I'm a noob and don't know this song

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I'm a noob and don't know this song

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Since we're all such audiophiles, with some people having better taste [me] and some dudettes having worse taste [you], I guess it's ok to make a thread about searching songs or music.

This can be very specific à la "what is this song that plays in my favourite AV at 45:16 ?", but also something more general, "I like capsule, recommend me more in the same style !" for example.

Also, if you need a programm to show us what you're searching for and you don't feel like uploading an entire movie, I'd recommend you Audacity and the codec library LameMP3.

Yes, I was about to ask for a specific song myself, but I have just set up Win 7 on this PC and didn't get around yet to make a rip of the audio that I'm searching for.
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