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Rank the Morning Musume Members 2012 edition. 31 replies to this topic Started by Anderei , Feb 12 2012 04:56 PM · 

#1 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 12 February 2012 - 04:56 PM

Is it okay if I make this? The last time we did this was after 9th gen had joined. And this is the last time you'll be able to include Risa.

Niigaki Risa
Michishige Sayumi
Tanaka Reina
Mitsui Aika
Fukumura Mizuki
Ikuta Erina
Sayashi Riho
Suzuki Kanon
Iikubo Haruna
Ishida Ayumi
Sato Masaki
Kudo Haruka

10th gen have been around for about four months, a concert, and a single. Plus they've been on H!P Time a couple times, so if you still can't quite place them somewhere, just go with instinct I guess.

I'm done thinking. I had a hard time with half of 10th gen but everyone else fell into place easily:

1. Michishige Sayumi - she's held it since 2004. I don't think she's ever going to lose it.
2. Ikuta Erina - She went from akward photobomb, to hilarious Risa-stalker.
3. Suzuki Kanon - Crazy and funny and she's got an awesome smile, and that's all anyone needs.
4. Mitsui Aika - I like Aika, okay? I don't have to explain myself.
5. Kudo Haruka - She's adorable! She's a badass! She looks great in hats!
6. Tanaka Reina - I've recently started to appreciate Reina's voice again. Don't ruin it Reina.
7. Sato Masaki - I just want to pick her up and hug her.
8. Iikubo Haruna - I had no clue where to put her, so she ended up here since I'm neutral. I don't know yet.
9. Ishida Ayumi - Same as Haruna.
10. Fukumura Mizuki - Pretty and has a nice voice, but the only time she does anything interesting is apparently when the camera is off.
11. Niigaki Risa - I've never been a Risa fan, and in eight years, she's never won me over.
12. Sayashi Riho - She's as boring as Mizuki, but she's lower becuase she's less cute and holds the honor of being the only Morning Musume voice that makes me want to stop listening.

I actually had Mizuki fairly high up last time, so she took the biggest hit.

#2 Al Kusanagi

Al Kusanagi
  • Iä! Iä! Sayumi Fhtagn!

Posted 12 February 2012 - 05:11 PM

Sayu- Duh, she's perfect
Eripon- Cute, goofy, disturbingly hot... :ph34r:
Rihoriho- MM's first true ace since Maki.
Haruka- MM's first true badass since Miki.
Masaki- Most huggable, adorable thing ever!
Aika- Hopefully this will be her yer after being cut short last year.
Reina- Has always been near the bottom for me, but her complete attitude change recently has me really liking her now.
Mizuki- So much dorky potential, but she still needs to come out of her shell.
Haruna- Seems like a real sweetheart with a funny side. Also not jailbait right out of the gate. I'll be watching.
Ayumi- Seeing her goof off behind the scenes has made me like her a bit more, but she's still the poor man's Riho.
Zukki- Rarely amused by her antics, especially now that ALL the 9th gen act fun and goofy.
Risa- Has been in my bottom 25% since the day she joined. Dead weight. GTFO.

#3 Molly


Posted 12 February 2012 - 05:13 PM

Suzuki Kanon
Michishige Sayumi
Tanaka Reina
Sayashi Riho
Kudo Haruka
Fukumura Mizuki -last person I care about-
Niigaki Risa
Ikuta Erina
Iikubo Haruna
Sato Masaki
Ishida Ayumi
Mitsui Aika

#4 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 12 February 2012 - 06:00 PM

Sayumi - She jumped so high! Thanks for being so awesome. Voice still sucks though. But I wont hold that against her anymore now that she has Robosayu to keep her fresh! You know I really like a member when I purchase their photobooks. Posted Image
Haruka- I agree with Al, though only time will tell if she can hold on to the Miki title and hoping her voice doesn't alter much and only gets better. Oh and the monster years. Hope those go well. Posted Image
Kanon - Ouch! The only thing I can say is that, girl needs to go knock down Tsunku to get her some lines. She has so much potential to be awesome but gets overshadowed really quickly and not by her own choice.
Eripon - She grew so much in a year. I'll attribute that to her television work. More newbies should get this treatment to nurture their inner nut bar. Her singing still sucks though.
Aika - The year missing in action did not do her any favors. But the treatment she's been giving out to the new girls is nice. Also, my unwavering devotion will not allow me to separate Reina and Aika apart on my list ever.
Reina - Thank her voice and my unwavering devotion to her for even staying near the top. Oh and that I think she has more vocal talent then Riho right now.
Ayumi - Hate to say it, but between Riho and Ayumi. Ayumi wins. I think it's her smile and odd Kei like way she's trying to gain attention but not really getting it.
Riho - Riho, nice enough girl. Dances great, singing is meh. Personality? Questionable. The only moments I find her at all interesting are when she's with someone else, mainly Kanon. On her own, I'd rather be watching paint dry.
Masaki - Dumb blonde moments aside, she really hasn't shown me much besides that to really win me over. She needs to work on her camera face. She's still stuck in awkward Eripon face world. Once she works that out, I can see her climbing up my list next year.
Mizuki - Speaking of pain drying. She still needs to work on the camera to people to fan skills. And I really am not feeling the singing voice yet. She's too quiet for me and you can't play the little princess card on me. I feel she'll be my greatest bouncer up the ladder if she does grow some character and personality or a voice. Takahashi had a voice, but she also had crazy underneath her wet blanket personality and look how far she got up my list last year! (2nd place!)
Haruna - Despite all her hard work, she's my Eripon for 2012. I had nowhere else to put her but at the bottom because I just don't know what to think of her yet. She's nice enough, but she's still a bit of an odd duck and despite recent promotion has really done much to win be over. Creepy smile still isn't winning me. Maybe she needs a photobook or something productive to do?
Risa - I have No idea what I'm going to do once Risa is gone. I've always had a stable bottom member ready to loath. I'm going to miss disliking Risa! Posted Image

#5 Mukuro

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 12 February 2012 - 06:31 PM

Risa- My #1 since I started liking Musume. I'll be so sad when she's gone. :cryalot:
Kanon- That funny girl with vocal talent that's not getting enough credit. My favorite from the 9th audition and soon to be my favorite in Musume.
Sayumi- Her blog really won me over, shes just really awesome.
Erina- Her style ATM is really interesting and I love how her personality has the ability to shine. 
Haruna- I don't know why she is so high I guess I just find there's something interesting this girl will do soon enough. 
Masaki- She is adorable.
Mizuki- Finally getting lines she deserves but she's too boring for me.
Haruka- She will probably grow on me but for now her additude is enough.
Reina- Not a big fan of her voice but she actually is growing on me because of the drama.
Ayumi- I keep mistaking her for Riho and that isn't a good thing.
Riho- Not the best voice and she doesn't have a very good personality. 
Aika- Never was my favourite, I dont think she ever will be but I hope she gets to finally do something now that the injury is being dismissed.

#6 freezingkiss

  • なっきい❤

Posted 12 February 2012 - 07:09 PM

1. Risa - Duh.
2. Kanon - Cute and awesome with a powerful voice and she's funny too. Love her.
3. Mizuki - Princess. :wub:
4. Erina - Adorable and has improved loads.

It gets hard after this because I care so little these days.

5. Riho - I suppose, purely because I like 9th gen better than 10th.
6. Haruna - My fave 10th gen. I dunno why, she's pretty and not a bitch.
7. Ayumi - She can dance and kind of sing. She's not ugly. That's a good start.
8. Sayumi - She's dropped hardcore because her 'I'm cute' act is getting mighty old. That and all the new girls are cuter than her.
9. Haruka - She's a bitch but I don't particularly dislike her, just meh.
10. Masaki - Sara should have been added instead. She annoys me. The 'I'm so ditzy!' routine is fucking blah.
11. Reina - Please leave next.
12. Aika - I really dislike her but she does nothing now so I don't really care if she stays or leaves.

#7 Mugi

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 12 February 2012 - 07:11 PM

Niigaki Risa - Has always been my favorite in Morning Musume and I really wish she didn't have to leave all of Hello Project. It's so hard to keep up with girls after they leave but I'll try my best. (How can you people hate her?)
Suzuki Kanon - She totally became a favorite when I herd her voice and saw how silly she can be.
Ikuta Erina - As soon as I saw her dancing in the audition I knew I would like her. Plus I love her fashion.
Fukumura Mizuki - She seem a little boring but I think shes really nice and I like her voice.
Kudo Haruka - Little girl is awesome can't wait to see when she gets older.
Tanaka Reina I used to hate Reina because I though she got all the lines that should have been Risa's but I got over it and I think she's pretty cool now.
Michishige Sayumi - I think she makes it here because she has tried so hard to get better. (She's not the best but who cares.)
Mitsui Aika - I like her personality but her voice gets on my nerves sometimes.
Ishida Ayumi - I think she could be pretty cool but I don't really like any of the aces so she might drop depending on how much they use her.
Iikubo Haruna - She seems sweet but I haven't seen enough to really be sure. I will know more after I watch a concert with her in it.
Sato Masaki - The stories about her make me laugh but I also wanna see her in a concert.
Sayashi Riho - Poor thing it's not her fault shes at the bottom. But I really think they should be more fair with lines cause I think the other 9th gen should have some lines as well. The more of her I see the less I like her. But as with Reina I'll get over it eventually. (Actually seeing other people hate on other girls other then her makes me like her more because I really feel like none of them deserve they hate they get for stupid stuff. "The more of her I see the less I like her." I'm sure by the end of Risa's graduation concert I'll like her more.

#8 Saya

  • みんな大好っき♥担当

Posted 12 February 2012 - 08:13 PM

1. Michishige Sayumi
1. Ikuta Erina
3. Fukumura Mizuki
4. Tanaka Reina
5. Suzuki Kanon
6. Sayashi Riho
7. Ishida Ayumi
8. Mitsui Aika
9. Niigaki Risa
10. Iikubo Haruna
11. Sato Masaki
12. Kudo Haruka

#9 TnB

  • Tangerine & Banana

Posted 12 February 2012 - 08:33 PM

I like that PQ did colors so I'm stealing them. :weeeh:

I always find these ranking things hard to do because of the uneven exposure we get to the girls - and sometimes that's my own fault for not reading every blog or watching all of the clips I could. I haven't really had a stand out "omg love her above everyone else by far" girl since JunJun. A lot of these girls I like equally and they tend to go up and down in my ranking each time I see them.

Sayumi - I think Sayu gets an extra boost from possibly #2 to #1 just for the fact that she's climbed so high in my rankings. I used to always place her dead last, if not second only to Koharu. Her blog has really allowed her to show a whole new side of her personality that we rarely get to see on TV - someone who is humble, who laughs at her own flaws, who loves the crap out of the group/agency she's in, and who works very hard. Her singing is still terrible, but she's the only member who I think has ever brought so much to the group that her singing doesn't matter at all. Also she's super gorgeous.

Kanon - I love this girl! She's crazy, she's silly, she doesn't care about keeping up the "proper" idol image. She's got what I loved about Kago without the forced childishness factor. She's often tied with Sayu for me, and in that respect she provides a good balance because she's not concerned about being cute. Her voice has also improved a lot in such a short time. I can see her being much like Risa in the future - going from a bland start to developing a richer sound and rocking out.

Eripon - Her singing has improved a tiny bit, but she's still pretty week. I think she could do better if she didn't force such a nasal voice. Her personality though has improved by leaps and bounds. She's outgoing, she's got her crazy Risa obsession, she seems to work hard at being a better performer, and she's got a funky unique fashion style. I'd love to see her get a real blog and talk more about her style, sort of like Takahashi.

Haruka - How cute is this girl? I worry for the upcoming puberty years, but hopefully she won't be the next Mai. I like that she's got a unique voice in the group, though I haven't heard enough of it to really pass judgment. I like her "gap" appeal - she looks cute and super young, but she acts like an adult and has the Miki factor. I worry though because Miki's bitchiness tended to annoy me. Although with Miki, I think I was more annoyed at her general attitude of not wanting to be there and I don't see that happening to Haruka.

Riho - I don't...actually know where to put Riho. I loved her during the auditions and was super excited that she actually made it despite the usual fan-favorite curse. I thought she sounded pretty decent and had potential when she got a big role in Only you, but after that she's gotten a ton of lines that she's just not good at and she continually sounds strained. I hope someone takes a hint after how wrecked her voice was post-H!P winter con. Looks wise she's adorable and will probably grow up gorgeous. Personality wise there's nothing offensive about her and she's pretty cute, but she doesn't immediately grab me the way other members do.

Risa - Another person I'm not sure how to place. She was once my favorite because she was such an underdog - everyone hated her but I thought she was super cute and had a voice that was totally being wasted. She grew up gorgeous, and eventually got the vocal role she deserved. I think she's a great performer and I love her voice. Personality wise though, she's much like Riho for me. Nice enough, but doesn't stick out. In recent years she's become increasingly dull as she's taken on the "being mature means being reserved" kind of persona. I'm also annoyed at her attitude since her graduation was announced. I can totally understand how she feels, but blatantly showing how ready you are to gtfo makes you Asuka part 2.

Haruna - I think one day Haruna might be my favorite 10th gen member, if not a close second to Haruka. She comes off as very sweet and genuine and something about her airy speaking voice is just so....nice. :lol: I think once she gets past her current super awkward posing stage she could be quite pretty. Vocally she's okay, she seems to have potential. I haven't heard enough yet to say.

Masaki - Right now Masaki is straddling the line between endearing-idiot and annoying-idiot. It's a very fine line. I find a lot of the stories about her cute, and watching her is cute...at first. If she spends too long stumbling I eventually feel like shouting "spit it out!!!" But she does seem really motivated to do well, so I'm giving her a chance.

Mizuki - MIZUKI YOU ARE SUCH A LET DOWN. She's not as strong vocally as I thought she would be and she's a snorefest all the way around. She's gorgeous in her egg photos, but ever since she's been in Morning Musume it's one awkward blank stare after another. Get yo shit together girl!

Reina - I have given her a slight bump in my rankings because she can be really funny when paired with Sayu. Otherwise her singing is super grating (which is made more annoying by the fact that she used to be fantastic), she forces an over the top cuteness that comes off as ridiculous because of her age, and her blog just irritated me. Can you say ANYTHING without 7000 emoji?

Aika - I really can't think of anything positive to say about this girl. She speaks like she's talking to a baby 24/7, she isn't a good singer, and she has no memorable personality traits. She's also not particularly good looking. I think she has potential to be, but she's eternally making this really unattractive smile that makes her look like she has no teeth. To add insult to injury, this isn't her fault but I find her so aggravating because there were a TON of girls with great potential in the 8th generation audition, and all we got was Aika. What is her fault though is the fact that she didn't step up her game once she realized she was the lone member of her generation. And no, JunJun/LinLin don't count. They were always considered something separate.

Ayumi - I don't dislike anything about Ayumi, I just have no opinion of her so far. She's done nothing offensive, but nothing wonderful either.

#10 Madara


Posted 12 February 2012 - 09:21 PM

I have yet to see the new girls in anything except that "Pyocopo" PV, so I can't really rank them. And I don't think I've seen 9th Gen in enough material to rank them either. Gimme another year... :blankstare:

#11 showraniy


Posted 12 February 2012 - 09:25 PM

Also stealing PQ's colors! :whistling:

Mizuki - Angel Princess of Perfection. :heart: :wub:
Eripon - Girl is fabulous. Fashion sense, silliness, badassery. Name it, she's got it. Except for a voice, but she's tolerable when she actually has solo lines, unlike Kohorse ever was.
Riho - Ace.
Ayumi - Ace-in-training. I don't know aaaanything about 10th gen, so still waiting to see them in concert to see how I feel about them. Hell, I still can't tell Masaki and Haruka apart. :popper:
Sayumi - Badass. I've never particularly liked her, but I appreciate how she doesn't afraid of anything and speaks her mind when people be fucking things up. :lesson:
Haruka - I liked her voice in the auditions a lot more than any other current MM voice.
Kanon - She is so cute and I adore her uncute antics!
Aika - MM's biggest disappointment. Sorry, Aika, be a bitch or gtfo. You're so much better when you're bitchy! Maybe because I love bitches and despise cutesy idols. Meh. You could've been the second coming of Miki, and were so awesome during your Resonant Blue days. :( Blah.
Reina - Hi. I'll probably miss you once you leave, but you're stale bread at this point.
Masaki - Who is she again? Her member color is my favorite color, so maybe she'll live up to its awesomeness?
Haruna - Bugface with poo brown member color. =3=
Risa - You're a fantastic leader, but you're boring and staler than stale bread. Bye. Hopefully someone better replaces you.

#12 Ap2000

  • Apjin-sama

Posted 12 February 2012 - 09:33 PM

Tanaka Reina
Sayashi Riho
Fukumura Mizuki

Could care about one day:

Ikuta Erina

Don't care:

Suzuki Kanon
Kudo Haruka
Niigaki Risa
Iikubo Haruna
Sato Masaki
Ishida Ayumi


Mitsui Aika

#13 enmi

  • カントリー・ガールズ

Posted 12 February 2012 - 10:07 PM

1. Kanon- She has so much energy and her voice is going to be even more amazing than it is now. Her impressions crack me up.

2. Sayu- I used to hate her. Seriously. Could not stand her. Reading her blog really made me like her. Her singing has gotten better, too.

3. Mizuki- Whether she is or not, she seems really graceful. She's too quiet, though. I like her voice, too.

4. Erina- I didn't think I was going to like her, but her personality is great. I hope she gets to do more TV work.

5. Risa- It took me a while to notice her, but now that I have, I'll miss her.

6. Haruka- It makes me happy to see the Eggs being used.

7. Haruna- Yes, she was probably added because of her age, but the more I see of her, the more I like her. She seems really sweet, and she's nice to everyone in her generation even though she's older by a couple years.

8. Ayumi- This girl is gorgeous. I think she's a better version of Riho, honestly. I like her voice better, anyway.

9. Masaki- She's so cute! Her voice isn't bad, either, from what I can tell from the auditions.

10. Aika- I feel bad for her since she's had so many problems since joining, I really do, but she has about as much personality as a celery stick has calories.

11. Reina- Can I trade you and bring Eri back? Just graduate, please.

12. Riho- She can dance, but her singing's just "blah" to me.

#14 iDOL1641

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 12 February 2012 - 10:20 PM

1. Riho
2. Haruka
3. Ayumi
4. Erina
5. Mizuki
6. Kanon
7. Risa
8. Aika
9. Masaki
10. Haruna
11. Sayumi
12. Reina

#15 aine

  • 名無しさん‮

Posted 12 February 2012 - 10:52 PM


Sayumi - Sayumi is perfect and no argument to the contrary will be tolerated.

Riho - She's an absolute star. The spark in her eye while the others stand there like deer caught in the headlights gives me the shivers.

Kanon - I hated her hardcore when 9th Gen joined, but she earns the spot for her consistent self-concious goofiness and possibly the most colourful personality of the current lineup.

Aika - She used to go under my radar for a long time, but after seeing them in Paris she gripped my heart with her down-to-earth personality and I started to see more in her. She seems quite a sweetheart. Her hiatus was just the most unfortunate thing. Perhaps she missed the once in a century cosmic event where UFA would have given a proper and effective push to an MM girl.

Reina - Obnoxious for a long time, but seems to have toned it down recently. And scores a lot of points for her acting skills in SJG.

Risa - I respect how she gradually grew into the role of a big senpai that she is now. She may seem to be weary with it and lacklustre in execution, but when you think of the giggling 12-year-old spewing "USO" left and right from before, you'll see she's not the same person. She just seems to have skipped her stardom period and went straight to maturity, which also makes me feel somewhat sad for her.

Eripon - No impression at all, just neutral.

Mizuki - Same.

Ayumi - Who is this person? :eekrun:

Haruka - Who is this person? :eekrun:

Haruna - Who is this person? :eekrun:

Masaki - Who is this person? :eekrun:

Not hating on the 10th Gen, but I seriously have no idea about them. :whatthe:

#16 cadmonkey

  • つばきファクトリー

Posted 12 February 2012 - 11:06 PM

1. Erina
2. Kanon
3. Sayumi
4. Masaki
5. Risa
6. Haruka
7. Reina
8. Mizuki
9. Riho
10. Ayumi
11. Haruna

9001. Aika

Explanations are overrated.

#17 masa

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 13 February 2012 - 03:16 AM

1. Sayashi Riho
2. Michishige Sayumi
3. Ishida Ayumi

4. Fukumura Mizuki
5. Niigaki Risa
6. Kudo Haruka
7. Ikuta Erina
8. Tanaka Reina
9. Suzuki Kanon

10. Iikubo Haruna
11. Sato Masaki
12. Mitsui Aika

I might review it if time permits... :sleeping:

#18 Zazie

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 13 February 2012 - 04:29 AM

1. Sayashi Riho
2. Ishida Ayumi
3. Mitsui Aika
4. Niigaki Risa
5. Iikubo Haruna
6. Tanaka Reina
7. Suzuki Kanon
8. Michishige Sayumi
9. Fukumura Mizuki - boring.
10. Ikuta Erina - boring.
11. Satou Masaki - boring.
12. Kudou Haruka - please leave.

Though really, Haruka is the only one I dislike. Bitch needs to get out.

#19 Ari

  • つばきファクトリー

Posted 13 February 2012 - 05:21 AM

Yaaaay. Rankings are fun :)

1. Michishige Sayumi
2. Suzuki Kanon
3. Niigaki Risa
4. Fukumura Mizuki
5. Mitsui Aika
6. Sayashi Riho
7. Ikuta Erina
8. Iikubo Haruna
9. Kudou Haruka
10. Satou Misaki
11. Ishida Ayumi
12. Tanaka Reina

Most of 10th gen is at the bottom because I don't know them too well, but Haruna is my favorite out of the bunch. And I've never liked Reina. Period.

#20 rob


Posted 13 February 2012 - 08:10 AM

1. Ikuta Erina
2. Suzuki Kanon
3. Satou Masaki
4. Ishida Ayumi
5. Kudou Haruka
6. Sayashi Riho
7. Tanaka Reina
8. Niigaki Risa
9. Fukumura Mizuki
10. Iikubo Haruna
11. Michishige Sayumi
99999999999999999999999999999999999. Mitsui Aika :rolleyes:

Note : Members from 1-11 are all awesome.

#21 Nicky

  • つばきファクトリー

Posted 13 February 2012 - 09:23 AM

1. Suzuki Kanon - This girl is awesome! Go slap Tsunku for some lines. She's funny, she's improving fast, takes good pictures, is a good M-C, can dance and can sing. What more can you want :)
2. Ikuta Erina - She's so cute and obsessive about Gaki and Mizuki. Plus she can dance while putting emotion into it, she looks fierce during concerts. She still can't sing though.
3. Sayashi Riho - She's talented, her dancing is amazing, her singing keeps improving. She's funny when she's goofing around with Kanon.
4. Michishige Sayumi - Love her blogs, her personality is pretty cool.
5. Mitsui Aika - she was always invisible to me but after reading about how she's basically leading the 9th and 10th gen and seeing her interact with them, she's risen in my ranking a lot.
6. Fukumura Mizuki - a bit boring but pair her with Eripon and she gets better. She can sing but needs to learn to put some emotion into it. I lvoed her in 'This is unmei' and 'Baby koi ni knockout'.
7. Ishida Ayumi - She can be so goofy and her voice is one of the better ones in the 10th gen. I hope to see more of her personality
8. Niigaki Risa - I like her voice and how much she loves performing but she really needs to graduate. You can see she wants to leave really bad.
9. Iikubo Haruna - Don't know much about her but she seems nice
10. Sato Masaki - For some reason she annoys me
11. Kudo Haruka - Bomb of personality but not after my taste. I do think she can grow on me once I see her performing at the spring tour.
12. Tanaka Reina - Don't like her at all. She seems so fake. She used to be so much more fun in her early MM days. And don't try to act so young a cutesy, just be yourself.

#22 Riho World

Riho World
  • カントリー・ガールズ

Posted 13 February 2012 - 04:03 PM

1. Riho
2. Sayu
3. Eripon
4. Zukki
5. Haruka
6. Mizuki
7. Ayumi
8. Risa
9. Reina
10. Masaki
11. Haruna
12. Aika

If Mizuki develops a personality, she could easily skyrocket to #2.

#23 Petit Melon

Petit Melon
  • Fruit Unity

Posted 13 February 2012 - 05:57 PM

Honorable mention -
  • Risa - She's about to leave the group. I don't feel it's fair ranking her, but I suppose I'd put her at between Kanon and Riho at 3, simply for experience/vocal talent over the newbs. As for her personality, I can't hate on someone who likes penguins and Disney as much as I do. She seems settled into her mother role over the girls, and though I know she needs/wants to GTFO, I wish the other gens would've been added sooner so her teacher role could've become more developed. I don't know if she's going to push for a strong career after MM like Ai will, but if she doesn't, perhaps she should become more entangled behind the scenes. Her experience would still help out the other girls.
  • Sayumi - Someone give this girl a badge for managing to be both my most favorite and most hated member throughout her run. She's awesome. She may not be good at the music side, but when given lines like Rika was, she shines. And her personality is probably the only thing giving the group exposure.
  • Kanon - It's really hard to choose between Kanon and Riho, but while Riho is an amazing dancer, Kanon is a good dancer, good singer, good speaker, and funny. I wish she had a more traditional idol face because she is the true ace of the 9th gen, and like Risa, I bet she will be overshadowed her entire career. Give this girl more lines and develop her comedy side so she can promote the group more!
  • Riho - She's being forced into an ace roll and expected to come out and be the next Takahashi without Takahashi experience. I give her props for handling it well, but management really needs to give her a break.
  • Haruka - This little demon is on my watch list for becoming the next Miki (who was my all time favorite member). She manages the cute and the scathing so well I wonder if she'll become the next Sayumi too. But there's a balance to these things, and while she's young enough to be a "cute precocious little brat" as she ages it could become "obnoxious little shit" really quickly.
  • Haruna - She was thrust into a childish image when she's not a child and handled it with all the grace that I would expect from a girl her age. (And thus gave us a great photo) She seems really sweet and ranks five simply because I remember her face and don't know enough about her to dislike her.
  • Mizuki - She's a sweet little princess and that's about it. I hoped her egg experience would give her more confidence, but it doesn't seem to have worked. She's not bland, but just on the extreme side of safe. Maybe if she exaggerates her princess tendencies into a character it could do her well. I give her points now because her vocals and Kanon's manage to save the 9th gen's group efforts.
  • Reina - What's that, Reina not dead last? Well, it goes like this - I know enough about Reina to dislike her, while the others I don't know enough to care. She's starting to lay off the super cute a bit now that the other girls are there, so maybe she'll move back into the ranks of the girls I like. Or maybe not, because she looks like such a bitch.
  • Aika - Girl never really lived up to her 100%, but I feel for her after getting injured when she was about to be pushed again. Her vocals aren't important. She would be awesome if she was the Aika when the 9th gen joined all the time instead of Aika being cutesy. Now that she's recovered, I hope she can really push herself to make up for lost time. And if not, well, she's not high on my like list anyway, so it doesn't matter.
  • Erina - I try to like her, and sometimes I do, most of the time I don't. I know she has a lot of stans here, so I don't really like to publicize that I don't like her much. What she gets points for is bringing out a personality in Mizuki.
  • Masaki - Who? Well, at least I know her face. She's done nothing of note to make me like her or dislike her, which I think is worse.
  • Ayumi - Who? She has a weird face, but isn't as ugly as Erina. She's done nothing of note to make me like her or dislike her and thus will live in limbo.

#24 Banana

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 19 February 2012 - 10:29 PM

  • Tanaka Reina
  • Niigaki Risa
  • Sayashi Riho
  • Kudou Haruka
  • Fukumura Mizuki
  • Satou Masaki
  • Ikuta Erina
  • Michishige Sayumi
  • Suzuki Kanon
  • Ishida Ayumi
  • Iikubo Haruna
  • Mitsui Aika

#25 rob


Posted 20 February 2012 - 07:58 AM

OK, I gave each girl a point value based on her ranking from everyone's votes.

1st = 12 points
12th = 1 point

And here are the results -

1st - 219 points - Suzuki Kanon
2nd - 206 points - Michishige Sayumi
3rd - 205 points - Ikuta Erina
4th - 184 points - Sayashi Riho
5th - 167 points - Fukumura Mizuki
6th - 166 points - Niigaki Risa
7th - 161 points - Kudo Haruka
8th - 130 points - Tanaka Reina
9th - 125 points - Ishida Ayumi
10th - 109 points - Satou Masaki
11th - 100 points - Iikubo Haruna
12th - 100 points - Mitsui Aika

So Haruna and Aika both placed last, but Aika has had like 657 years do SOMETHING to make people like her whereas Haruna just joined and still has a chance to pick up more fans over time.

I must say Kanon winning was a pleasant surprise to me, the girl is full of awesome, nice to see Erina but I see it's still a bit too early for the 10th gen as they all ranked quite low.

#26 Farrah


Posted 20 February 2012 - 10:17 AM

Sayu and Haruka are the only members that matter tbh. :P

#27 strawberryjam

  • 士多啤梨 bunny ? ♡ (・x・)

Posted 20 February 2012 - 11:10 AM

  • Sayumi Cute.
  • Erina Cute.
  • Masaki I like underdogs. And cute.
  • Haruka MM needed someone bitchy.
  • Haruna I think she looks unique.
  • Risa I like Risa's voice.
  • Riho Stop yelling instead of singing and then I'll think you deserve your spot.
  • Mizuki She's here for doing nothing offensive.
  • Aika Cute blog, she said hi to me in Paris.
  • Reina Annoying, but much more likeable in Suugaku.
  • Ayumi Looks like a troll. :hahaha:
  • Kanon Obnoxious is worse than being a nobody.

#28 MysticForceRed

  • Juice=Juice

Posted 21 February 2012 - 02:29 AM

Lets see here...this will be quick since it is so hard for me to pick who is who. Plus I am not good with 9th gen and 10th gen names. I guess I will have to learn them eventually. I can pick out Riho and Ikuta, but that is beside the point

1. Tanaka Reina- I will probably cry my eyes out when she graduates. I always like people who are not afraid to stand out, and since the first time I noticed her I fell in love with my dear REINA!!
2. Niigaki Risa- I always liked her and Ai-chan. What gets me with Risa is her ability to hit those low notes, especially when she has to hold the out. Like in The Manpower, etc. I get goose bumps
2. Michishige Sayumi- Its a tie really. I LOVE SAYU!! She is so (and pardon me for the random Japanese word) KAWAII!! Plus I always have to like a underdog. Never really understood why people dissed Sayu. I like her voice
3. Mitsui Aika-S he is right on up there. She is cute and another MM underdog. Why do you people not like her? More Aika line please Tsunku

Noticed how my top for are the older members.

5. Sayashi Riho- I like the fact that she is adorable and she seems like she can sing. I DO NOT LIKE THE FACT THAT THEY WANT TO GIVE HER AI'S LINES :dammit: Look she can't hit them without yelling. Please give them to a more mature member until she gets better
6. Suzuki Kannon-Her face and pigtails makes her just as loveable. Oh and is that a mole by her nose. I am proud that Tsunku didn't kick her out cause of a blemish. Just goes to show you don't have to look perfect to be famous.
7. Fukumura Mizuki-Just because she is a egg.
8. Ikuta Erina- Well lets just finish out the 9th gen

See a pattern occuring plus like I said, I am not familiar with the 9th and 10th.

9. Ishida Ayumi- Love the name
10. Iikubo Haruna-Same reason
11. Kudou Haruka-Same reason
12. Satou Masaki- Well she is the only one left

Please tell me how to get better acquainted so I can successfully place my 9th and 10th gen members properly. But they will no where pass the top 4.

#29 BonkyuAsh

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 21 February 2012 - 04:51 AM

6. Suzuki Kannon-Her face and pigtails makes her just as loveable. Oh and is that a mole by her nose. I am proud that Tsunku didn't kick her out cause of a blemish. Just goes to show you don't have to look perfect to be famous.

You obviously didn't see that huge mole Maeda Yuuka had on her neck.
Moles are no big deal, plus im pretty sure Sayu had acne.

#30 MysticForceRed

  • Juice=Juice

Posted 21 February 2012 - 06:25 PM

6. Suzuki Kannon-Her face and pigtails makes her just as loveable. Oh and is that a mole by her nose. I am proud that Tsunku didn't kick her out cause of a blemish. Just goes to show you don't have to look perfect to be famous.

You obviously didn't see that huge mole Maeda Yuuka had on her neck.
Moles are no big deal, plus im pretty sure Sayu had acne.

True, but then again I don't watch many videos outside of Morning Musume. Plus almost everyone has acne