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Hello!Project Member Ranking ~2012~ 39 replies to this topic Started by Anderei , Dec 06 2012 06:57 PM · 

#1 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 06 December 2012 - 06:57 PM

We did one last year, and someone on jplop posted a site that has a ranking system that's super up to date. I'm linking the one that's just groups/soloists, and not the one that includes the Kenshuusei, Up Up Girls, and Up Front Kansai.

Do it here!

Mine (only romanizing the top 10 because the rest don't matter):
1位 Suzuki Kanon
2位 Michishige Sayumi
3位 Nakanishi Kana
4位 Ikuta Erina
5位 Iikubo Haruna
6位 Suzuki Airi
7位 Sudo Maasa
8位 Sugaya Risako
9位 Mitsui Aika
10位 Tamura Meimi
11位 石田亜佑美
12位 竹内朱莉
13位 工藤遥
14位 徳永千奈美
15位 佐藤優樹
16位 譜久村聖
17位 萩原舞
18位 福田花音
19位 夏焼雅
20位 中島早貴
21位 和田彩花
22位 岡井千聖
23位 熊井友理奈
24位 矢島舞美
25位 田中れいな
26位 清水佐紀
27位 真野恵里菜
28位 勝田里奈
29位 嗣永桃子
30位 小田さくら
31位 鞘師里保

At one point it put Kana versus Eripon and I thought my fan heart would break choosing. And I don't know if I like Haruna THAT much but who am I to argue with such a foolproof system. And I like Risako now. Her blog is cool.

#2 Al Kusanagi

Al Kusanagi
  • Iä! Iä! Sayumi Fhtagn!

Posted 06 December 2012 - 07:36 PM

1. Sayu
2. Nacky
3. Masaki
4. Maimi
5. Chinami
6. Kana
7. Akari
8. Duu
9. Eripon
10. Rihoriho
11. Captain
12. Chisato
13. Meimi
14. Miya
15. Momo
16. Airi
17. Yurina
18. Maasa
19. Mano
20. Reina
21. Risako
22. Maimia
23. Haruka
24. Mizuki
25. Dawa
26. Aika
27. Kanyon
28. Ayumi
29. Rina
30. Sakura
31. Zukki

Surprised that it had Masaki beating out Maimi and Chinami, but I do love the little imp.

#3 NekoKai


Posted 06 December 2012 - 07:48 PM

1. Mai
1. Aika
3. Nakky
4. Okai
5. Maimi
6. Zukki
7. Mizuki
8. Haruka
9. Masaki
10. Reina
10. Sakura
10. Airi
10. Meimi
14. Akari
15. Mano
16. Ikuta
16. Ayumi
18. Sayumi
18. Riho
18. Berryz Koubou
18. Kana
28. Rina
29. Haruna
29. Ayaka
29. Fukuda Kanon

#4 Mugi

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 06 December 2012 - 08:09 PM

I think this is pretty close but my favorites always move around after 4th place.

1. Maimai
2. Eripon
3. Risako
4. Wada
5. Zukki
6. Kannon F.
7. Yurina
8. Masaki
9. Saki S.
10. Reina
11. Kana
12. Meimi
13. Mizuki
14. Sayu
15. Rina
16. Ayumi
17. Massa
18. Haruka
18. Saki N.
20. Airi
21. Miyabi
22. Chinami
23. Maimi
24. Sakura
25. Chisa
26. Haruna
27. Akari
28. Momoko
29. Aika
30. Mano
31. Riho

#5 yuzu


Posted 06 December 2012 - 08:15 PM

My top and bottom three shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

1位 菅谷梨沙子 Sugaya Risako
2位 萩原舞 Hagiwara Mai
3位 石田亜佑美 Ishida Ayumi
4位 譜久村聖 Fukumura Mizuki
5位 清水佐紀 Shimizu Saki
6位 鈴木香音 Suzuki Kanon
7位 徳永千奈美 Tokunaga Chinami
8位 矢島舞美 Yajima Maimi
9位 鈴木愛理 Suzuki Airi
10位 飯窪春菜 Iikubo Haruna
11位 小田さくら Oda Sakura (honestly have no idea how this happened when I barely know her)
12位 須藤茉麻 Sudou Maasa
13位 熊井友理奈 Kumai Yurina
14位 竹内朱莉 Takeuchi Akari
15位 夏焼雅 Natsuyaki Miyabi
16位 中島早貴 Nakajima Saki
17位 中西香菜 Nakanishi Kana
18位 田村芽実 Tamura Meimi
19位 岡井千聖 Okai Chisato
20位 勝田里奈 Katsuta Rina
21位 工藤遥 Kudou Haruka
22位 生田衣梨奈 Ikuta Erina
23位 和田彩花 Wada Ayaka
24位 鞘師里保 Sayashi Riho
25位 福田花音 Fukuda Kanon
26位 佐藤優樹 Sato Masaki
27位 道重さゆみ Michishige Sayumi
28位 真野恵里菜 Mano Erina
29位 光井愛佳 Mitsui Aika
30位 嗣永桃子 Tsugunaga Momoko
31位 田中れいな Tanaka Reina

I attached a screenshot of a difficult decision I had to make.

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#6 AquaChan

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 06 December 2012 - 08:34 PM

Pretty accurate for me, strangely.

1位 譜久村聖 Fuku-chan
2位 鈴木香音 Zukki
2位 工藤遥 Kudou
4位 岡井千聖 Okai Chisato
5位 清水佐紀 Captain
6位 須藤茉麻 Maasa
7位 竹内朱莉 Takeuchi Akari
8位 道重さゆみ Sayu
8位 夏焼雅 Miyabi
10位 菅谷梨沙子 Risako
10位 鈴木愛理 Airi
12位 矢島舞美 Maimi
13位 生田衣梨奈 Eripon
14位 徳永千奈美 Chinami
15位 佐藤優樹 Masaki
15位 中西香菜 Kana
17位 飯窪春菜 Harunan
18位 鞘師里保 Riho
18位 田村芽実 Meimi
20位 熊井友理奈 Kumai
21位 石田亜佑美 Ayumi
22位 小田さくら Sakura
22位 中島早貴 Nakajima
22位 萩原舞 Maimai
25位 福田花音Kanyon
26位 田中れいな Reina
26位 嗣永桃子 Momoko
26位 真野恵里菜 Mano Erina
29位 勝田里奈 Rina
30位 和田彩花 Wada
31位 光井愛佳 Mitsui

#7 Molly


Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:19 PM

It took me probably 15 minutes to decide between Kanon and Risako :cryalot:

1位 鈴木香音 Suzuki Kanon
2位 菅谷梨沙子 Sugaya Risako
3位 夏焼雅 Natsuyaki Miyabi
4位 徳永千奈美 Tokunaga Chinami
5位 道重さゆみ Michishige Sayumi
6位 岡井千聖 Okai Chisato
7位 鈴木愛理 Suzuki Airi
8位 譜久村聖 Fukumura Mizuki
9位 工藤遥 Kudo Haruka
10位 福田花音 Fukuda Kanon
11位 熊井友理奈 Kumai Yurina
12位 田中れいな Tanaka Reina
13位 鞘師里保 Sayashi Riho
14位 小田さくら Oda Sakura
15位 田村芽実 Tamura Meimi
16位 真野恵里菜 Mano Erina
17位 中西香菜 Nakanishi Kana
18位 矢島舞美 Yajima Maimi
19位 生田衣梨奈 Ikuta Erina
20位 飯窪春菜 Ikubo Haruna
21位 萩原舞 Hagiwara Mai
22位 嗣永桃子 Tsugunaga Momoko
23位 和田彩花 Wada Ayaka
24位 勝田里奈 Katsuta Rina
25位 光井愛佳 Mitsui Aika
26位 竹内朱莉 Takeuchi Akari
27位 石田亜佑美 Ishida Ayumi
28位 須藤茉麻 Sudo Maasa
29位 佐藤優樹 Sato Masaki
30位 中島早貴 Nakajima Saki
31位 清水佐紀 Shimizu Saki

#8 showraniy


Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:32 PM

Whee, I love these! And nothing is worse than two people I equally care nothing about being pitted against one another. :whatthe: I'm sitting there wondering who I hate less.

1位 Fukumura Mizuki 90p
2位 Hagiwara Mai 87p
3位 Kudou Haruka 84p
4位 Yajima Maimi 81p
5位 Suzuki Airi 78p
6位 Michishige Sayumi 75p
7位 Nakajima Saki 72p
8位 Sugaya Risako 69p
9位 Ikuta Erina 66p
10位 Suzuki Kanon 63p
11位 Mitsui Aika 60p
12位 Mano Erina 57p
13位 Kumai Yurina 54p
14位 Tokunaga Chinami 51p
15位 Ishida Ayumi 48p
16位 Tamura Meimi 45p
17位 Okai Chisato 42p
18位 Takeuchi Akari 39p
19位 Iikubo Haruna 36p
20位 Natsuyaki Miyabi 33p
21位 Sayashi Riho 30p
22位 Shimizu Saki 27p
23位 Sudou Maasa 24p
24位 Fukuda Kanon 21p
25位 Wada Ayaka 18p
26位 Oda Sakura 15p
27位 Tanaka Reina 12p
28位 Tsugunaga Momoko 9p
29位 Sato Masaki 6p
30位 Nakanishi Kana 3p
31位 Katsuta Rina 0p

I don't know who these last two girls are!

And you'll notice I discovered C-ute this year, lol. I've heard maybe two songs and I've become really attached to all of them.

#9 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 06 December 2012 - 11:02 PM

My chrome automatically translates, but it sucks so after #10 I didn't bother to fix any of them that were off.

Anyway, Risako really shot up, thanks due in part to her blog and the fact that she's amazing singer and her hair is all WTF? Haruna, Meimi and Masaki are all new to the top. Thank you Meimi for losing the bangs.

# 1 Sugaya Risako
# 2 Airi Suzuki
# 3 Okai Chisato
# 4 Sayumi Michishige
# 5 Haruna Ikubo
# 6 Tamura Meimi
# 7 Suzuki Kanon
# 8 Miyabi Natsuyaki
# 9 Reina Tanaka
# 10 Masaki Sato
# 11 Fukuda Kanon
# 12 Haruka Kudo
# 13 Yumi Ishida nitrous
# 14 Zhu 莉 Takeuchi
# 15 Oda Sakura 48p
# 16 St. Hisamura staff
# 17 Aika Mitsui
# 18 Village teacher retention sheath
# 19 Kana Nakanishi
# 20 Mami Yajima
# 21 Sudo 茉麻
# 22 Saki Shimizu
# 23 Momoko Tsugunaga
# 24 Chinami Tokunaga
# 25 Rina Ikuta clothes
# 26 Takashi Nakajima early
# 27 Mai Hagiwara
# 28 Katsuta Rina
# 29 Rina Kumai friend
# 30 Wada Ayaka
# 31 Erina Mano

#10 Mugi

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 06 December 2012 - 11:10 PM

# 13 Yumi Ishida nitrous
# 14 Zhu 莉 Takeuchi
# 25 Rina Ikuta clothes
# 26 Takashi Nakajima early
# 29 Rina Kumai friend

These you can kinda tell who they are but...

# 16 St. Hisamura staff
# 18 Village teacher retention sheath

Who the heck are these two? :lmfao:

#11 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 06 December 2012 - 11:25 PM

Village teacher retention sheath is Riho (have google translate set to Chinese and you get Village teacher Paul). I've gotten that before when throwing stuff into google translate. I think the other might be Mizuki.

#12 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 07 December 2012 - 12:02 AM

Village teacher retention sheath is Riho (have google translate set to Chinese and you get Village teacher Paul). I've gotten that before when throwing stuff into google translate. I think the other might be Mizuki.

You are correct!

#13 Banana

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 07 December 2012 - 12:36 AM

Sometimes I call Riho 'Village teacher retention sheath' in my mind. =3=

#14 The☆AEUGNewtype

  • ♥ まいぷる ♥

Posted 07 December 2012 - 12:40 AM

# 1 Shimizu Saki
# 2 Natsuyaki Miyabi
# 3 Kumai Yurina
# 4 Yajima Maimi
# 5 Mano Erina
# 6 Nakajima Saki
# 7 Sugaya Risako
# 8 Suzuki Airi
# 9 Tokunaga Chinami
# 10 Wada Ayaka
# 11 Sudou Masaa
# 12 Okai Chisato
# 13 Ikubo Haruna

That's it. Oh, there are other people in H!P? I didn't notice.

I attached a screenshot of a difficult decision I had to make.

LOL, brilliant. Unfortunately, I'd probably have gut instinct to go with Momoko first since I like Berryz way more than MM, but going just based on personality, I have to go with Reina. Though, Sayumi is below both of them for me, making her a solid last place.

#15 Shoujo Q

Shoujo Q
  • ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) #1 Sakura Fangirl

Posted 07 December 2012 - 12:41 AM

I think I'm just going to start calling Riho, Paul from now on. That's a good name for her.

#16 Mukuro

  • モーニング娘。

Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:01 AM

It was sad picking between Akari and Zukki. :cryalot: But my bottom 3 is accurate!

1鈴木香音 Zukki
2竹内朱莉 Akari
3道重さゆみ Sayumi
4佐藤優樹 Masaki
5岡井千聖 Chisato
6清水佐紀 Capitain
7生田衣梨奈 Eripon
8田村芽実 Meimi
9工藤遥 Haruka
10石田亜佑美 Ayumi
11飯窪春菜 Haruna
12鈴木愛理 Airi
13菅谷梨沙子 Risako
14福田花音 Kanyon
15中島早貴 Nakky
16小田さくら Sakura
29嗣永桃子 Momoko
30真野恵里菜 Mano
31光井愛佳 Aika

#17 Anderei

  • つんく♂

Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:05 AM

I also had to make the decision between Momoko and Reina and my mind went 'lol fuck Momoko'. Because Reina is leaving but I still have to suffer through Yurushite-Nyan.

#18 Pi Miki

Pi Miki
  • MM doll whore

Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:18 AM

Most liked:

1. Mitsui Aika
2.Fukumura Mizuki (Wow she moved wayyyyyyy up)
3. Iikubo Haruna
4. Suzuki Kanon
5. Sato Masaki
6. Kudou Haruka
7. Nakajima Saki
8. Kumai Yurina
9. Yajima Maimi
10. Ishida Ayumi
11. Sudou Maasa
12. Oda Sakura


13. Michishige Sayumi (she's only this high because I can't stand most of Berryz/C-ute & dunno other groups)
14. Sayashi Riho (I guess I wouldn't mind her so much if management didn't shove her in the spotlight 24/7)
15. Ikuta Erina
16. Okai Chisato
17. Tokunaga Chinami
18. Suzuki Airi

19. Fukuda Kanon
20. Tamura Meimi
21. Wada Ayaka
22. Takeuchi Akari
23. Katsuta Rina
24. Nakanishi Kana

Most Hated: (Other than Erina being my least hated and Momoko being my most hated, the rest appear in no particular order)
25. Mano Erina
26. Tanaka Reina
27. Sugaya Risako
28. Shimizu Saki
29. Natsuyaki Miyabi
30. Hagiwara Mai
31. Tsugunaga Momoko

#19 yuzu


Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:24 AM

# 1 Shimizu Saki
# 2 Natsuyaki Miyabi
# 3 Kumai Yurina
# 4 Yajima Maimi
# 5 Mano Erina
# 6 Nakajima Saki
# 7 Sugaya Risako
# 8 Suzuki Airi
# 9 Tokunaga Chinami
# 10 Wada Ayaka
# 11 Sudou Masaa
# 12 Okai Chisato
# 13 Ikubo Haruna

That's it. Oh, there are other people in H!P? I didn't notice.

I attached a screenshot of a difficult decision I had to make.

LOL, brilliant. Unfortunately, I'd probably have gut instinct to go with Momoko first since I like Berryz way more than MM, but going just based on personality, I have to go with Reina. Though, Sayumi is below both of them for me, making her a solid last place.

Yeah that's why I went with Momoko over Reina. Sayu has climbed my list a bit recently after that one interview with Yuko, her newest blog, and also "Kare to Issho no Omise ga Shitai," but before this year she would have placed right between Reina and Momoko for me.

Q, some of those names are great.

#20 Ap2000

  • I program stuff.

Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:38 AM

I've been pondering a "what's your favourite Musume ?" (poll) thread for 2~3 days now and now this comes along... should I make it ?

Man, my first ~10 choices/battles were so easy. Some girl I absolutely can't stand and some other one. And the Non-Dawa/Kanon Smileage girls all looked the same to me. The last ones was basically poverty vs. misery (if that makes any sense in English).

1位 菅谷梨沙子 90p - Risako... eventhough I wouldn't call her my #1 LOL
2位 石田亜佑美 87p - Ayumi's OK in the Top 5.
3位 譜久村聖 84p - Mizuki this high is also surprising
4位 夏焼雅 81p - Miyabi WHAT, Top 10 OK, but #4 !?
5位 田中れいな 78p - Reina, yeah, maybe
6位 岡井千聖 75p - Chisato here seems fitting, seeing how the rest of the roster is rather lackluster I guess.
7位 熊井友理奈 72p - Yurina, ok ?
8位 鞘師里保 69p - Thought Riho would be higher.
9位 中島早貴 66p
10位 生田衣梨奈 63p
11位 福田花音 60p
12位 飯窪春菜 57p
13位 鈴木愛理 54p
14位 矢島舞美 51p
15位 萩原舞 48p
16位 和田彩花 45p
17位 徳永千奈美 42p
18位 竹内朱莉 39p
19位 鈴木香音 36p
20位 小田さくら 33p
21位 須藤茉麻 30p
22位 清水佐紀 27p
23位 田村芽実 24p - Guess looks somewhat cute in Smileage, but ALWAYS has that weird look on her in photos.
24位 工藤遥 21p - She's in MM, not sure why though.
25位 嗣永桃子 18p - Momoko of annoyngness.
26位 勝田里奈 15p - Who ?
27位 真野恵里菜 12p - Mano of boredom.
28位 中西香菜 9p - Who ?
29位 佐藤優樹 6p - That worthless member of MM.
30位 光井愛佳 3p - The only place Aika deserves.
31位 道重さゆみ - The only place Sayugly deserves.

Skipped the middle part.

#21 Star

  • The New Dirty Hippie

Posted 07 December 2012 - 03:01 AM

1位 Tanaka Reina 90p
2位 Kumai Yurina 87p
3位 Sugaya Risako 84p
4位 Suzuki Kanon 81p
5位 Natsuyaki Miyabi 78p
6位 Sayashi Riho 75p
7位 Tokunaga Chinami 72p
8位 Fukumura Mizuki 69p
9位 Michishige Sayumi 66p
10位 Kudo Haruka 63p
11位 Sudo Maasa 60p
12位 Shimizu Saki 57p
13位 Yajima Maimi 54p
14位 Sato Masaki 49p
14位 Fukuda Kanon 49p
16位 Ikuta Erina 45p
17位 Mitsui Aika 42p
18位 Suzuki Airi 39p
19位 Mano Erina 36p
20位 Iikubo Haruna 29p
20位 Ishida Ayumi 29p
20位 Nakajima Saki 29p
23位 Tsugunaga Momoko 16p
23位 Okai Chisato 16p
23位 Wada Ayaka 16p
23位 Takeuchi Akari 16p
23位 Katsuta Rina 16p
28位 Hagiwara Mai 7p
28位 Nakanishi Kana 7p
30位 Oda Sakura 1p
30位 Tamura Meimi 1p

Mine is actually pretty accurate, for the most part. My top 10 are exactly how it is in my head.

#22 enmi

  • カントリー・ガールズ

Posted 07 December 2012 - 03:35 AM

1. Okai Chisato -What can I say? Chissa's awesome!
2. Suzuki Kanon -Def. my favorite Musume
3. Michishige Sayumi
4. Shimizu Saki -Captain <3
5. Ikuta Erina -I'm surprised she's still this high. I like her, but she's starting to seem super self-centered.
6. Nakanishi Kana -She's got such a great personality!
7. Suzuki Airi -I like her best in Buono!
8. Fukumura Mizuki
9. Kumai Yurina
10. Iikubo Haruna -She was my least favorite 10ki coming in, but she's such a hard worker and has a great personality!
11. Sugaya Risako
12. Kudou Haruka
13. Tamura Meimi
14. Natsuyaki Miyabi
15. Hagiwara Mai
16. Nakajima Saki
17. Satou Masaki
18. Mano Erina -I really like her recent stuff.
19. Ishida Ayumi
20. Katsuta Rina
21. Sudou Maasa
22. Fukuda Kanon -From here on, I feel kind of "meh" towards them.
23. Takeuchi Akari
24. Mitsui Aika
25. Yajima Maimi
26. Tokunaga Chinami
27. Oda Sakura -I figure she'll move up once I see her in action.
28. Tsugunaga Momoko -She used to be a favorite, but now she's so annoying.
29. Wada Ayaka
30. Tanaka Reina
31. Sayashi Riho

#23 hoshi

  • つばきファクトリー

Posted 07 December 2012 - 04:02 AM

1位 Suzuki Kanon
2位 Yajima Maimi
3位 Ishida Ayumi
4位 Okai Chisato
5位 Kudou Haruka
5位 Oda Sakura
5位 Tokunaga Chinami
8位 Iikubo Haruna
9位 Fukumura Mizuki
9位 Nakajima Saki
9位 Suzuki Airi
12位 Michishige Sayumi
13位 Sayashi Riho
13位 Satou Masaki
13位 Kumai Yurina
16位 Tanaka Reina
16位 Shimizu Saki
16位 Hagiwara Mai
16位 Takeuchi Akari
20位 Sudou Maasa
21位 Mitsui Aika
22位 Tsugunaga Momoko
22位 Katsuta Rina
24位 Ikuta Erina
25位 Natsuyaki Miyabi
25位 Sugaya Risako
25位 Mano Erina
25位 Tamura Meimi
29位 Nakanishi Kana
30位 Fukuda Kanon
31位 Wada Ayaka

My top 4 seems about right, but after that my ranking gets a bit weird. I think it's because I tied so many of the girls, especially the ones I don't know very well, which is why most of S/mileage is at the bottom. I thought Meimi would be further up, though.

#24 iDOL1641

  • こぶしファクトリー

Posted 07 December 2012 - 04:27 AM

My ranking no surprise, most of the 9th/10th gen and Sakura are at the top and Reina and Momoko are at the bottom. I'm surprised at where the S/mileage girls ranked though.

1位 鞘師里保 (Riho Sayashi)
2位 工藤遥 (Haruka Kudo)
3位 石田亜佑美 (Ayumi Ishida)
4位 佐藤優樹 (Masaki Sato)
5位 鈴木香音 (Kanon Suzuki)
6位 譜久村聖 (Mizuki Fukumura)
7位 小田さくら (Sakura Oda)
8位 生田衣梨奈 (Erina Ikuta)
9位 光井愛佳 (Aika Mitsui)
10位 萩原舞 (Mai Hagiwara)
11位 真野恵里菜 (Erina Mano)
12位 飯窪春菜 (Haruna Ikubo)
13位 清水佐紀 (Saki Shimizu)
14位 道重さゆみ (Sayumi Michishige)
15位 熊井友理奈 (Yurina Kumai)
16位 菅谷梨沙子 (Risako Sugaya)
17位 中島早貴 (Saki Nakajima)
18位 中西香菜 (Kana Nakanishi)
19位 鈴木愛理 (Airi Suzuki)
20位 岡井千聖 (Chisato Okai)
21位 夏焼雅 (Miyabi Natsuyaki)
22位 和田彩花 (Ayaka Wada)
23位 田村芽実 (Meimi Tamura)
24位 竹内朱莉 (Akari Takeuchi)
25位 徳永千奈美 (Chinami Tokunaga)
26位 勝田里奈 (Rina Katsuta)
27位 福田花音 (Fukuda Kanon)
28位 須藤茉麻 (Massa Sudo)
29位 矢島舞美 (Maimi Yajima)
30位 田中れいな (Reina Tanaka)
31位 嗣永桃子 (Momoko Tsugunaga)

#25 showraniy


Posted 07 December 2012 - 05:09 AM

PQ for post of the year.

#26 rob


Posted 07 December 2012 - 05:42 AM

I found this INCREDIBLY difficult to do, well apart from Aika of course Posted Image

And the results surprised me too, Airi and Chisato top... Maimi so low... very interesting though Posted Image

1鈴木愛理 - Suzuki AIri

2岡井千聖 - Okai Chisato

p3夏焼雅 - Natsuyaki Miyabi

p4生田衣梨奈 - Ikuta Erina

p5菅谷梨沙子 - Sugaya Risako

p6佐藤優樹 - Satoh Masaki

p7石田亜佑美 - Ishida Ayumi

p8譜久村聖 - Fukumura Mizuki

p9道重さゆみ - Michishige Sayumi

p10竹内朱莉 - Takeuchi Akari

p11飯窪春菜 - Iikubo Haruna

p11中西香菜 - Nakanishi Kana

p13鈴木香音 - Suzuki Kanon

p13中島早貴 - Nakajima Saki

p15真野恵里菜 - Mano Erina

p16清水佐紀 - Shimizu Saki

p17工藤遥 - Kudou Haruka

p18勝田里奈 - Katsuta Rina

p19田中れいな - Tanaka Reina

p20鞘師里保 - Sayashi Riho

p20矢島舞美 - Yajima Maimi

p22熊井友理奈 - Kumai Yurina

p23須藤茉麻 - Sudou Maasa

p24徳永千奈美 - Tokunaga Chinami

p25福田花音 - Fukuda Kanon

p26和田彩花 - Wada Ayaka

p27萩原舞 - Hagiwara Mai

p28嗣永桃子 - Tsugunaga Momoko

p29田村芽実 - Tamura Meimi

p30小田さくら - Oda Sakura

p30光井愛佳 - Mitsui Aika

#27 Solarblade


Posted 07 December 2012 - 06:22 AM

So I did this and here's my results!

1. Yurina Kumai
2. Rina Katsuta
3. Haruka Kudo
4. Kanon Suzuki
5. Chinami Tokunaga
6. Maasa Sudo
7. Airi Suzuki
8. Saki Shimizu
9. Sakura Oda
10. Akari Takeuchi
11. Kanon Fukuda
12. Aika Mitsui
13. Miyabi Natsuyaki
14. Maimi Yajima
15. Erina Mano
16. Ayumi Ishida
17. Reina Tanaka
18. Chisato Okai
19. Mizuki Fukumura
20. Riho Sayashi
21. Meimi Tamura
22. Risako Sugaya
23. Masaki Sato
24. Sayumi Michishige
25. Erina Ikuta
26. Kana Nakanishi
27. Saki Nakajima
28. Haruna Iikubo
29. Momoko Tsugunaga
30. Mai Hagiwara
31. Ayaka Wada

And if there was a Kenshuusei one it'd prolly go like...

1. Aina Otsuka
2. Akari Uemura
3. Karin Miyamoto
4. Fuyuka Kosuga
5. Nanami Tanabe
6. everyone else because I haven't heard or watched the others
7. the 6 new members since there's nothing really on them yet.

#28 TnB

  • Tangerine & Banana

Posted 07 December 2012 - 04:50 PM

I had a lot of ties. I did the ranking and then just broke them down into groups. Other than the top few and the bottom few my love of people fluctuates based on whether they've done anything particularly endearing or annoying lately. For C-ute and Berryz I don't know much about personalities other than Maimi, Risako, and Momoko, so I judge them mostly on vocals/performance ability.


1. Michishige Sayumi, Suzuki Kanon, Nakanishi Kana
2. Sugaya Risako, Yajima Maimi

Like a lot:
Ikuta Erina
Fukuda Kanon
Suzuki Airi
Iikubo Haruna
Tamura Meimi

They're okay:
Fukumura Mizuki
Kudou Haruka
Sayashi Riho
Sudou Maasa
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Okai Chisato
Ishida Ayumi
Kumai Yurina
Satou Masaki

Not entirely offensive and/or I often forget about you:
Tsugunaga Momoko
Mano Erina
Tokunaga Chinami
Takeuchi Akari
Katsuta Rina
Oda Sakura (too new to tell much)

Nakajima Saki
Shimizu Saki
Hagiwara Mai

Can't stand:
29. Mitsui Aika
30. Tanaka Reina
31. Wada Ayaka

#29 Molly


Posted 08 December 2012 - 07:57 AM

So much Kanon love :wub:

#30 freezingkiss

  • なっきい❤

Posted 08 December 2012 - 08:56 AM



1. Maasa
2. Risako
3. Captain Saki
4. Zukki
5. Rina Katsuta (I REALLY LIKE HER OK)
6. Mizuki
7. Nakky
7. Akari
7. Meimi
10. Miyabi

11. Yurina
12. Eripon
12. Kanana
14. Chinami
15. Maimi
16. Ayumi
17. Chisato
18. Airi
19. Mai
20. Masaki

21. Kanon Fukuda
22. Sayu
23. Haruna
24. Reina
24. Riho
24. ManoEri
24. Dawa
28. Kudo
29. Sakura (Don't know enough yet so I definitely do not dislike her)

30. Momochi - UGH the rest of Berryz are awesome.
30. Aika - self explanatory.