February 2012 - 06:51 AM

I dunno, I wasn't very fond of the solo PV. All I could think while watching it was "this is why you aren't a front girl/she doesn't have much experience emoting as a front girl/she needs to step up her game". Her energy level seemed flaccid/Aika level throughout the whole thing.

That's a tad harsh isn't it?? :omg:

She's not THAT bad..... :unsure:

is she? :whatthe:

I've got to agree with Petit on this one.

Though she isn't as CONSISTENTLY bad as Aika on the whole, she does display that same lackluster presence in the video. Mind you, I do think that it may have been a little awkward and uncomfortable for her - some girls just can't do that whole "camera-in-your-face-while-pretending-to-stalk" thing.

#32 Al Kusanagi

Al Kusanagi
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Posted 01 February 2012 - 06:58 AM

Didn't you see the making of it? They dragged the poor thing out into winter temperatures wearing that outfit for at least a few hours! It's hard to emote when you're freezing your ass off.

#33 Rally

  • カントリー・ガールズ

Posted 07 February 2012 - 09:25 PM


Full album is out. It's their best work yet. Very well-rounded! :thumbsup:

Props to Chisa. That girl shines brightest here.

#34 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
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Posted 07 February 2012 - 11:47 PM

Of course it isn't on iTunes. Damn S/mileage and their extra special treatment. Posted Image

#35 Al Kusanagi

Al Kusanagi
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Posted 07 February 2012 - 11:52 PM

If it's going to be on US iTunes, it goes up at midnight tonight. I've got it on order, but it's coming with Berryz album and the Berikyu blu-ray, so I'd probably buy it on iTunes as well.

#36 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 07 February 2012 - 11:57 PM

The album scans are lovely. Can they bring whoever did them back?

#37 Mukuro

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:18 AM

It's on iTunes!! :weeeh: I swear they just had a brain-fart and forgot to put up PPU, because there's no way the main group isn't having stuff up when C-ute and S/Mileage are.

#38 Al Kusanagi

Al Kusanagi
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Posted 08 February 2012 - 05:35 AM

Buono's last is still missing too... :cryalot:

#39 Petit Melon

Petit Melon
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Posted 08 February 2012 - 07:23 AM

I'm getting the itunes release (one to support and two to show that foreign fans do buy what they put up) but I would like the physical release someday because the covers and insert scans are so freaking awesome. :wub: Album review up tomorrow or the next day whatever this coffee is starting to wear off....

#40 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
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Posted 09 February 2012 - 01:54 AM

So I listened to the album. I've stayed away to most of the album tracks except I think Chisato and Mai's. So I was going into this blindly.

Singles for C-ute this year started out great and then after their last album they went a bit down hill.

1 Momoiro Sparkling :: Why would you start your album with this song? I really didn't care for it, but then I didn't care for anything after Kiss me Aishiteru. After listening to the whole album it seemed to fit more with the theme.
2 Hitorijime shitakatta-dake nanoni :: Standard group song. For some reason this didn't register with me that I even listened to it because I had to go back and listen to it again when I did this review. I must have heard it because I remember hearing Mai's song. It didn't make any sort of impression on me so hat's how much I liked it apparently.
3 Yuke! Genki-kun - Hagiwara Mai :: Out of all of C-ute, Mai and Saki have the voices I dislike the most. I think it's the nasal fog horn thing she's got going on. It grates on me like how Momoko's voice grates on some people. I'd skip this forever if I could. I mean it's a nice enough song, it fits her voice. I doubt many H!P members could pull it off well enough.
4 Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onnanoko :: Chicken dance single. Say... PyokoPyoko Ultra with the dance from this song? Might be a winner winner chicken dinner if you ask me! Moving on.
5 Zutaka March ~Hito Rashiku Ikiyou~ :: My favorite song of the album. I love old school Japanese style songs. I LOVE the amount of Chisato and Airi in this song. Mai can go away, but other then that I love this song to death. Can't wait to hear it live. The only thing I didn't like about this song was the telephone. I was at work listening to this song with my headphones on and kept wondering whose phone kept going off. Sadly it distracted me half way through the song as I tried to find out where the telephone was coming from because it was getting annoying. Took my headphones off only to realize the sound was coming from them. So of course that's all I could hear after that. Too much telephone!
6 Tokai no Neon ga Odoroku-kurai no Utsukushisa ga Hoshii - Okai Chisato :: This song does NOT fit into this album what so ever. What was Tsunku thinking? I love me some Chisato, but the whole song doesn't fit with the vibe this album was giving off. It's like he didn't even think before he put this together.
7 Kagayake Houkago - Nakajima Saki :: And then we're back after that Chisato commercial break, to the vibe of the album that Chisato broke. Saki's is dead to me after she ruined my favorite Minimoni song during the last H!P concert. Her voice is slightly better then Mai's, it lacks the nasal horn that Mai has. Chisato's song is still perplexing me so much that I wasn't really paying much attention to Saki's song. Why Tsunku, WHY!? So on second listen I did and found that I liked it very much.
8 Shiawase no Tochuu :: Slow song! Typical boring solo H!P song that would put me to sleep if forced to listen to more then once. They better not ever sing this live, unless it's for a pee break because this would put even the most dedicated wota to sleep.
9 Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku :: I wish they had done a C-ute only version like they did with the song below this. I think it would have been nice to see how they could handle it.
10 Seishun Gekijou °C-ute ver. :: Instead we get a C-ute version of a theater song. Joy! ... Posted Image

I liked their last album better. Favorite song was Zutaka March and surprisingly, Saki's solo. The rest was meh.

#41 Rally

  • カントリー・ガールズ

Posted 09 February 2012 - 04:23 AM

I wanted to write an album review, as well! :danceman:


Momoiro Sparkling: This song has been a very, VERY slow grower on me. I absolutely hated it when it was first released, but after all this time it's finally something I can tolerate - not so much enjoy. It was definitely a bad album opener, but I honestly don't mind the song at all.

Hitorijime Shitakatta-Dake Nanoni: One of my favorites off the album. It sounds like something that should have been on thier last album along with Kiss Me Aishiteru and Midnnight Temptation. It has a darker, fierce, more dance-oriented tone that I wish I'd see more in H!P and C-ute. The power-packed synth breakdown before the final chorus is hella epic, as well! (This may turn most people away, but I did see it as a spiritual companion to Otomegumi's "Ai no Sono")

Yuke! Genki-kun: Err... Home-girl Mai didn't do too great of a job here. Her voice isn't the best, but I think her most fatal mistake was not giving any sort of style or personality into her performance and not so much her lack of technical singing prowess. That said, I think the song is actually pretty good and could have been great had it been handled by someone else and maybe shortened by a minute or two. The melody is catchy and fun, the latter being something Mai doesn't know how to be. I like her, but she fumbled her (probably) only chance to "WOW WOW" with a solo.

Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko: Gahh. As much as I fight it, I can't help but love this single! The melody is too catchy and cute to resist, and the girls all performed really well. As far as cutesy songs go, this is one Tsunku did right.

Zutaka March ~Hito Rashiku Ikiyou~: Easily the best and most surprising song on the album. "Ambitious" is the word that comes to mind when the verses start. We all know how talented Airi and Chisato are at this point in thier careers, but they prove that they are relatively unmatched among thier peers. It could have been a disaster, but it ended up being pure musical bliss. I'm not as much a fan of the slowed-down chorus (Mai needs to quit that weird nasal droning she does with her voice), but as a whole the song is pretty much perfect!

Tokai no Neon ga Odoroku-kurai no Utsukushisa ga Hoshii: Continuity aside, I felt that Chisato's solo is freaking awesome. The random R&B style doesn't fit with the rest of the album tracks, and the song itself is admittedly a little average, but Chisato kills it vocally - thus saving the song and making it something worth listening to! I'm a big fan.

Kagayake Houkago: Er... I like Saki, but this song isn't much my cup of tea. She performs it well, though! She obviously has the energy Mai completely lacks. I don't quite feel the need to skip it when it comes up, so that must be a good sign.

Shiawase no Tochuu: I can't for the life of me listen to this one in it's entirety. TOTAL BORE FEST. SKIPSKIPSKIP!!

Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku: This was a good single! I agree that a "C-ute Only" version would have made MUCH more sense, but I'm happy to have the song here. It's upbeat and happy and fits the rest of the album pefectly.

Seishun Gekijou °C-ute ver.: Yeah, who cares... Seriously... Why is this here? It's awful.


Overall, save for the two slow songs, I thought this album was brilliant and a quality(!) effort from Tsunku. Thier last album was really good, but only for the first half. This time around the duration stays consistent despite a few hiccups. The good easily outweighs the bad here. Maybe now, NOW, I can finally forgive Tsunku for "SHOCKING 5" and forget it ever happened. Shit was BAAAAD.

This, however, I loved. :weeeh:

#42 Petit Melon

Petit Melon
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Posted 09 February 2012 - 06:41 AM

Review Time~

  • Momoiro Sparkling: I didn't really like this single, it's not a strong album opener, but as I'm listening to it, I'm not truly hating it. It's a cute song, generic as all hell, but cute enough to be unoffensive.
  • Hitorijime Shitakatta-Dake Nanoni: I loved this song. It is my favorite off the album, I can't wait to see it live. The instrumental break is going to have a great dance. The girls will slay it.
  • Yuke! Genki-kun: Hearing it isn't as bad as seeing it because I don't have to look at Mai's disinterested face. But eh, this is why you are not a soloist, this is why you are not a front girl, ect ect. Chisato grabbed the bull by the horns and forged herself a spot in the Airi Maimi show. Mai is given a shot and did...nothing. It's like she's complacent with her place in the group. MEH. She doesn't put any emotion or punch in her voice. I'm more disappointed she didn't try harder with her chance to shine than I am in the song.
  • Sekai Ichi Happy na Ko: I forgot about this single, ehehe. It's like Momoiro Sparkling. It's cute and fun, but utterly forgettable.
  • Zutaka March ~Hito Rashiku Ikiyou~: I love this song too. It is my second favorite, but it is the best song on the album. The only thing is like, Edo no Uta II, it doesn't really blend well with any playlists I have, so even though I love it, there's no way I can really blend it into things and I don't listen to it as often as my love of the song would suggest. I hope this means Cute will get the Takahashi vocal slaying songs from now on.
  • Tokai no Neon ga Odoroku-kurai no Utsukushisa ga Hoshii: Say what you want about the song order, there is really no way you could follow Zukata March without disrupting the flow, imo. But this song would be better placed behind Hitorijime so there's not such a drastic shift. But then it may sound too similar, especially if Kagayake Houkago followed Yuke Genki Kun. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO MAKE IT THE OPENER. :ph34r:That said, this would be my number 3 song of the album. Chisato has grown so much these past couple of years. I like this song, and I hope she kills her performance of it by getting the Maki (preGotits) treatment.
  • Kagayake Houkago: This is better than Mai's phoned in performance, but I'm still not feeling it. I can't even think of anything else to say, that's how underwhelmed I am by this song.
  • Shiawase no Tochuu: OHSHITPIANO. Time for boring H!P ballad! Let's do something else until it finishes so I can say I 'listened" once. God damn it does not end. I thought it was the end and there's still 1:30 left!
  • Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku: Eh, this song is okay. All of the singles were bland on this album.
  • Seishun Gekijou °C-ute ver.: MEH.

Overall - The standout tracks are amazing, everything else is not. So in other words, just like every H!P album I've listened to. I'm satisfied with this release because the standout tracks makeup for the schlock. And don't give the background girls (Mai/Saki) anything ever again. They had their chance, they're not interested, and they blew it. Especially Mai. I can't believe she wasted an entire freaking music video. What more promotion could you want, child!? But do give the people responsible for the image a permanent position as image creators or whatever they're called because it is the best since Fantasy Juuichi.

#43 enmi

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 03:17 AM

I love love love Chisato's solo. Zutaka March has its moments, but I don't really like it as a song yet. I figure it's going to grow on me. Airi and Chisato kinda rock my socks in that song, though. I think I would like Mai's solo more if they hadn't made her freeze her face of for the video. It was cute, though. The previews of the other songs besides the singles didn't really interest me, but I'll probably end up listening to them while I wait for MM and Buono's new singles to be uploaded to iTunes. :noway:

#44 Madara


Posted 07 March 2012 - 03:20 AM

I just did a short review of this album on my blog.