You Were.../ BALLAD

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You Were.../ BALLAD

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The Zaki's got a new single releasing on December 29. Originally, it was going to be release on December 16, but avex wised up and realized no one would buy three of the same single when another big thing releases on the same week

Here we've got the PV for You Were.... It's very Together When... eats White Light. Here's a preview of BALLAD.

You were... is the theme for the new Tinkerbell movie in Japan. BALLAD will be the tie in for Soukyuu no Subaru, an NHK historical drama.

The single will release in three editions: CD, CD+DVD 1, and CD+DVD 2. CD-only will have an exclusive Sunset -Love Is All- Orchestra version. CD+DVD 1 will have PVs for You were... and BALLAD and the making-of for You were.... CD+DVD 2 will have the opposite (the jacket will also show BALLAD/You were...).


1. "You were... (Original mix)"

2. "Ballad (Original mix)"

3. "Red Line -for TA- (Original mix)"

4. "You were... (Music Box mix -retake version-)"

5. "Sunset -Love Is All- (Orchestra version)" [CD-only exclusive]

6. "You were... (Original mix -Instrumental-)"

7. "Ballad (Original mix -Instrumental-)"

8. "Red Line -for TA- (Original mix -Instrumental-)"
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