[2016.10.19] Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Haru ~The Cheering Party!~

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[2016.10.19] Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2016 Haru ~The Cheering Party!~

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No thread on this, but it's a major release--Kobushi Factory's first concert DVD. I got my copy and it's another H!P winner. I insist that KF is the best new group to come out of H!P since C-ute. Consistently strong performances for all 76 minutes of this concert and the song selection is great, consisting of seven KF originals, 8 Berryz covers and one song each from Melon Kinenbi and my favorite number in the concert, a duet by Ayaka Hirose and Minami Nomura of High-King's "Kioku no Meiro."
I took screen grabs but I'm unable to paste anything here, so you'll have to wait for my blog entry.
Highly recommended.
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